Please note that this will cover basic parts of this puzzle game and it refers to both the NES and Gameboy Versions

Evil viruses have made themselves at home in Dr. Mario's lab and now they're threatening to spread.  But don't worry, because the vitamin tablets from Doc Mario allow you to fight back.

Arrange the vitamins that Dr. Mario so that 4 of the same colours eliminate the viruses.  Easy!  That is easy until the viruses keep growing, and growing, and growing, and growing.........

Double Dosing:
This is a when you manage eliminate more then one viruses at a time.  This is very useful in 2-players since the number of extra viruses eliminated in the chain-event will fall as blocks on your opponments side..

On medium or hard setting.  If you manage to beat every level with a multiple of 5(5,10,15,20 etc).  You will be treated to a special screen featuring the viruses on a tree with a flying object.  The object depends on your setting.
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