Being the greedy Koopa she is, Wendy took over the land of Chocolate and made sure no one ever took it from her by setting many traps through the entire Kingdom, especially in the underground Chocolate Mines. Mario must find her and wipe her out before the chocolate supplies reach nil!!!

Chocolate Island 1 / Choco Ghost House / Chocolate Island 2 / Chocolate Secret / Chocolate Island 3
Chocolate Fortress / Chocolate Island 4 / Chocolate Island 5 / #6 Wendy's Castle

Chocolate Island 1

Level Type Dino Rhino field (no chocolate yet)

Dragon Coin 1 After the big pit with lots of dino-rhino and dino-torches in it is a yellow warp pipe. Just before it is the Dragon Coin.

Warp Pipe A yellow warp pipe as mentioned above. This doesn't take you to a secret underground cave but actually fires you out of that diagonal green pipe like a cannon. You MUST take this pipe if you want all the extra stuff.

Mid-Point Tape After you have been fired across the pit you will find a Mid-Point VERY high in the air. Jump off the Springboard to get it.

Dragon Coin 2 On the other side of the black nipper plant pit with a Chargin' Chuck above it.

Dragon Coin 3 Not far ahead, but it is over a pit so jump carefully.

Dragon Coin 4 This is floating over a Yellow ! Block. A quick jump will get it.

Warp Pipe There is a blue warp pipe with a piranha plant leaping out of it. This can be warped through to a water place where you can use dolphins to get you across a porcu-puffer infested lake. When you exit you will be fired across a pit. Use this pipe and you will be able to get the last Dragon Coin

Warp Pipe There is a short gray pipe next to a diagonal green pipe. If you use it, it will fire you across the same pit the last warp pipe did.

Dragon Coin 5 This is floating over the springboard at the end of the level. You can only get is when you use the blue warp to fire across. Use the springboard to reach it.

End Tape Use the springboard to reach the tape when it is high. It takes you to Choco-Ghost House.

Choco-Ghost House

Level Type Ghost House Puzzle

Holes The holes in the first area move around. Make sure they don't slide under you, especially when trying to avoid the Eeries or Fishin' Boo.

Before you attempt to finish the level If you are brave enough to get past all of the Boo snakes and Block Boos then you should come to a lone yellow block with a 1-UP Mushroom inside.

How to escape There are three block boos shortly after you enter the second section. If you turn away they will turn into boo buddies and follow you but when you look at them they all turn into rocks that can be stood on. Make all three of them follow you to the ledge with a door slightly further on in the level and then turn to face them when they could be used to help you up. Jump up onto the platform and exit. The exit leads you to Chocolate Island 2.


Chocolate Island 2

Level Type Crazy, multi-going level

Lets get one thing straight! This level decides which route you take by how many seconds are on the clock and how many coins you have collected on the level. Each area has one or two Dragon Coins in it that are probably easy to get, if they aren't then just ignore them and get on with the level. It's a tricky one for sure.

SECRET EXIT to Chocolate Secret This isn't as easy as it sounds. Rush through the first (regular and always there) section without collecting a single coin. If Yoshi eats an enemy, or if you bash a block full of coins, or even if you shoot a fireball and collect the remains, you cannot get this secret. Do not collect 1 single coin. You will then cross through several worlds until you come to an area filled with Charging Chucks and ! blocks. This is where the key is hidden.

Chocolate Secret

Level Type Lava level in the Valley of Bowser

Warp Pipe After bypassing several Chargin' Chucks there is a green pipe in the ceiling. Go up it for an overground bonus. It is in fact totally pointless going up the pipe, just continue and don't go down the pipe.

Mid-Point Tape Run to the Chargin' Chuck with the rock over his head. If you stand on the rock and jump off to the right then you can get the tape.

Falling Down The area after the super fun slide bit pits you against many sinking yellow blocks. As soon as you stand on them they will sink, so make your best effort to not stand on one for too long, move onto the next as fast as you can.

The tale of the lonely Dragon Coin Quite unusually, there is only one Dragon Coin in this level. Maybe that blasted Donut Secret 1 nicked the others!

End Tape The goal takes you to #6 Wendy's Castle.

Chocolate Island 3

Level Type Platforms over Chocolate Island

Dragon Coin 1 From the beginning, head over the platforms until you reach a rotating platform with a Red Koopa Troopa in the middle. Jump onto this platform and it will carry you onto a ledge with a Dragon Coin on it.

Dragon Coin 2 Nothing happens for a while until you reach a gaping hole with nothing but platforms over it. Another platform with a Red Koopa Troopa has a Dragon Coin underneath.

Warp Pipe There is a blue pipe going up after the last Dragon Coin. Collect the many coins by riding the rotating platform round and round until you can't be bothered any more.

Dragon Coin 3 This is to the right of the rotating platform in the above bonus.

Mid-Point Tape This tape is after the warp pipe, so if you went up the pipe you are likely to miss it.

Dragon Coin 4 You will come to a few rotating platforms with little gnashers (my adopted name for them, little black furry creatures) going round them. One of these platforms has a Dragon Coin just off to the right.

Dragon Coin 5 Another Gnasher platform has a Dragon Coin shortly afterwards.

You can see it, but... There is a Star Block. Collect many coins to get a 1-UP Mushroom from this block.

SECRET EXIT to Choco-Fortress Unless you find another way past Choco-Island, this is the only route to take. You need a cape by the end of the level. There are three arrows pointing along a long ledge. If you run across it and then jump to fly then you will go under the regular goal and land by the secret goal. If you have Yoshi then there is a blue Koopa Troopa to let him fly. There are 3 1-UP Mushrooms near the secret goal.

End Tape Hit the block after the Star Block to get a vine. When you climb it you will be taken to a goal which, quite weirdly, leads you right back to Chocolate Island 3, this level.

Chocolate Fortress

Level Type Brown, chocolatey Fortress

Why the Switches? This level becomes 50 times easier if you have found all of the Switch Palaces. If not, then you will have a harder time getting over the boiling choco-rivers and avoiding the fireballs.

Mid-Point Tape Next to a door out of Area 1.

The bane of Thwomp To out-wit the Thwomp at the begining of Area 2, let him drop down and hit the spikes and as he comes back up, quickly run under him and hold to the left. If you are caped Mario, do not try to float safely as he will get you.

Beat Up Reznor These dino dragons sit on a rotating platform and blow fire at you. Hit the platforms from below to knock them off. Once two have been knocked off then the floor starts to destroy itself. Now you must get on the rotating platform and knock out the other two. You will then be led to Chocolate Island 4.


Chocolate Island 4

Level Type Underground Chocolate River

Dragon Coin 1 Make your way over the first diagonal platform (diag-plat to make life easier) and then head into the next pit with three diag-plats. Get on the lowest one and ride it up to get the Dragon Coin.

Dragon Coin 2 You will soon see a Diag-plat leading up to the left. Ride that one and there is a Dragon Coin up there.

Switch Palace Blocks get you lives! Shortly after Dragon Coin 2 is a pit that goes back to the left. If you have found all of the Switch Palaces then this should be a doddle, but if not then there is no point coming down here. There are three 1-UP Mushrooms on the other side of the choco-lava.

Dragon Coin 3 A diagonal line of Yellow Blocks has a Dragon Coin above it.

Dragon Coin 4 In the diagonal line of Yellow Blocks is a P-Switch. Hit is and jump down to the now un-sealed tunnel with a Dragon Coin in it.

Warp Pipe Using the same P-Switch as you did to get Dragon Coin 4, run into the second unsealed tunnel and go down the warp pipe. There is a very long, vertical tunnel. Hit the P-switch and the faster you drop, the different prizes you will get when you land. Here are all of the prizes, depending on where you land. coins, feather, coins+1 Dragon Coin, 1-UP, Star, Mushroom, 5 1-UPs, feather, fire flower, coins, 3 1-UPs, nothing.

Dragon Coin 5 In the third row down in the Warp Pipe above.

End Tape The end tape is guarded by a Chargin' Chuck. Use his head or the green pipe to get a high mark.

Chocolate Island 5

Level Type Field dependant on P-Switches

Warp Pipe Pick up the P-Switch and carry it to the yellow pipe surrounded in blocks. Hit the P-Switch and you can go down the pipe for a Bonus Game. It takes you to the Mid-Point Tape, but first for the people who didn't go down the pipe...

Dragon Coin 1 Use the P-Switch to turn the rocks into coins. This will allow you to get a Dragon Coin further on.

Warp Pipe Go down the Yellow pipe that has no blocks around it to enter a place with lots of Mushrooms and Cheep-Cheeps in bubbles.

Dragon Coin 2 At the very beginning of the second Warp Pipe area.

Dragon Coin 3 At the very end of the second Warp Pipe area. If you get both of these warp area coins then one of the regular ones will disappear. It is suggested that you collect the others before coming here because then you can get two extra lives from Dragon Coins.

Dragon Coin 4 Over a large lake with lots of parachuting enemies coming down from above. This one is most likely to disappear if you get the last two.

Mid-Point Tape The Mid-Point Tape is after a shallow lake.

Dragon Coin 5 This coin is floating high above the second shifting pipe after the Mid-Point. It is slightly off screen.

Dragon Coin 6 (yes, it's true) Actually this is a regular level Dragon, it is just the sixth Dragon Coin. It is sitting next to a Chargin's Chuck on a narrow pipe.

End Tape The end Tape is guarded by three Chargin' Chucks. Ignore 'em and bounce off their heads to get a good score. It takes you to #6 Wendy's Castle.

#6 Wendy's Castle

Level Type Koopa Castle

Large points Wendy's Obsession to make Mario/Luigi's life a misery has made her put up lots of nasty spiky things. Remember, take your time if a tunnel looks tricky, rushing will only get you impaled.

Mid-Point Tape You'll need it! After the very fast moving ceiling spikes is where you will find this.

Hot-Head and Lil' Sparky's lair In the second room you will find yourself up against moving stones over a bottomless pit. The main hitch is that the safe stones are occupied by Hot-Head and Lil' Sparky, two fire balls who will stop at nothing to get you burnin'. Simple jumps and patience will help you here. A feather waits for you before Wendy's door, so don't worry about becoming small Mario.
Beat Up Wendy Wendy's attack is extremely similar to Lemmy's. She will come out of one of seven pipes and be occupied by two dummies. She has got two Podoboos flying around, so watch out. Jump on the real Wendy three times and she will be finished.  Super Mario Tart

Wendy O. Koopa in castle #6 has sung her last song. Mario must meet the challenge that is now before him. There is a sunken ship that appears to be a gateway to the Valley of Bowser.

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