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Update: I'm finally back! How was everybody's holiday? Sorry for the lack of updates guys, but it seems as if no one has any Mario pics. Plus, I've been very busy with school and all. But in any case, I've added a couple of more pics of Luigi, but I still need more Mario pics. So, come on people, send those in! Click here if you want to send them in!
Current drawing count:95

Gamecube Titles

From Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Luigi about to swing!
Mario about to take it to the hole!
Mario and Luigi share the fun!
Peach and Daisy plan there next move!

From Mario Party 5

Luigi with bob-omb!
Mario gives a thumbs up!
Wario shows his true strength!
Waluigi about to make a bullseye!
Daisy about to hit a grand slam!
Toad dodges Bullet Bill!

From Mario party 4

Luigi with flashlight!
Mario with mega mushroom!
Daisy with chomp whistle!
Peach with mini mushroom!
Waluigi with crystal ball!
Wario with his eeevill grin!
Yoshi about to get tossed up!

From Super Mario Sunshine

It's Peach!
Mario with Yoshi!
Mario with FLUDD!

From Luigi's Mansion

Luigi scared with flashlight!
Luigi jumping from fear!
Luigi with vacum!

From Mario Kart Double Dash!

Mario and Luigi!
Princess Peach and Princess Daisy!
Wario and Waluigi!
Mario and Luigi throw a green shell!
The brothers catch some air!
Donkey & Diddy Kong!

Nintendo 64 Titles

From Mario Party 3(the best in the series to me).

Owwwwww! Luigi gets hit with a spiney shell!
Mario parachute plummets hiself in a gold coin frenzy!
Daisy hits another grand slam!
Peach with two keys!
Waluigi with a pirhanta plant!

From Super Smash Bros


From Mario Kart 64

Toad flies!

From Mario Tennis

Serves up from Luigi!
Mario with ball & racket!

Game Boy Advance/Color Titles

From Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Luigi struggles to give Mario a boost!
Mario & Luigi

From Mario Kart Super Circuit

Donkey Kong!

Super Nintendo Titles

From Super Mario Kart

Mario and Bowser in a classic baloon battle!
Mario spins out!

Misc (animatd pics)!

Animated pics!

Luigi turing into Super Luigi!
Mario climbing a vine!
Fire Mario!
SMB 2 Luigi!
SMB 2 Mario
SMB 2 Peach
SMB 2 Toad
SMW Luigi!
SMW Mario!
Mario riding Yoshi!
Small Mario from SMW!
Small Luigi from SMW!
Mario's select screen form SMBAS!
Luigi's select screen from SMBAS!

More Official Pics From Various Mario Games & Comics!

Luigi and Mario running!
Mario and Luigi dodging bullets from airship in SMB 3!
Mario and Luigi try to sneak Yoshi out of jail (pic from scanned Nintendo comic)!
Luigi and Mario have a conversation!
Mario, Luigi, and Peach try to unlock a door with a key!
The Super Mario Brothers gang!
Mario and Luigi in there monster truck with helmets (I'm guessing this is from Monster Truck Madness)!
Luigi jumping over hurtle as Mario and Peach watch (another scanned Nintendo comic)!
Luigi running from Boos in cave (pic from another scanned Nintendo comic)!
Luigi with tools!
Luigi talking!

From Super Mario Brothers: The Movie!

Luigi with plunger!
Mario and Luigi sneak in the elevator!
The poster!
Luigi and Daisy with the missing Brooklyn girls (from the Super Mario Bros. movie)!

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