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Nintendo Adventure Books No. 11: Unjust Desserts

By Matt Wayne

Featuring the Super Mario Bros., Based on Super Mario World

First published in March 1992 in the U.S.A. by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster
Availability: Out of Print

Summary: Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, Toad, and the Mushroom King are holding a party for Yoshi's birthday (here's the birthday concept again), and all of their mushroom and dinosaur friends are there to celebrate. But when Yoshi suddenly eats the mysterious purplish cherry on his birthday cake, he begins to eat everything in sight! Pizza, ravioli, you name it, Yoshi eats it. And then he eats Luigi! That stops the devouring problem, but now there is a new dilemma on their hands-- how to get Luigi out of Yoshi's stomach! A mushroom named Fungus Cap tries to convince them not to call the dino doctor, Doctor Drake, the duck doctor. Instead, he says they should give Yoshi a pill from a bottle he has in his hands. The heroes know something is strange about this mushroom and Mario soon notices that this is not a mushroom... it's King Bowser Koopa! The reptile reveals himself, saying he had fun with Yoshi and his evil cherry, and escapes through a window. Meanwhile, they call Doc Drake, who comes to the birthday hall promptly. He tells Mario to drink his special shrinking potion, which will obviously make him a lot smaller and will allow him to go into Yoshi and get Luigi out somehow. He drinks it, and the Princess places him in Yoshi's mouth and Mario slips down into his stomach, carrying the shrinking potion for Luigi to drink. But of course there's more trouble. Bowser Koopa has been shrunk and is in Yoshi's stomach too! While Mario and Bowser duel, Luigi hears that Yoshi should eat a flower called a threelip, which should make Yoshi spit Luigi out. Yoshi eats the threelip, and spits Luigi, Mario, Bowser, AND Bowser's troops out. Mario uses a spare fire flower to rid of Bowser's troops, and Bowser retreats. Meanwhile, Princess Toadstool shouts to Mario, telling him to get to some magic daisies, which are near him, but are very high up. Using a flying suit (Tanooki suit), Mario reaches the daisies, takes a bite out of one of the petals, and grows back to his original size, and everything is back to normal. No 11: Unjust Desserts

Rating: An 8.1 out of 10. Interesting, attracting, and creative, especially good for any fan of the Super Mario Bros., more Mario than Luigi for this book. No Koopa Kids here, though, but still, an altogether good Nintendo novel.

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