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Super Mario Bros.
Special Edition #1 (1990)

Legal Stuff: Super Mario Bros. Special Edition Vol. 1 No. 1, 1990 (ISSN: 1049-1503). Published by VALIANT, a division of Voyager Communications Inc., James Shooter, President; Steven J. Massarsky, Secretary. Office of publication (NOTE-- The address has been changed): 132 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10011. (1990 Nintendo of America Inc. and (1990 Voyager Communications Inc. All characters herein, and the distinct likenesses thereof, are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Availability: Extremely rare, in fact, the most rare of the Mario comics; only 10,000 were printed in 1990

Worth: $1.95 at time of publication

Super Mario Bros. Special Edition Vol. 1, No. 1 Story 1: " Mutiny on the Fungi"
By Bill Vallely, Mark McClellan, George Wildman, Ken Lopez, P. Zorito and Andrea Brooks

Summary: While looking for a magic wand to turn the Mushroom King back from a dog, Mario sees a mushroom fall from Koopa's doomship. He grabs on the anchor and rides it up top the ship to put the mushroom back. There, he sees Koopa, who chases him into the treasury of the ship, where Mario is able to find Luigi and a magic wand. They jump out of the ship, which begins to crash, and return home and are able to change the king back to his normal state.

Rating: An okay story. One of the only ones I know to feature the doomship. A 8.2/10.

Story 2: "A Mouser in the Houser"
By Bill Vallely, Mark McClellan, John Constanza, Ken Lopez, P. Zorito and Janet Jackson

Summary: While dressing for an Official Function, the king decides to send Mario and Princess Toadstool on amission to deliver a "sacred" cheese log to an ambassador. But when traveling through the pipes, they end up in the Mousers' chambers. Princess grets pissed at Mario and kicks him off a tower while the Mousers ask the nice Peach to be their new queen after showing them the downfall of their race because of Koopa. She refuses, jumping down after Mario. They defeat the main Mouser we all know and love from SMB2 but lose the cheese log. They return home to the party. The Mushroom King explains to the ambassador that Mario lost the "sacred cylinder of cheese." The ambassador asks if that would be the stupid cheese log they foist off on them every year.

Rating: More funny than the first story. Princess seems a lot more self dependent here than in most other stories. Really a pretty cool story, too. A 9.5 out of 10.

The Legend: Shows how Mario and Luigi first came to Mushroomland and saved the day.
Koopa's Health & Beauty Tips: Koopa shows you how to look like a beautiful Koopa, using warts, sharp nails, teeth filer, and evil eye contacts.
Dear Princess Toadstool: Letters seeking advice from Luigi, Koopa, and the Mushroom King.

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