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Super Mario Bros.
#6 (1990)

Legal Stuff: Super Mario Bros. Vol. 1 No. 6, 1990 (ISSN: 1049-1503). Published by VALIANT, a division of Voyager Communications Inc., James Shooter, President; Steven J. Massarsky, Secretary. Office of publication (NOTE-- The address has been changed): 132 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10011. (1990 Nintendo of America Inc. and (1990 Voyager Communications Inc. All characters herein, and the distinct likenesses thereof, are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Availability: Extremely rare

Worth: $1.95 at time of publication

Super Mario Bros. Vol. 1, No. 6Story 1: "The Buddy System"
By Bill Vallely and Mark McClellan, George Wildman, P. Zorito, Jade, Sikorski and Slinchak

Summary: Mario and Luigi are trying to fix the palace pipes from making so much noise and releasing garbage when Mario finds one of King Bowser's sneakers. He enters the pipe to find Bowser and Lemmy Koopa setting of bombs to try to cut off transportation by blowing up the Kingdom water main so no one can escape. But Lemmy sets off too many bombs, and blows himself above ground, and King Koopa and Mario into a trap of Mousers, where they are handcuffed. When Bowser tries to explain about the water main, a mouse shows where the water main is and demonstrates what they should've done, flooding the underground and shutting off the transport pipes.

Koopa has to help Mario fix the water main, and when they do, they both go up a pipe, ready to whack each other, but they both miss. Lemmy suddenly runs up, carrying a bomb. Bowser shouts to not set it off, but it's too late, and they are all blown back to their homes. As they depart, Mario asks Koopa if Lemmy is really on his side. At the castle, every one is celebrating, thinking Luigi fixed the plumbing problem. When Peach says that Luigi really is the better plumber, Mario agrees as he enters his bedroom-- Luigi is dry, warm, and not blown up.

Rating: Very funny. It's one of the funniest stories, and one of the stories that doesn't have dated humor. A 9.7 of 10.

Story 2: "It's Always Fair Weather"
By John Walker, Dan Danglo, P. Zorito, Jade, Rainbowhead

Summary: At the Kingdom fair, Luigi is Bowser at the "Douse the Bowser" booth and old Koopa is offended by it, so he decides to cause havoc there. After Mario accidentally eats all the cake at the Baking contest and proclaims a four-way-tie, he picks a Super Leaf as a toothpick and goes into the funhouse mirror room. Little does he know, he has just gotten his first Raccoon power. Meanwhile, Bowser has made a tornado with his helicopter propeller, making the air balloons with mushroom kids in them fly away uncontrollably.

Mario takes advantage of his Raccoon Power and flies up in the air, harnesses the balloons, and brings them down to ground. Princess Toadstool gives the hero a kiss, which dazes him, and costs him his Raccoon Power when he bum ps into King Koopa. Bowser laughs at this, but Mario turns on the helicopter cyclone, and it blows Koopa into the "Douse the Bowser" pool. Mario apologizes to Luigi for making him be Bowser, because now he knows how it feels to look funny.

Rating: Second story to use a power-up, the Super Leaf, for Raccoon power. Anyhow, a regular old Mario story, and they actually call King Koopa Bowser in this one. An 8.9/10.

"Weight Up": The Mushroom King goes on the diet.
"Kitchen Kraziness": The Bros. attempt to open a ketchup bottle.

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