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Super Mario Bros.
#5 (1990)

Legal Stuff: Super Mario Bros. Vol. 1 No. 5, 1990 (ISSN: 1049-1503). Published by VALIANT, a division of Voyager Communications Inc., James Shooter, President; Steven J. Massarsky, Secretary. Office of publication (NOTE-- The address has been changed): 132 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10011. (1990 Nintendo of America Inc. and (1990 Voyager Communications Inc. All characters herein, and the distinct likenesses thereof, are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Availability: Extremely rare

Worth: $1.95 at time of publication

Story 1: "Duh Stoopid Bomb!"
By Bill Vallely and Mark McClellan, George Wildman, P. Zor ito, Rod Ollerenshaw, Carol Smith and Ken Shooter

Summary: Toad sneaks a secret weapon of Koopa's to the castle and the Fungus Bureau of Investigation but it accidentally goes off, and everyone becomes stupid. The reason: The Stupid Bomb! Mario and Luigi decide to attack Koopa (which isn't a smart idea right then) and when they get there, the Snufits and Shy Guys are friendly and dumb because of an accident with a bomb there and give them more stupid bombs. They go home, and the leader of Koopa's armies has to explain to Koopa about the problem.

Koopa says it's fine, that he wants it to be like this, so the Marios will get stupid, and using new smart bombs, they'll be able to finally win. But the leader Snifit accidentally sets one off, and makes himself very smart. He decides to take over Koopa's castle. Meanwhile, everyone on the good side has returned to normal brainpower, and Mario and Luigi begin to wonder about the bombs they're carrying. Wooster warns them to be careful, but they drop one, and everyone is stupid again.

Rating: This was an all-around good and funny c omic. They did a good job with this one, and it scores a 9.6/10 IMHO.

Story 2: "Cloud Burst"
By Bill Vallely and Mark McClellan, Dan Danglo, P. Zorito, Jade, Andrea Brooks

Summary: Princess Toadstool's special crown is missing, and it's up to Mario and Luigi to find it. They end up in World 3, where King Koopa has his armies. They notice that he's also missing his crown too. Lakitu is the obvious thief, so while Mario runs after King Koopa and from Lakitu's Spiny Eggs, Luigi manages, after some time, to pull the plug in Lakitu's cloud and release all of the stolen crowns and coins, while Lakitu manages to steal Luigi's clothes. King Koopa gets knocked out, Mario and Luigi gets the Princess' stolen crown, and that's the end.

Rating: Another good comic, but nothing that's really unique in here. So I'll give it an 8.8.
Super Mario Bros. Vol. 1, No. 5

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Throne Out: The Mushroom King shops for a new throne.

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