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Super Mario Bros.
#3 (1990)

Legal Stuff: Super Mario Bros. Vol. 1 No. 3, 1990 (ISSN: 1049-1503). Published by VALIANT, a division of Voyager Communications Inc., James Shooter, President; Steven J. Massarsky, Secretary. Office of publication (NOTE-- The address has been changed): 132 West 21st Street, New York, NY 10011. (1990 Nintendo of America Inc. and (1990 Voyager Communications Inc. All characters herein, and the distinct likenesses thereof, are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Availability: Extremely rare

Worth: $1.95 at time of publication

Story #1: "Bedtime for Drain-head"
By Bill Vallely, Mark McClellan, George Wildman, P. Z orito, Jade, Kingman Huie

Summary: Mario's just spent 72 hours reading Dirk Drain-head (hi s hero) comic books. He finally decides to go to sleep, but when he finally is, Luigi runs into his room yelling that Koopa's kidnapped Toad. When he and Princess Toadstool come back to his room 8 minutes later, Mario has a cape on and claims to be Dirk Drain-head. Luigi explains to the Princess that Mario sometimes sleepwalks and thinks he's Dirk Drain-head and disappears for hours. Peach says it's terrible and tells Luigi to keep him in the castle.

But Mario has escaped out the window with his bed sheet, which he has made into a rope. Luigi and Princess see that this is a problem. Mario thinks Toad is Snakey, Dirk's sidekick. He severely beats up Koopa's army as Princess and Luigi can see on their way to Koopa's castle, where Mario has already found Toad and Koopa. Luigi and Peach can't find anyone at Koopa's castle so they go home. There, they find Koopa, Mario, and Toad, and everyone else too. Koopa is acting like a servant, just to keep the "nut with the plunger" away. The Mushroom King thanks Ma rio with a pat on the back, only to wake him up.

Koopa finds out that Mario was asleep and gets very annoyed and stomps off, and when Mario asks when they're going to rescue Toad, all the others stomp off too. The story ends with Mario hopping on the king's throne and reading his Drain-head comic book, which he has hidden under the throne cushion.

Rating: This was a humorous, enjoyable story. I liked it, but it wasn't my favorite of the Valiant stories. I'll give it a 7.4 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Story 2: "Love Flounders"
By Bill Vallely, Mark McClellan, George Wildman, P. Zorito, Ken Lopez, The Gradations

Summary: Mario has to skip Meatball bowling to go and get some chuck berries for Princess Toadstool's cereal under the water in the sea. Donning a frog suit, Mario dives into the ocean only to meet up with Stanley the Talking Fish, a really annoying egotistical fish. He asks Mario to break his date with Big Bertha. Mario refuses until Stanley agre es to leave Mario alone. But Stanley has set it up so Bertha seems to think Mario's her new boyfriend. Mario tries to lose her, but Bertha follows him around the water, through scads of jellyfish and Cheep-Cheeps.

Mario finds the chuck berries, but Stanley is trying to give them to his new girlfriend. He takes them, annoyed. But Bertha has caught him. She gives him a big kiss, which removes his frog power. Bertha is shocked and says she thought Mario was a frog. Mario tells her that he's not, of course. Bertha then gets real sad and complains that everyone hates her. Mario feels sorry for her, so he gives her the chuck berries and invites her to lunch the following week, so they can say mean and nasty stuff about Stanley. Mario asks Bertha to hurt Stanley a lot, and Bertha considers it done.

When Mario returns to the castle, Peach is sick, as she ate Mario's bowling ball. She sends him to world 5-2 for some bi-carb crystals. Mario, although annoyed, walks off to get some.

Rating: I liked this story better than the first one. This was also the first Valiant comic to use a super power, the frog suit, so there's a plus. Nothing that I can say negative about this one (at least at the top of my head) . It scores a 9.0/10.
Super Mario Bros. Vol. 1, No. 3

Fryguy High Yearbook--Activity Page!: Shows a few scenes from the Fryguys' Yearbook, with sports, tricks pulled off, and field trips notations.
Mario Bros. Museum of Plumbing: Luigi shows us the world's first sink, shower, and shower curtain, and a scene from the souvenir shop.
Family Album "The Early Years": The early life of Mario.

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