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Super Mario Adventures Graphic Novel
By Charlie Nozawa, Kentaro Takekuma, & Leslie Swan

Legal Stuff: Super Mario Adventures Copyright (1993 Nintendo of America Inc., 4820-150 Ave. N.E. Redmond, WA 98052. Previously published as a comic series in volumes 32-44 of Nintendo Power Magazine. Copyright ( 1992, 1993. All Rights Reserved. All characters featured in this issue and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. Printed in U.S.A.

Availablity: Recently taken out of Nintendo Power catalogs, available in separate issues of Nintendo Power and at some World of Nintendo outlets

Worth: $12.00 (retail price)
Super Mario AdventuresWhole Summary: This graphic novel includes the only Super Mario World comic published. This is the creators take on the SMW story went:

Mario and Luigi are busy repairing Princess Toadstool's palace's pipes while Peach and two of her guards play video games. Suddenly, pipes begin to pop up everywhere and from a huge one emerges Bowser in his Clowncopter. He proposes to the princess who refuses. Then the koopa king says that if she doesn't, he'll turn all her people into stone, and demonstrates on a few bystanders-- one that happens to be Mario. He leaves, giving her one week to decide. Peach and her recruits charge after him while the Mater of Massage comes to take care of Mario. After a few chops to the face and a whole week later, the stone melts off of Mario and the Mario Bros. race after the princess.

Meanwhile, Bowser has assigned a group of Lakitus to come and kidnap Peach, who is stranded in the desert with her troops. They take her away to the Koopalings' fortress and beat up on her troops.

Mario and Luigi, meanwhile, have found themselves on Yoshi's Island, and an egg hatches, revealing the green dinosaur. He takes them to his village where they meet Friendly Floyd, a traveling salesmen who sells them a Yoshi translator book which is really a piece of crap. But that's not the only thing going wrong, as Toad, one of the princess's soldiers, to them to deliver the bad news. He leads them to the koopalings' fortress, clueless of how to get in. In the fortress, the princess has escaped using a magic cape she found, and Mario gets a ride in on a Bullet Bill. Unfortunately, he lands right at the feet of the Koopa Kids, who imprison him.

But Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and the now landed princess have developed a plan. With the help of Friendly Floyd, Luigi becomes Peach with the help of a mask (he's "sick"). They send him over for trade with Mario, but it doesn't work. Floyd, Peach, Yoshi, and To ad invade the fortress, pretending to deliver pizza, but instead come I with a bomb. They end up blowing the fortress to bits, hardly escaping. Butas soon as they think they are safe, Boswer and his troopas kidnap the Princess and Toad and fly off.

Luigi and Mario venture into a Ghost House where they convince Big Boo to tell them where Koopa's Castle is. When they escape, with the Big Boo on their side, they climb on Yoshi and ride to their destination. At the castle, a wedding is ready for Peach, who has been put under a spell by Magikoopa, and Bowser. Mario ends up getting captured, while Luigi and Yoshi dscover all ofYoshi's friends who have been sealed in eggs by the Koopas. They watch as the eggs hatch and an invasion is immediately held at the wedding. The Yoshis and Luigi free Mario, break the spell on Princess Toadstool, and tip the cake over on Bowser and his armies. Then Princess Toadstool gives Mario a big kiss and there is peace in the two kingdoms.

The second part of the graphic novel is the first of two comics based on Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. It begins with Wario asking Mario to come to his castle to get together with him. Mario immediately decides to go, not knowing that Wario has plotted revenge on Mario because of thing like getting Thwomped when trying to flatten coins or picking Piranha Plants instead of turnips in Mario's garden or having to be the bandit in cowboys when they were kids.

Mario faces the Three Little Pigheads, a giant Octopus, a witch, and a rat, all who Mario thinks are tryiong to help or have fun with him, and he easily rids of them all. He finally reaches Wario's castle, and finds a HUGE, fat Wario waiting for him. His ex-friend slams the ground, aiming for the plumber. Mario then finds the airplug on Wario's overalls and pulls it. Wario returns to his reguklar size and bawls his eyes out, complaining that Mario is a big bully. Mario tells him to cheer up, so Wario does. Mario suggests that they play cowboys like old times, and throws the bandit outfit on Wario and starts shooting at Wario with a squirtgun. Wario angers and swears he'll get even somehow.

Overall Rating: This was a good comic. It was very original, and one of the only comic books or graphicnovels not published by Valiant, and it had Wario, who is in only two Super Mario comics. I would give it a 9.5.

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