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Super Mario Bros.: Trapped in the Perilous Pit

By Jack C. Harris

Illustrated by Art and Kim Ellis

Copyright 1989 Nintendo of America, Inc.
Availability: Out of Print

Summary: The story is Jack C. Harris's envisioning of how Mario and Luigi arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom and how Bowser first kidnapped Peach. While fixing the palace pipes, Mario and Luigi see Koopa coming down the corridor. Mario tries to rid of him using a Super Mushroom, but Koopa gets him. Luigi saves him using a fire flower.

While running off from King Koopa's troops, they stumble into a deep pit. Koopa drops Peach in the pit with the Bros. and closes the door so they'll run out of air. By using his mushroom, Mario grows big, and lifts Luigi up to the pit door, who blows it away with his remaining fire flower. They run Bowser out of the kingdom and save the day, celebrating with a huge victory party.

SMB: Trapped in the Perilous Pit

Rating: This is a Golden Book, meaning it's a kid's book. It's only 24 pages. It was O.K. for a kid's book, but if you're not a young kid, then don't bother looking for it unless you collect (like me). A 7.7 of 10.

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