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Nintendo Adventure Books No. 5: Pipe Down!

By Clyde Bosco

Featuring the Super Mario Bros.

First published in September 1991 in the U.S.A. by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster
Availability: Available at some bookstores

No 5: Pipe Down!Summary: It's Princess Toadstool's birthday (again!) and everyone has crowded into the castle to celebrate. Wooster has made sure everything is spotless, and a cake has been made. So far, every gift the Princess has recieved has been a pair of shoes or has been shoe related. Suddenly, she sees and unmarked box and opens it. Inside is a pair oh hi-top basketball sneakers, and she claims that it is the best present ever with no offenses. Peach asks her father the king if they were from him, but he forgets. She puts them on and soon the king says that he got her two basketballs. He hands her the bag. Suddenly, she is dribbling one uncontrollably. She runs out the door screaming for help. Mario and Luigi immeadiately get up and chase after her. They chase her to the Koopahari Desert where she finally stops. The Princess tells them that some strange organ music are controlling the shoes which are what's making her do everything she's been doing. She tells them to go to her shoe vault and get her special shoes. Peach tries to tell them what they are, but soon the organ music starts up again and she is running off again. Mario and Luigi decide to head down into the shoe vault under the castle. There are literally hundreds of shoes there. Mario and Luigi decide to take the cowboy boots, but soon find themselves lost in the Pipe World :( ! The Bros. argue about whose fault it is, but the sound of the organ music breaks them up. They try to follow it, but they just keep going around and around in circles. Suddenly, a giant crab blocks their path. The Bros. give him a party favor and some coins so he will let them pass through. Mario, the greedy person he is, is unhappy and mopes around. Soon they notice that the pipes have become clear-walled, and filled with a slew of coins which lifts Mario spirits back up. The come to the end of the pipe and see that it is actually part of the organ playing the organ music! Down below playing the crappy-sounding music is Ludwig Von Koopa, with Toadstool dancing around dribbling. Ludwig sees them and orders his troopas to attack. Mario and Luigi release the cowboy boots. They dance around for a little while and leave the room. The Bros., obviously mad, suddenly see all black. When they wake up, they are in tutus dancing around along with Peach under Ludwig's control for the nine-year tour through Dark World. Hopeless, the three hang their heads and dribble around. All of a sudden, the cowboy boots kick at the organ and it falls to the ground onto Ludwig. They are all safe. The Princess removes her shoes, while Ludwig claims that he can finally hear again (his bad hearing was obviously the bad music problem). The three good guys then travel back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Rating: Hmm... I'd have to say that this was quite an interesting book. I enjoyed the way everything was put together. I also like the way the author used Ludwig and his character was good also. The best of the 12 books IMHO. #5 scores a 9.6.

Internet Reader Review: I'd consider Pipe Down! as a Keeper. Pipe Down was my fav. 9 out of 10.
Elizabeth Wilbanks

Internet Reader Review: I like this book a lot, it was my favorite in the series, but, like some of the others, it was hard to concentrate on what I was reading. I'm giving it a 8.3.
Chris Smith

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