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Mario VS. Wario

Legal Stuff: From Volume 56-January 1994 issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. By Charlie Nozawa, Kentaro Takekuma, and Leslie Swan. Nintendo Power is printed in the U.S.A. and published by Nintendo of America, Inc., 4820 150th Avenue N.E., Redmond, Washington, 98052. ( 1994 Nintendo of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Availability: Available in Nintendo Power Magazine

Worth: Cost of NP issue (varies)

Summary: The comic begins with Mario and Wario both receiving an invitation to Princess Toadstool's birthday party (Hold up! This is the THIRD Mario plot involving the Princess's birthday party, the first being the book "Happy Birthday, Princess Toadstool", and the second being "Pipe Down!", Nintendo Adventure Book #5. Get a new idea!) in the mail. They both have a flashback of a few days ago, where them, Luigi, Peach, Toad, AND Yoshi (?) are walking down the street to catch a bus. Peach sees a Samus Aran doll in the window of a toyshop and goes off about how much she wants it, but Toad rushes them onto the bus.

So Mario and Wario both decide to go buy it. When Wario arrives at the toyshop, he finds out from a frightened employee there that a mustached man that looks sort of like him had already bought the last doll. Thinking that it was Mario, he vows to get revenge by buying a jack-in-the-box that Wario plans to switch with Mario's gift.

At the party, Wario tries to get Mario away so he can switch gifts. When he eventually does, Wario gives Peach Mario's gift, but it's a jack-in-the-box also (and it scares the CRAP out of her!). Then the Princess discovers Wario's gift is the same. Mario and Wario fight, and the Princess starts cry and wails that they've ruined her birthday. Luigi cheers her up by presenting the Samus doll. Peach dries her eyes and kisses Luigi, and then Mario and Wario start gagging at Charlie Nozawa.

Rating: This is an EXCELLENT comic! Very humorous, I could read it over and over and it wouldn't get old. A true gem. I think they should have added it to Super Mario Adventures, though. It is, in my opinion, the most excellent comic story featuring the Mario characters of all. I'm giving it a 9.7, only because it should've been longer.

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