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Nintendo Adventure Books No. 2: Leaping Lizards

By Clyde Bosco

Featuring the Super Mario Bros.

First published in June 1991 in the U.S.A. by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster
Availability: Out of Print

Summary: In this book, you flip through the book and make decisions as Luigi. Luigi is hurrying through the Mushroom Kingdom to get to a picnic that he's late for. When he gets there, he sees that Mario and Princess Toadstool have already finished off all of the food. But he has no time to mope about that as Toad has just ran up the path to meet them and tells them that Morton Koopa has causing chaos at the palace. The princess gets an angry look on her face and shouts out how Wooster had better be taking care of things. Luigi runs ahead of them to see if he can help Wooster. When he gets to the castle, Morton has trashed the place and is wiping peanut butter all over the walls. He sees Luigi and tries to escape, but Luigi pounces on him and manages to steal his ruby wand before he hurries away through a window. Peach, Mario, and Toad soon arrive. Peach yells about how Wooster could have at least tried to take control. Then she remembers that her dad, the Mushroom King, is nowher e in sight. Wooster comes out of a hidden corner, carrying a small rabbit with a crown on its head. Everybody recognizes the rabbit as the king, and there's more havoc. But Luigi is able to calm the down by showing them the ruby wand. He points it at the king and says "ALAKAZOOK" and the king grows really big. Luigi decides to not try the wand again. He sets out to find Morton with Toad. They go to Water Land, where Morton Koopa lives. Luigi sees a houseboat and tells Toad thanks and bye, and sets off to it. When Luigi opens the door, there's Morton Koopa. The koopaling snickers as Luigi watches the Doom Ship hover overhead. Iggy Koopa lowers a ladder down to Morton but he lifts it back up when he sees Luigi and it leaves the area. Luigi hops up on it just in time.He hides behind some crates and watches Iggy steer the ship. Suddenly, Iggy is gone, and Luigi runs into Mario, Toad, and Peach. Toad explains that all they need to change the king back is a magic silver whistle, which can be won at the International Mushroom Games, which is in two weeks. The group confronts Iggy and tells him that they are going to take him on then, and he says that they're on. Over the next two weeks, they practice hard until the day of the games. They call themselves the Royals, who are up against the Koopas, the Hammers, and the Sneaks. The referee, a penguin called Feldspar , announces that first place medals are tin, second place are wooden, and third are chocolate. Then he announces to let the games begin. The different events include the waterfall jumps, the obstacle course, a basketball game, and a test of strength. They receive three tin and three wooden for some of those events and more. Then the last game comes around. Wooster says that if they get a tin medal this game, the Super Triple Jump, they'll win the whistle. It's Wooster's turn to decide who will go up, so he picks the king. The king doesn't disappoint them. He IS a rabbit, after all (at least THEN he is). He comes in first to the Koopas. They get two tin medals, one for winning, and one for setting the new record. They all cheer and are awarded the magic silver whistle, a Hoopster-shaped trophy, and fifty coins. Luigi blows on the whistle, and the king turns back to normal. Peach tells him about the wand, the whistle, and the great sporting event, and in the end, they have a feast to celebrate the king's turnin g back to normal and the winning of the games. No 2: Leaping Lizards

Rating: This was the last of the twelve books that I read. I thought it was a pretty good book, and very original. This story was a good choice for the first book in the series. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give it an 8.4.

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