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Nintendo Adventure Books No. 4: Koopa Capers

By Bill McCay

Featuring the Super Mario Bros.

First published in August 1991 in the U.S.A. by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster
Availability: Available at some bookstores

Summary: This time around, you control Luigi. The story begins with Luigi by himself at the Bros.' shop in Brooklyn receiving a package which turns out to be a flying carpet that wraps itself around him and whisks the plumber off to Bowser's castle and drops him at the big guy's feet. Bowser explains to Luigi that Wendy O. Koopa is missing, possibly kidnapped. He asks Luigi to find her for him, embarrassed. Luigi reluctantly agrees, thinking it may be fun. Luigi decides to check Wendy O.'s room, where he finds two pieces of chewed up paper, which read "fort" and "magma". He then checks out the familiar fortress section of the castle, where there are plenty of boos, thwomps, and dry boneses, but no sign of the Koopa princess. He exits into the magma pits. He finds a recipe, which includes a strange stanza he doesn't understand: " . . .add just one of Boom-Boom's socks. Too many socks and the turtles will doze, until the fragrance leaves their nose. Add seven wands and then you are done. Now the seven will act as one." He pockets this and continues through the pits. He encounters a Grand Goomba with six missing leg hairs, the Fire Brothers who he defeats with help from a fire flower, and a catwalk full of Koopa Troopas. Then Luigi finds a key in the shape of Bowser's head. It proves to be useful later when it happens to fit in a locked door's lock. Inside that door, he discovers a pair of sweat socks marked BOOM-BOOM. He carefully pockets them, gasping for air from the smell. Then he ducks through a small door on the opposite wall. Inside is Wendy, stirring a mixture in a cauldron over a bubbling pit of lava, yelling at some Koopa creatures about losing sweat socks. He remembers the recipe and the socks and is glad he picked them up. He hides behind some old sacks. Just then, Bowser and the other six koopalings enter the room. Bowser bellows at Wendy for stealing his recipe and his sons' stolen wands to make a Super Wand and try to take the throne from him. Of course she denies it, and Luigi becomes the topic of discussion. They all say they're really going to get him when they find him. Luigi jumps from behind the sacks, chants "Too many socks and turtles will doze", and throws the socks into the pot. Bowser shrieks and soon every Koopa in the Mushroom Worlds is sleeping. Luigi pockets all of Bowser's stolen coins and decides to have some fun in Koopaland while the turtles are asleep. No 4: Koopa Capers

Rating: This was a really good book, but not excellent. Some nit-picks: the author said "Wendy O." all the time instead of just Wendy, as well as "Ludwig Von" and "Morton, Jr.". Who ever uses their name like that (besides the Spice Girls)? Anyhow, on a more positive note, this book had a good plot, only mentioned Mario twice, and was a definite improvement by the author over Monster Mix-up. I'd give it a 9.2. I recommend you go grab yourself a copy while you still can!

Internet Reader Review: I'd consider Koopa Capers as a Keeper. 7/10.
Elizabeth Wilbanks

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