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Howard And Nester

Legal Stuff: From Volume 12-May/June 1990 issue of Nintendo Power Magazine. By Jim Frisino, Nob-Rin Takagi, Hiro-Con Nagami, Lee Macleod, Shuju Imai, Orange Nakamura, and Makikazu Ohmori. Nintendo Power is printed in the U.S.A. and published by Nintendo of America, Inc., 4820 150th Avenue N.E., Redmond, Washington, 98052. ( 1990 Nintendo of America, Inc. All rights reserved.

Availability: Available in Nintendo Power Magazine

Worth: Cost of NP issue (varies)

Summary: Howard has invited Nester to the R&D, a video game bug testing company. Nester takes the bug thing literally, as he has a net with him when he gets there. Howard explains that "the NES Interface Modular allows us to go inside the games to look for bugs and test tips" and Nester said he knew they were NES bugs, not real ones, he was just seeing if Howard knew that.

They go in the machine and find themselves in the mini-fortress of SMB3. Howard explains to Nester that they're scheduled to check on the warp whistles. They jump over pits of lava and get to a Dry Bones, which Nester smashes. Howard tells Nester to break a brick nearby to get the leaf for raccoon power, which Howard has already accumulated. Nester punches with his head, and Howard says that it hurts a lot less when you punch it with your hand.

Nester can't fly up onto the ceiling to get the warp whistle like Howard did, so he decides to ditch the raccoon act and go through the door. His head is bonked with spikes on the ceiling and he goes unconscious. Back in R & D, Nester tells Howard sarcastically that he enjoys having his head used as a pin cushion after Howard asks if he is okay.

Rating: For a small two-pager, this was a good little comic strip. I always enjoyed reading Howard & Nester, and this was probably my favorite one. A 7.5 goes for this one.

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