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Nintendo Adventure Books No. 1: Double Trouble

By Clyde Bosco

Featuring the Super Mario Bros.

First published in June 1991 in the U.S.A. by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster
Availability: Out of Print

Summary: (NOTE: This is generally what you do as you flip through the book. Because it's achoose your own adventure book, there are other storylines not talked about here) The story begins with Mario being called by Princess Toadstool to come and help in the Mushroom Kingdom at 3 A.M. in the morning. When he arrives, he noticea a huge increase in the land's population, with a lot more look-alikes around. When he reaches the palace, he sees that there are TWO kings! Peach explains the doubles problem in the kingdom and tells Mario that the cause (for the king) was a flower with a hidden camera in it, delivered with no return address, and that they need to find out who the real king is. Mario takes out his magnifying glass and studies both kings with it. He notices that one is made of sand, and of course, the real king is a mushroom, so that one is taken away. Mario decides that the imposters are all made from sand and suspects that the Koopas are behind this, and the sand must be from Fort Koopa, the Koopas' fortress in the Koopahari Desert. He heads out to that destination immediately, passing by doubles of Shyguys and Boomerang Brothers. The plumber reaches the castle, and inside, bumps right into Bowser Koopa. He barely escapes the Koopa King through a small passage and ends up following an unsuspecting Iggy Koopa through the winding passages of Fort Koopa. Mario follows the Koopaling down a flight of stairs into a maze of mirrors where he loses track of him. After hours of feeling his way around the maze and flipping coins to decide which way to go, he remembers that he's carrying a hammer. Mario pulls it out and smashes his way through the maze until he finds Iggy Koopa in a large laboratory. Iggy reveals to Mario (thinking that it won't matter since he plans to finish him off) his invention that makes the doubles he has been seeing, GLOM. It works with a set of different placed cameras (like in the flower) and sand. Then it spits out the double out the top of it. Then GLOM and Iggy charge at Mario. All of a sudden, Mario gets an idea. He pushes the machine from the back (so it won't make a double of him) quickly to the front of a mirror in the maze. It stops moving and takes a picture of itself in the mirror, and a double of GLOM comes out. Iggy realizes Mario's plan and rants angrily, watching 1,000 GLOM fill the maze. Mario escapes the fort with a little help from his hammer as all the GLOM's start to explode. As he returns to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario can already see the number of creatures decreasing. He warps home to Brooklyn, exhausted, for a well-deserved rest, and the kingdom is safe. No 1: Double Trouble

Rating: This was the last of the twelve books that I read. I thought it was a pretty good book, and very original. This story was a good choice for the first book in the series. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give it an 8.4.

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