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Nintendo Adventure Books No. 7: Dinosaur Dilemma

By Clyde Bosco

Featuring the Super Mario Bros., Based on Super Mario World

First published in November 1991 in the U.S.A. by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster
Availability: Out of Print

NOTE: This book is the first of the NABs to be based on Super Mario World. This means that the books now include the lands from the Super Mario World game, and of course, Yoshi. This book is also my other "Pringles Special Edition" that I got from Pringles before nine of the books went out of print.

Summary: The story is mainly another take on the plot of SMW, except the Princess doesn't get captured, but the dinosaurs are still put in eggs. Mario and Luigi are vacationing on Dinosaur Island thanks to Princess Toadstool. But thanks to new hungry dinosaur friend Yoshi, they're completely out of food. Mario leaves Luigi and Yoshi to go and look for food. As Mario walks along, he notices that all of the dinosaurs have disappeared. Mario suddenly comes up to an island where he fins Yoshi and a few other dinosaurs. A flying Hammer Brother comes along and then captures all of the dinosaurs except Yoshi, who Mario manages to save. Than the Hammer Brother flies off. Mario and Yoshi make it to the Valley of the Koopas (with the help of Starmen and Magic Feathers, of course) where Bowser seems to be having a celebration about an invention. When Mario and Yoshi succeed in sneaking into Bowser's castle, Larry Koopa captures them and knocks them out. When they wake up, they are in a pan of dough. Bowser explains to them of his scheme of putting all of the dinosaurs in eggs for feed at his party, and that he plans to have Mario and Yoshi as a special dish. Thinking quickly, Mario achieves setting the egg maker machine in reverse, turning all of the dinosaurs back to normal. Bowser once again is ruined and Mario has saved the day. But when one of the eggs hesitate to hatch, Mario thinks it may be trouble. But after waiting for it to hatch, he sees that it is none other than Luigi! The good guys climb out the kitchen window and return to where they came from with victory on their side.

No 7: Dinosaur Dilemma

Rating: I liked this book, but I was sort of disappointed here. I think that Clyde Bosco was the best author in the series, and I expected a REALLY good book here, but I only got half of what I expected. I guess I thought it was a little rushed and sort of confusing. But still, a good book, and I'm going to give it a 6.1 out of 10.

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