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Nintendo Adventure Books No. 6: Doors to Doom

By Bill McCay

Featuring the Super Mario Bros.

First published in October 1991 in the U.S.A. by Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster
Availability: Out of Print

No 6: Doors To Doom Summary: In the middle of the night, Mario sleepwalks right into a mysterious pipe in the Bros.' shop. Naturally, Luigi follows him down, where they end up in Dr. Sporis Von Fungenstein's, the mad Goomba scientist, Doors to Doom machine. He sends the Brothers to the skyscraper of Donkey Kong, where they must make their way up the skyscraper to rescue Princess Toadstool from Donkey Kong. When they do, though, she falls through a platform in the floor. Mario and Luigi can't follow her as the platform closes up. They run through another door on the top of the skyscraper to the jungle of Donkey Kong Jr. They must run up vines and chains to escape from the chasing DK Jr. Up at the top of the jungle, they find Bowser Koopa. But they decide to not free him. They escape through another door at the top, which leads to Sub-Con. They soon end up at Wart's palace. Wart is dressed like a skater, and offers a garage door opener for the bigger of the two's hats. They do trade, and use the garage door opener on a door down the way. There, they find Von Fungenstein, who claims that he was really on the side of good, and was merely testing the Bros.' performance. Then he directs them through the door of their appropriate door. Then there is a celebration for them that lasts for days.

Rating: This was also a very interesting book. Like Pipe Down!, I enjoyed it a lot. It was my second favorite NAB, it was very unique, as it used Wart, Donkey Kong, and Donkey Kong, Jr. in the story. Plus, the surprise ending made it even better. But I still thought that Pipe Down! was better, but not by much. A 9.4/10.

Internet Reader Review (well, I was a reader): In this book, Mario and Luigi start off by being lured into the trap of Dr. Von Fungenstein's doors to doom machine. Yay, just what we need, another mad scientist (-1 pts). Mario and Luigi open a door to the world of Donkey Kong, dodging several of the Dr.'s taunts, the two climb the scaffolding, and at the top, Princess Toadstool waits. But oh no! Two of the puzzles were switched and this will certainly make most readers very annoyed (- 1.75 pts). Next, the brothers go to Sub-Con. Mario and Luigi enter a Phantos vase. Inside, they must play Phantos chess, a game with extremely vague rules. I didn't really understand how it worked (-0.5 pts). Upon opening a door, they find Wart, who is dressed like a skater. Wart offers a garage door opener in return for the bigger of the two's hats. Upon doing this, the Bros. use the opener on the door down the way. They wind up in Fungenstein's lab, where he claims that he's really on the side of good, and was testing the brothers' performance, and further instructs them to go into the appropriate door for their score. I prefer using points as a side activity (-1. pts). I must say this is not the best adventure book by far, so if you have another book to choose from, take it. Score: 5.75 of 10
Steven Reich

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