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Super Mario Bros. 3: Happy Birthday, Princess Toadstool

By Jack C. Harris

Illustrated by Art and Kim Ellis

Copyright 1990 Nintendo of America, Inc.
Availability: Out of Print

SMB3: Happy Birthday, Princess Toadstool Summary: This is the other Golden Book featuring the Mario cast. The plot is very, very simple. Mario and Luigi race to get a magic star for Princess Toadstool's birthday. They head different ways, and both end up in a castle, with Mario getting help from Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers. There, they both find a star at the same time. They present it to her at her birthday party, and she thanks them happily. That's it. Really.

Rating: Even though this book was really easy to read, it was still OK, for a Mario collector anyway. It wasn't as good as the other one, so I'm giving it a 7.0/10.

Internet Reader Review: Mario and Luigi are heading for Peach's birthday party, but Mario feels sad. He wanted to give Peach a Starman, which Luigi wanted to give her. They decide to race for one. To make it easy, Mario eats a Super Mushroom and grabs a Fire Flower. However, instead of doing SMB3 actions, Mario slides down a flagpole and runs inside a crumbling castle like in the original SMB. He jumps into a pipe leading to the sewers. Mario uses all his Mushroom-and-Flower energy and soon finds a Starman. But at that moment, the power-ups wear off, and Mario follows the Starman, which lands in . . . Luigi's pocket!

Mario feels sad all over again until Luigi suggests that they can both give it to Peach. Feeling happy, Mario jumps on Luigi's shoulders and they head for Peach's birthday. Mario tells Peach it was nothing at finding her gift. Luigi glares at him, so Mario says Luigi helped him find it. This is another Golden Book. Toad makes a brief appearance on the cover, but they still call Bowser "King Koopa". 7.7 of 10.
Kacy Shelly

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