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Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG

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Codes for Mario's first RPG game:

Free Frog Coin
(Submitted by Junaid)
In Forest Maze, hop onto a Wigglers back (This doesn't work on the sleeping one). Every time you jump on one, you get a Coin. Jump on one ten times without touching the ground and you will receive a Frog Coin.

Link Sighting
(Submitted by Junaid)
Anyone who has played SMRPG probably saw Link. This is for those players who either never played the game or got that far. In the Rose Town Inn, the bed beside has Link asleep in it. If you go up to him and press a button, you will hear some music from the original Legend of Zelda game.

Hunter Resting
(Submitted by Chris Leonhart)
Sometime in between Star Hill and your first visit to Monstro Town, take a break to revisit Mushroom Kingdom Castle. When you head towards the guest room, however, the retainer cleaning is now outside, and says the room is occupied. When you enter, you'll see a familiar person in a power suit powered by a familiar bird person. Talk to her, and she'll say she's resting for a fight. For you who missed it, it's Samus Aran, the female intergalactic hunter, who has traveled the universe pursuing the parasitic Metroid from Zebes to it's home world, SR-388, and back. Apparently, she's good friends with the Toadstool family. (Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly when, so try to pry yourself away sometime after you get the 5th or 6th (before fighting Yaridovich) stars.)