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Super Mario Bros. 2 Codes

Super Mario Bros. 2 codes

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Codes for the game remarkably like Japan's "Doki Doki Panic":

Maximum coinage
Usually, you get two coin-collecting chances per level from Sub-Space.
But if you die while in Sub-Space, it doesn't count as a complete
Sub-Space visit, plus you get to keep any coins you collected! Using
this trick, you can really rack up the coins for tons of Bonus Chance
tries. This is useful if you're REALLY good at the Bonus Chance game
(i.e. getting three of the same object every time, especially three

Warp to World 4
(Submitted by Ntendopr)
Get to world 1-3 and find the formula. Go past this building and keep on going until you reach a pipe. Now throw the formula and enter the door and go down the pipe into subspace. The screen will get all blurry (don't worry, it's not a virus!), then it'll go to a picture of Birdo and it will say "Warp to world 4." You should be taken to the character select screen. Choose your character and you will start in World 4-1. Enjoy!