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Super Mario 64 Codes

Super Mario 64

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Some codes for the first true 3D Mario game:

Time is on your side
The entrance to Course 14: Tick Tock Clock is a giant clock with moving
minute and second hands. You can affect the moving parts inside the
level by jumping into the clock at certain times. Jump in when the
minute hand is on the 12, and the moving parts stop. On the 3 they slow
down, on the 6 they move randomly, and on the 9 they speed up.

Get on top of the castle without any stars
(Submitted by Ntendopr)
Regular version: Begin a new game or a saved game and go to the place where the underwater door is supposed to be. Here's the tricky part: do a head jump against the walls in a vertical jump (which is nearly impossible) and keep on doing it until you reach the top.
Gameshark version: (you might need an old gameshark that has the Super Mario 64 cheat: Press L button to levitate.) Begin a new game or a saved game and go to a castle wall and hold L and keep on floating till you reach the top.
NOTE: there may not be a gameshark with this cheat, but it's worth a try....

Take it slow
Some inclines that cannot be scaled by running or walking can, in fact,
be crawled up. Hold Z and move the Control Stick to crawl up the slope.
It is slow, but it works.

Wet-dry water
For Course 11: Wet-Dry World, when you jump into the entrance painting,
the height of your jump determines the starting water level inside the
course. With a high backflip, the starting water level will actually
surpass the limit of the switches inside the level...

Mushroom race
While some hidden 1-Ups move away from you, the ones you find while
climbing trees and poles will follow you. When you're climbing and a
1-Up starts to appear, immediately jump off and keep running! If you
have lots of room to run (for instance, outside the castle), you'll be
able to see the mushroom floating in mid-air, following Mario. Since
Mario is a tad bit faster than the mushroom, you can have it follow
Mario for a long time.

Learning to dive
In Course 4, when you're near a baby penguin, do a dive attack (press B
while running). The baby penguin will mimic Mario and do a dive of its

In Course 4, return the baby penguin to its mother. After the mother
thanks you, don't take the star. Instead, pick up the baby penguin and
walk away. The mother will get mad and start to chase Mario around.

Fountain of youth
You may have already noticed that if Mario's power meter is running low
because he's been underwater for a while, when you surface, the power
meter will fill up all the way, regardless of how much power you had
left before you started swimming. Thus, if you're really low on power
and there's water nearby, jump in to refill your power meter. Note: this
will not work in the "ice water" in Course 10, because the extremely
cold water depletes Mario's power meter.

Buns of steel
To minimize potential damage from a high fall, do a butt-stomp (press Z)
before you land. If you time it right, you can walk away with no damage.

Butterfly surprise
It's not easy, but if you succeed in punching (press B) a butterfly, it
will either turn into a 1-Up Mushroom or a bomb that explodes quickly.

Dizzy up the pole
Whenever you see wooden poles sticking out of the ground, don't pound
them! Instead, run tight circles around them and five Yellow Coins will
pop out of each.

After 120 Stars
•After you have all 120 Stars, go outside the castle to the grate that
has been closed for the whole game. There is a cannon inside. Launch
yourself onto the roof of the castle, and go around back and talk to
Yoshi! He will leave you with 100 extra Marios and an improved Triple

•Go back to Course 4, Star 3 to race the penguin again. You will
notice he is much bigger! This makes it harder to beat him because he
covers most of the track and is a bit faster. 

•And finally, the last Bowser ("Bowser in the Sky") will have a different message after you beat him again.

"M" is for... (Japanese version only)  
(Since the English version stops at 999 Coins, this trick only works in
the Japanese version.) While fighting Bowser in "Bowser in the Dark
World," avoid his fire-breath and keep picking up the Coins that come
from the flames. When you reach a total of 1,000 Coins in the level, an
"M" is added in front of your extra life total, and the numbers next to
it change to 25. Next, blow up Bowser or die, it doesn't matter. The
weird thing is, as long as you have the "M," the number will go down
when you'd normally gain a life, and the number will go up when you'd
normally lose a life. For example, if you threw yourself off of Bowser's
platform after getting the "M25," you'll return with M26 lives in
Mario can lose the "M" two ways: If you manage to get a lot of 1-Ups to
bring the extra life total down to M1, the next 1-Up you get will change
the total to 0, and you'll lose the "M." If you manage to die a lot and
bring the total up to M128, the next time you lose a life, you'll lose
the "M" and the extra life total changes to 100. Also, if you talk to
Yoshi, he'll give you 100 lives, but even if you have M128 it will take
them all away until you hit 0 (that's when you lose the "M") and then
bring you up to 100 "normal" lives in reserve.

Hold Hat In Hand
Enter Course 10: Snowman's Land, then allow yourself to be blown off the top of the Giant Snowman Mountain -- you will lose your cap. Once you've lost the cap, you can warp between the two trees near the frozen pond. Each time you warp, a new cap will appear on top of the first one. If you collect the cap after doing this, you'll see another cap on the ground. Collect the second cap and Mario will hold onto the cap until he exits the level.
    sent in by Giant F. Dookie