The Super Mario 64 Show


Whomp's Revenge

Episode 3



(The camera goes to Mario entering a painting with a huge building in it)

Mario: Well so far I have one star I must get eight stars to fight Bowser in the dark world to rescue Princess Peach.

(Mario starts feeling hungry so he starts to shake a mushroom tree and an owl comes out)

Owl: Hoot hoot. Whoa whoa easy there fat Italian man. Thatís the only tree I can afford.

Mario: You mean that's the only tree you can sleep in?

Owl: Hoot Hoot. Ok you're right that was a great 5-year sleep you ruined there. But I still feel refreshed.

(Mario starts walking with the owl and out of nowhere Mario accidentally stepped on a flower garden with sleeping Piranha Plant)

Piranha Plant: (Wakes up) Gasp! You ruined my beautiful garden (Starts chomping)

Owl: (Gets closer to the Piranha Plant) Hoot Hoot. It was an accident you stupid vicious plant.

(Piranha Plant catches the owl and puts him in his mouth)

Mario: Let go of him. (Jumps and kicks the Piranha Plants and breaks it in half with a stomp)

Owl: Phew thank goodness thanks a lot Italian man I nearly became plant food.

Mario: By the way my name is Mario.

Owl: Ok Murphy I'll remember your name.

Mario: (Acting frustrated then breathes in and breathes out) Alright fine call me Murphy.

Owl: Alright Mario why are you here? Besides waking my old self up?

Mario: I came here to find a power star.

Owl: Oh you mean this old gold thing (Takes out Power Star) I found it in a floating cage above you before you came here. You can have it.

Mario: (Takes the power star) Here We Go!

Owl: By the way Mario there's a loud stomp going on up there. And to be honest with you. You look reliable to me. You think you could go up there and see what the problem is. Iíll fly you up there.

Mario: Ok.

(Mario hangs onto the owl and the owl flies Mario all the way up to a building)

Mario: A giant block!

(The owl throws Mario at whomp and knocks him down)

(The owl flies away like a coward)

Whomp: Errrrr!

Mario: Ow! (Runs his head)

Whomp: (Gets up) it just makes me so angry with you humans. We made your houses, schools, and castles. But yet you step all over us. This time us blocks are the ones who are going to stomp on you!

(4 whomps appear and charge Mario)

Mario: Piece of cake!

(Mario trips all the little whomps and does the ground pound on all of them)

Whomp: Very impressive but as you know when you're up against me size means everything!

(All of a sudden the owl comes with a super mushroom and gives it to Mario. Now Mario and Whomp are the same size)

Whomp: Just because you are the same size as me doesnít mean that you're stronger than I am!

(Whomp shoves Mario and knocks him down then Whomp does a high jump and does a slam attack but Mario rolls over and quickly gets up)

Mario: Take this! (Does a ground pound on Whomp)

Whomp: Ahhhh Errr Errr! You may have one this time. But one day I'll do something Bowser or Smithy have never done...TAKE YOU DOWN! (Breaks in half)

(A power star appears)

Mario: (Takes the power star) it looks like two from one painting. I should come here more often to get more power stars.

(A familiar voice appears)

Familiar voice: Mario I still have the power of the stars and I still have Peach! You thought putting the piece of a mountain back and defeating a piece of garbage is impressive? Then you must be mistaken. If you want Peach so bad I got to tell you she's not in the castle. But before you even think about rescuing Peach. You have another mission. Either enters the star door and fights me for Peach or will you go fight King Bomb Omb because he's punishing those poor little harmless Pink Bomb Ombs. So come on here to the dark world the star door is open.

Mario: (Thinking it) what should I do? Go to the star door enter Dark World to fight Bowser or should I go help the poor little innocent Pink Bomb Ombs from King Bomb Omb?

To Be Continued...


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