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Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga



Episode 1



(The Camera goes to Princess Peach and the gang of Toads in the castle)
Gang Of Toads: (playing the trumpet)
(And two citizens of the Bean Bean Kingdom come in)
(2 citizens look at Princess Peach sitting in her throne)
Peach: Hello

Citizen 1: Hello Princess Peach its an honor to meet you

(Citizen 2 takes out a box)

Citizen 2: Here's a gift from the Queen of the Bean Bean Kingdom

Peach: Oh boy, I love surprises!

Citizen 2: I bet you do!

(The box opens and a spray comes out)
Peach: Hey I don't need any perfume; I don't stink!

(The spray starts spraying at Princess Peach's face)
Citizen 1 and 2: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Gang of Toads: AAAAHHHHHH!

(Toad starts passing by Luigi)
Toad: Luigi!

Luigi: Yes Toad, what's up?
Toad: I got to look for Mario!
Luigi: I'm doing laundry here if you looking for Mario its a bad time he's taking a shower

(Toad rushes to Mario's house)
Luigi: Ok say you later Toad

Toad: pant pant pant pant pant

(Toad gets in Mario's house)
Toad: Wow not a bad place I'm impressed.....Oh never mind that I got to look for Mario

(Toad starts looking in Mario's room, Kitchen, dining room, and living room but couldn't find Mario)

Toad: Man where's Mario?

(Whistling starts)
Toad: Hey I here whistling....Its coming from here

(Toad goes in the bathroom)
(Mario throws plungers, shampoos, and soaps at Toad)
Toad: Ouch

(Toad rushes out the Bathroom)
Mario: What are you thinking?!

(Mario starts to punch and kick Toad)
Mario: Why didn't you knock?
Toad: The...Prin...cess

(Mario rushes in a Towel and takes the clothes Luigi put to dry of course Mario wears that same old plumber suit)
(Mario grabs Luigi by the arm)
Luigi: Waaa Mario

Mario: Enough talking Luigi lets run there's something wrong with the Princess!

(Mario and Luigi get in the castle and Mario lets go of Luigi)
Luigi: Ahhhhhh

(Luigi bumps into Bowser)
Bowser: OOOMf

Luigi: Ahhhh

(Luigi hides behind Mario)

(Bowser turns to Mario and Luigi)

Bowser: So is this how its going to be I didn't do any thing to the Princess I was making sure she was alright

Toadsworth: For the first time Mario that Koopa of Failure is right

Mario: What happened Peach?
Toadsworth: Princess Peach lost her voice

Luigi: By who?
Toadsworth: By those troublemaking Brats of the Bean Bean Kingdom

Bowser: Well let me take a hit back!
(Bowser starts scratching but Mario and Luigi keep dodging)
Mario: Take this

(Mario punches Bowser)
Bowser: OOOMf

Luigi: yeah and this

(Luigi slaps Bowser)
Bowser: doh

(Bowser starts using both of his claws to scratch Mario and Luigi but Mario and Luigi grabs Bowser arm and throws him to the wall)
Bowser: Ahhhhhhh OOMf....Curse you plumbers

Toadsworth: Please Please stop the fighting I don't want to clean this castle again!

(Dr. T Garden from Super Mario Bros Super Show appears)
Dr. T Garden: Hello Mario Hello Luigi good day.....ooooo that cursive Koopa sure did change
Bowser: Shut up you weak scientist or else I'll give you a unwanted trim!

Mario: What brings you here Doc?

Dr. T Garden: Oh I'm trying to make a antidote for the Princess to talk again until you get her regular voice trust me they have made trouble in Sayonarya too they set a bomb to destroy half the city.

Mario: Come on Luigi lets go rescue the Princess voice
Bowser: Mario I'll get my baddies ready there's no way your not doing this alone when the Princess gets here voice back I'll kidnap the Princess for myself ha ha ha ha ha

Luigi: Um ok lets go

(Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Bowser's baddies start going to the forest)
Mario: Why are we here Bowser?
Bowser: You'll see

(Bowser starts his fire breath attack)
Luigi: Ok that really heated things up!

Koopa Para Troopa: OOOOOO Bowser I didn't know you were a great designer

Bowser: I did this because I was bored so don't get used to it your the ones who make the machines.....Ok everyone meet the new and improve Koopa Kruiser!

Mario: Ok everyone hop in

(Everyone besides Luigi gets into the Koopa Kruiser)
(Toadsworth, Dr. T, Garden, and the gang of Toads start waving at Mario saying good bye}
Mario: Luigi aren't you going?
Luigi: (Waving) Nope Bye bye

Bowser: Luigi I got a bunch of Ravioli inside if you want I'll give them to you.

Luigi: Tempting but no thanks Bye bye

(Luigi turns back and starts running)
(Boo appears)
Boo: Going somewhere Luigi Booooo

Luigi: Ahhhhhh

(Luigi runs to the Koopa Kruiser)
Mario: ah ha ha ha ha ha ha you sure had a scare right there Luigi
Luigi: Very funny Mario

Bowser: I should say that was hilarious!

Luigi: How long do I have to suffer?

(Everyone laughs)

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