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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


Tropical Trouble: Episode 1

By: Booster

(The scene opens with a plane, flying through the sky.)

Mario's voice: Plumbers log number, 2897. The Princess and I were taking a well deserved vacation to the tropical paradise of Isle Delfino. It was a good thing too. The hustle and bustle of the Mushroom kingdom during the summer was getting me tired. Now it's just me, Princess Peach, and a small group of Toads.

Peach's voice: Mario? What are you doing?

(Cut to inside the plane. Mario is writing in a red notebook. Peach is sitting next to him. Mario puts the book away.)

Mario: Oh, Just writing another entry in my Plumbers log.

Peach: Oh. What do you write in it?

Mario: Lots of things. Like the vacation we're taking.

Peach: Yes. I can't wait to get there!

(Cut to a shot behind the plane. The Koopa clown copter is flying after the plane. Dissolve to the Koopalings. Ludwig is driving while the others are talking.)

Larry: How far now, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Not far. We're already passing over Sea Turtle island.

(The Koopalings heads peek out of the copter and look down to see an island that looks like a sea turtle.)

Wendy: Yeah! We're almost there!

Ludwig: Don't forget, Wendy, we're not here on vacation. We have to carry out King dad's mission.

Morton: You remember King dad's orders, right? We're supposed to go down on the island and help his special agent cause mayhem all around Isle Delfino so that Mario will be distracted and we can kidnap Princess Peach and go home and have a wedding party for King dad and eat wedding cake and-


Iggy: Special.

Lemmy: ...Agent?

Ludwig: Yes. King dad said to meet his agent at the Grand Pianta statue in Delfino plaza.

Larry: Then step on it, Ludwig!

(Ludwig nods and the Koopa copter speeds off after the plane. Cut to inside the plane. Mario and Peach are now joined by Toadsworth, Peach's butler.)

Toadsworth: Your highness, we're receiving a transmission from the island.

Peach: Good. Put it on.

(A large TV screen comes out of the wall in front of them. A movie begins to play, showing a group of Piantas standing on a beach.)

Blue Pianta: Welcome to the sun drenched tropical paradise of Isle Delfino! We're so pleased that you could come and join us!

(The movie begins showing different parts of the island.)

Blue Pianta: Come experience a natural wonderland to which we've added the world's best resort facilities, a spectacular theme park, and, fine sea food cuisine!

(Two hearts appear in Mario's eyes and he starts drooling.)

Blue Pianta: So come and spend your time here with us. Come relax, and let us refresh your body and spirit!

(The Piantas on the beach start dancing. In the movie's background, Peach notice's a shadow that looks a lot like Mario jumping around Delfino plaza.)

Peach: Huh? Mario?

(Peach turns to the still daydreaming Mario.)

Peach: But...That shadow.

(Her thoughts are interrupted when Toad walks in with a food cart.)

Toad: Lunch is served! What can I get you?

Mario: Do you have any pasta with you?

Toadsworth: Say...Toad, who's the pilot of the plane?

Toad: Why me, of course!

Toadsworth: Well, if you're here serving us food, then who's flying the plane?

Toad: Hmm...You know, I haven't thought about that.

(The group all tumble forwards as the plane lurches downward. Cut to outside the plane. The plane's tail smacks into the Koopa copter, sending it careening away. Cut to the planes' cockpit. Toad rushes to the pilot seat just as the plane is about to hit a small runway. Toad  lands the plane safely, but slams on the breaks when he sees a strange multi-colored goop covering the rest of the runway. Cut to the Princess, Mario and Toadsworth, who are now in a heap on the floor.)

Peach: What happened??

Toadsworth: I think we should go out there and see what the trouble is.

(Dissolve to outside on Delfino airstrip. The goop is covering most of the runway. Several Piantas are spraying it off with fire hoses.  A strange looking letter "M" is painted all over the  place.)

Mario: What the.?

(Two Toads run up to the sludge)

Toad 1: Eew! What's this icky paint like goop?

Toad 2: Yikes! It's moving!

Toadsworth: Now boys, don't get to close to that stuff.

(While Mario and Toadsworth ponder over the sludge, Peach glances over to a nearby water tank. She sees someone, or something, standing on top of it in the shimmering heat. She looks over at Mario for a second, and when she looks back to the tank, the figure is gone.)

Peach: ...Mario?

Toadsworth: (still talking to Mario) I am most concerned about the wellbeing of the princess in this dreadful heat. Master Mario, see if you can get us some assistance.

(Mario nods and runs off toward the sludge. The camera pans over to the Koopalings, who are hiding behind a large palm tree.)

Larry: He's gone. Now's our chance to get the Princess!

Wendy: Eww! Where did all that goop come from?

Roy: Maybe it was King dad's special agent. Let's grab Peach while we have the chance!

(The Koopalings begin to tiptoe over toward Peach. A couple of  Pianta policemen walk up to Peach. The Koopa kids run off when they see this.)

Policeman 1: Well ma'am, we finally have that mess cleaned up. You may proceed to a boat to Delfino plaza.

Peach: Thank you, but we need to wait for someone to get back.

(At that moment, Mario comes up. The police look at each other.)

Mario: Well Peach, I tried asking the people over there about what happened, but they just yelled at me and threw fruit at me. Strange...Oh! Hello, officers! Maybe you can-

(The officers place a pair of handcuffs on Mario's wrists.)

Mario: -help?

Policeman 1: You're under arrest.

Policeman 2: ...For defacing our island.

Policeman 1: You have the right to remain silent.

Mario: HUH???

(The cops drag Mario away.)

Peach: Mario??

Toadsworth: I don't understand. What did he ever do?

(Pan over to the Koopalings giggling behind a tree. Dissolve to a courtroom. The judge is banging his gavel.)

Judge: Court is now in session. You may proceed.

Prosecutor: As you have seen. The sunlight on Isle Delfino has almost gone out. Though it is daytime in Delfino plaza, darkness covers all but the Shine gate. Many Shine Sprites gathered at this spot and held the sunlight over the island. But now they have scattered away.

(The Pianta prosecutor walks past Peach and Toadsworth and over to Mario, who is in a small cage. The lawyer points at Mario.)

Prosecutor: The reason? It's obvious! This horrible senseless graffiti!

(He pulls out a wanted poster with a sketch of someone on it.)

Prosecutor: Here is a portrait of the culprit based on several eyewitness accounts. Yes. The guilty party sits among us. It is none other then Mario!

Peach and Toadsworth: Objection!

Judge: Overruled! I hereby find Mario guilty as charged. Your sentence is to clean Isle Delfino from top to bottom. Until then, Mario will never leave. Court adjourned.

(Peach gasps. Cut to a shot of Mario's sad face. Dissolve to a grimy jail cell. Mario is laying on the looking up at the ceiling. The door to his cell creaks open and a policeman comes in.)

Policeman: Just letting you know you have a package here for you.

(He sets a large wooden crate in the room. Then he walks out and re-locks the door.)

Mario: Huh? I wonder who this is from?

(Mario pulls a piece of paper from the side of the package and reads it.)

Luigi's Voice: Dear Mario, I hope your having a great time with Peach. I know you and her wanted to have a private vacation, but I still wish I could have come. Anyway, Professor E. Gadd invented this great new invention and sent me the prototype. I figured it would help you more then me. Enjoy! Luigi.

Mario: Hmm...Let's see this thing.

(Mario grabs a wrench from his pocket and basically smashes the crate open. Inside is a strange looking water cannon. The nozzle turns up at him and it begins talking.)

FLUDD: Power-up complete. Thank you for purchasing this item from Gadd science inc. Scanning for user information.

(The camera cuts to a view of FLUDD's computer screen. A small window in the corner shows clips from the older Mario cartoons while the main screen pans over Mario.)

FLUDD: Subject identified as Mario. Resident of the Mushroom kingdom. Greetings. I am FLUDD. A Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device. I hope to be of assistance.

(Fade to black, then fade in on Mario walking out of the police station with FLUDD on his back. Peach, Toad, and Toads worth are there to meet him. Peach runs up and hugs Mario)

Peach: Oh Mario! I was so worried about you!

Mario: It's ok, Peach. I'm fine.

Toadsworth: That's a interesting contraption you have on your back, Mario.

Mario: Oh. That's-

FLUDD: I am FLUDD. Nice to meet you.

Toad: Yikes! It talks!

Mario: FLUDD and me are gonna go clean up! Where's the big mess? I can handle it!

(Dissolve to Mario and the group standing in front of a HUGE goop puddle in the middle of Delfino plaza. The entire area is a mess, including the statue in the center. Mario stares hopelessly at it.)

Mario: I can't handle it.

Toad: C'mon, Mario! You never let anything else stop you when there was trouble!

FLUDD: You are right, Toad. I have records of your past heroics in my database.

Mario: Well...Ok! I can do this! Let's go, FLUDD!

Peach: You can do it, Mario!

(Mario runs around spraying the mess with water. The camera pans over to the Koopalings, who are watching from the top of a nearby palm tree.)

Larry: Any sign of King dad's agent yet, Ludwig?

Ludwig: No. How am I supposed to know who this guy is if I don't even know what he looks like?!

Roy: Maybe he heard I was here and chickened out.

Wendy: Oh please, Roy! You're about as scary as a Goomba with a clown nose.

Morton: I find that scary.

(Everyone looks over at Morton in a odd way.)

Iggy: Hey! Look!

(Everyone looks to where Iggy is pointing and sees a strange looking man who looks like he's made of water standing on a rooftop. He also looks a lot like Mario. He suddenly jumps off the roof and lands at the center of the goop and sticks the tip of the paintbrush he's carrying into the goop. Ripples begin to form up from the spot.)

Ludwig: Do you think that's him?

Iggy: I think.

Lemmy: ...It is!

Wendy: Let's see if we can help him.

(Shadow Mario jumps away from the spot as a giant goopy Piranha plant bursts out. The Koopa kids tumble out of the tree in surprise. The scene goes back to Mario.)

Mario: Yikes! What is that thing?!

FLUDD: It appears to be spraying more of the toxic substance out of it's mouth. We must defeat it or all of Delfino plaza will be covered in it.

Mario: Then let's give it a little water then!

(Mario squirts at the Piranha plant but nothing happens. It turns toward him and spits some goop at him. Mario back flips out of the way. It keeps firing at him while Mario keeps jumping to avoid it. Then he squirts at it again. Still nothing happens. Then the plant spits some gunk at Mario and it hits him, sending him flying backward. Mario, now covered in the stuff, stands up and pants.)

Mario: I don't.*pant*...understand why the water.*pant*...didn't work.

Peach: Mario! Try squirting in it's mouth!

Mario: That's it!

(Mario sprays himself off with the FLUDD and stands ready. The Piranha plant opens it's mouth to fire more paint, but Mario squirts into it's mouth. The creature begins to gag and choke and then it falls down. As it hits the ground, all the goop along with it disappear. Then a Shine sprite appears.)

Mario: Huh? What's this?

FLUDD: That is a Shine sprite. I believe they hold the island's energy.

Mario: Hey! If I find all the Shine sprites, the sunlight will completely return to Isle Delfino! I guess I'm going to have to clean up, find the real culprit and find the Shine sprites. Phew!

(Mario falls down onto his bottom.)

Peach: Don't worry, Mario. You've had a rough couple of days. I think you should relax a little before you continue.

(Mario immediately jumps up.)

Mario: Sounds good to me!

(Everyone laughs. The camera pans up to Shadow Mario standing on a rooftop. He leaps off the roof and vanishes. Cut to later that night, Mario and the gang are at a luau of some sort. A bunch of Piantas and Nokis are playing the Pianta village theme on instruments. Mario and Peach are dancing together. Toadsworth and the other Toads are sitting off to the side, drinking out of coconut shells. Cut to the Koopa kids in the Koopa copter, hovering over the luau.)

Larry: Sounds like a awesome party down there!

Ludwig: We should be the ones partying!

Iggy: Maybe we can!

Everyone else: How?

Iggy: Let's disguise ourselves as Toads and go party!

Everyone else: Nah! It would never work!

Ludwig: I've got a better idea!

Morton: No! I do!

Wendy: Me!

(They start fighting and arguing. The camera pans up to see the moon while the Mario theme plays. Then it fades out.)


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