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The Super Mario Brothers Super Show:


Series premiere: September 1989 with The Bird! The Bird! (exact date varies due to the show being syndicated).

Series finale: December 1989 with The Moblins Are Revolting (exact date varies due to the show being syndicated).

Interesting facts:

Theme lyrics: Hey, paesanos! It's The Super Mario Brothers Super Show! We're the Mario Brothers, and plumbing's our game, we're not like the others who get all the fame. If your sink is in trouble, you can call us on the double, we're faster than the others, you'll be hooked on the Brothers! Uh! You'll be hooked on the Brothers Gimme gimme, gimme gimme! You're in for a treat, so hang on to your seat. Get ready for adventures and remarkable feats. You'll meet Koopas, the Troopas, the Princess, and the others, hangin' with the plumbers, you'll be hooked on the Brothers! To the brink! Uh! Uh! Huh, huh, I said hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooked on the Brothers!

End lyrics: Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side. Come on, it's time to go. Do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. Let's do the Mario, all together now! You got it! It's the Mario! Do the Mario! Swing your arms from side to side. Come on, it's time to go. Do the Mario! Take one step, and then again. Let's do the Mario, all together now! Come on now. Just like that!


The Legend of Zelda introduction:
Princess Zelda: This is the Triforce of Wisdom, Link. The evil wizard Ganon has the Triforce of Power.

(Ganon's evil laugh)

Zelda: Whoever gets both Triforces will rule this land forever! You must help me, Link!

Link: Hey, for you, Zelda, anything!

(Link struggling)

(Moblins roaring)

Zelda: Yow!

(Sword zapping noises, water splash)

Zelda: Nice job, hero!

Link: Hey! Excuse me, princess!


The Super Mario Brothers Super Show cast:


Mario: Lou Albano
Luigi: Danny Wells
Princess Toadstool: Jeannie Elias
Toad: John Stocker
King Koopa: Harvey Atkin


The Legend of Zelda cast:

Link: Jonathan Potts
Zelda: Cyndy Preston
Ganon: Len Carlson
King Harkinian: Colin Fox
Triforce of Wisdom: Elizabeth Hanna
Triforce of Power: Allan Stewart


The Super Mario Brothers Super Show

and The Legend of Zelda credits:



Accomplished by:

Executive Producer

Andy Heyward

Co-executive Producer

Robby London


John Grusd

Directed by

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Dan Riba

The Legend of Zelda:

John Grusd

Story Editors
Super Mario Bros.

Bruce & Reed Shelly

Story Editor
The Legend of Zelda

Bob Forward

Executive in Charge of Production

Winnie Chaffee

Assisted by

Dawn Jackson
Stacey Gallishaw

Associate Producer

Jack Spillum

Production Coordinators

Deborah B. Silverthorn
Jonathan Dern
Tom Pong
Steven Gold

Adapted for Animation by

Bruce & Reed Shelly

Scrip t Coordinator

Lori Crawford

Assisted by

William A. Ruiz
George Robinson
Penny Wylie

Production Assistants

Minoru Terao
Kazuko Yamamoto
Chris Hammond
Irene Toporzysek

Art Director

Herve Bedard

Background Design

Ray Shenusay
Paul Felix
Jim Finnegan
Sean Platter
Tim Callahan
Frank Frezzo
Tom Shannon

Prop Design

Drew Greybeal
Armando Norte
Rick Quiroz
Robert Souza
Paul Wee

Character Design

Paul Wee
Herb Hazelton
Drew Greybeal
Robert Souza
Rick Quiroz
Rogerio Nogueira
Rich Arons
Joshua Dodson
Maureen Trueblood
Ed Lee

Background Color Styling

Abel Laxamana
Bonnie Callahan
Joe Bingelli
Bari Greenberg
Jim Finnegan

Color Key

David Svend Karoll
Carol Wyatt
Paul Fetler
Geoff Everts

Storyboard Artists

Kazumi Fukushima
Bob Awkright
Jennifer Stillwell
Kevin Singleton
Robert Souza
Joshua Dodson

Animation Supervisors

Dev Ramsaran
Tristan Anderson-Migliore
Steve Casablanca

Storyboard Slugging

Marsh Lamore
Myrna Bushman
Bill Reed

X-Sheet Direction

Greg Revna
Max Becraft
Mike Stribling

Lip Assignment

Mike Stribling

Cast for:

Super Mario Bros.

Lou Albano
Harvey Atkin
Jeannie Elias
John Stocker
Danny Wells

Additional Voices

Robert Bockstael
Greg Morton
Dorian Joe Clark
Joyce Gordon
Rob Cowan
Greg Swanson
Denise Pidgeon
Diane Fabian
Paulina Gillis
Marilyn Lightstone
Marla Lightstone

Voice Directors

Greg Morton
Paul Quinn
Marsha Goodman
Madeline Bascom

Recording Assistants

Helen Asi makis
Shirley McGregor
Daniela Spiwak
Mark McCorkle
Gary K. Ushino
Robert Schooley
John Tirpak
Peter Harvey
Victor Villegas

Live Action Segments


Lou Albano as Mario
Danny Wells as Luigi

Produced by

Binder Entertainment

Executive Producer

Steve Binder


Troy Miller

Associate Producers

Keiren Kasun
Lisa Rosales

Production Supervisor

Leslie Bertram

Production Manager

Patrick Dempsey

Executive in Charge of Production

Christopher Brough

Executive in Charge of Production

Thierry P. Laurin

Assisted by

Kimberly R. Cronin

Dialogue Editors

Richard Bruce Elliott
Richard S. Gannon
Gregory K. Bowron
Theresa M. Gilroy
Elvida Abella
Robert T. Gillis
Ron Fedele
Heather Elliott

Assistant Editors

Donald P. Zappala
Karen Rosenbloom

Track Reader

Mark McNally

Supervising Sound Engineer

Michael J. Cowan

Format Editors

Lars Floden
William P. Magee

Videotape Supervisors

Phil R. Defibaugh
Mario Di Mambro

Post Production Assistant

Firooz Adelamini
Nye Tucker

Live Action
Audio Post by

The Studio Inc. West Los Angeles, Calif.

Creative Music Supervisor

Andy Heyward

For Saban Productions

Executive in Charge

Jerald E. Bergh

Post Production Supervisor

Eric S. Rollman

Music by

Haim Saban & Shuki Levi

Music Supervisor

Andrew Dimitroff

Sound Design

Clive Mizumoto

Executive in Charge of Music

Ron Kenan

Musical Arrangements

Steve Marston
Richard Firth

Music Clearance

Katey Consolino

Music Engineers

Barron Abramovitch
Xavier Garcia

Songs not performed by original artist.

Re-recording Engineers

Clive Mizumoto
Gary Coppola
R. D. Floyd

Music Editors

Nick Carr
Paul Ray

Sound Effects Editors

Gary Jaye
Scott Page
John Valentino
J. Valentine

Foley Artist

Claudette Jones

Assistant Engineers

Ron Salaises
Kevin Newson
William Filipiak

Co-produced by

Sei Young Animation Co., Ltd.

Animation Director

Kim Dae Jung

Concept by

Andy Heyward


1989 Nintendo of America, Inc. This program is based upon the video game made by Nintendo. The characters and trademark and all rights therein are the property of Nintendo. All rights reserved.

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