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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


The Legendary Sand Bird: Episode 7

By: Mike Geib


(As scene opens, there is a large overshot of Gelato Beach. Mario is taking a snooze under an umbrella with FLUDD with his power off nearby)


(Close-up on Mario, something is tapping him with its beak.)


Mario: Nah... Luigi... No I don't want to fix Mrs. Watson's pipes again.... snore...... No.... You do it.....


(The thing taps a bit furiously)


Mario: Alright... alright... is she in? Huh?


(Looks forward and sees one of those duck-like birds on the beach. It uses its beak to flip him straight up into the umbrella which snaps on him. Mario tears his way out.)


Mario: Hey! HEY! Where'd you things come from?!


(The shot moves over the beach. It is entirely covered with them. Mario straps on flood)


Pianta: Hey! You! Moustache Man!


Mario: Don't call me that! What?


Pianta: We have a big problem and we think its endangering the Sand Bird!


Mario: Sand Bird?


Pianta: Don't tell me you've never heard of the Sand Bird?


(Flashback-like waviness...)


Pianta: A while back, when the Isle of Delphino was born, a mysterious egg of large mud-blocks sat here on Gelato Beach...


(Flashback shows the egg on the beach)


We knew that this egg contained a large bird that would be born from this sand... And we knew that in bleak times, it would be here to protect the Isle Delfino. It seemed though, that it had one weakness...


(The flashback shows a crack in the egg)


If we cannot keep it over a full hundred degrees Fahrenheit, the egg will parish...


(Shot of tower egg is kept in)


So in order to keep it at over a hundred degrees, we put the egg in this tower with mirrors pointing sunlight at it. The glass helped to tarp the heat inside, and so the egg is preserved... We wait for the sand bird to hatch...


(Back to Mario)


But now something threatens it.


(Shot of mirrors all in the wrong direction because of giant duck-like creatures and wiggler on tower)


Mario: What?


Pianta: These duck things migrated in... The largest ones are tilting the mirrors and threaten the Sand Bird's Survival. But these ducks aren't natives! Something wants to stop the Sand Bird... Something brought these here....


Mario: Shadow Mario... I'll go stop this plan of his!


(Mario runs only to be stopped by a Noki)


Noki: Hey! Mario! Check this out! I found out what you do to make the dune-buds bloom! Just add a ton of water! Watch...


(Noki pours a ton of water on a dune bud... There is a rumble... And suddenly the ground pops up sending them flying)


Noki: He he... It has a few side effects...


(This next shot is of Mario jumping onto a mirror set from the edge of a mirror. He then looks at the duck things)


Mario: Hello there! I can't help but say that you definitely don't belong here! Bye bye!


(Mario goes in for a punch only to be pushed to the other side of the Mirror)


Mario: A little water will do you good!


(Sprays the thing to the edge of the mirror)


Mario: Now I'll punch you!


(Mario is halted after being flipped up in the air by one behind him!)


Mario: Ack! Must stand my ground! HIYA!


(Mario ground pounds for a few feet sending the first duck-thing flying)


Mario: Hey... Now I get it!


FLUDD: Mario! This one is fast! Move quickly!


(Mario tries jumping over the duck-thing only to be hit and start to slide off the side.)


Mario: Ack! Must not slip!


FLUDD: Mario! Use the hover nozzle!


(Mario switches to hover nozzle and flies back up on mirror)


Mario: This thing is too hard!


FLUDD: After your former enemies Bowser, Wario, Wart, Smithy, and Tatanga, I hardly believe that! You can't just use your Brute Strength. Mario, even I, a product of E. Gadd, am not all you need to stop this creature. You need to use your full intellect to defeat creatures on this island.


Mario: Right... Intellect! So err... Right... Intellect... That... Err... Um... What do I do?


FLUDD: Must I fight your battles for you? By jumping on the other side of the platform while that duck was off balance, you flung him right off of the mirror! All you need to do is the same as before!


Mario: Right! That! OKAY! FLUDD! I know what to do!


(Mario jumps over to the trampoline, tower and propels himself to top of tower...)


Mario: If I can get all of them wet... I can take them all off. I'd have to spray in every direction... So I'll do a spin jump while spraying!!!


FLUDD: Good strategy!


Mario: Here we go!


(Mario jumps, spins, sprays, and nocks over the ducks!)


Mario: And now, the big move!


(Mario jumps into the center mirror which has three ducks. One duck flies and hits the mirror to the right, one hits the mirror to the left, and one flies into the ocean. The left and right mirrors' ducks fly off and get stuck in the ground! Mario is still on top of the tower as the mirrors realign. A shine sprite appears before him)


Mario: Alright! A shine sprite. I'll be taking this...


(Before he gets it, the tower rumbles... The wiggler's eyes peak up behind Mario. The Wiggler jumps up, snatches the sprite, and terrorizes the beach!)


Mario: No!


FLUDD: Mario, this is a large variety of the Wiggler species and is highly aggressive at the moment.


Mario: I can tell! So what do we do?


FLUDD: We eat peanuts.


Mario: What? FLUDD, what are you talking about? Peanuts?


FLUDD: Mario... I have always liked peanuts... The flavor, the sights the... Cans...


Mario: What? Hey FLUDD you're turning all green and pink... And junk...


(Mario collapses and falls from the tower in to a pit of broken violins... and suddenly...)




(Fludd is spraying Mario with water, it was a dream... The wiggler is still rampaging though)


FLUDD: You were having a serious heat stroke. Let's get away from these mirrors... It's too hot. We must stop the Wiggler.


Mario: Oh... Oh correct... Hey FLUDD... Do you like peanuts?


FLUDD: What? Peanuts?


Mario: Never mind. Anyway... Let's take down the Wiggler!


FLUDD: Mario... It's going to be difficult to get down.


(Downward shot from top of tower... Wiggler STILL rampaging)


Mario: Err... Right... Err... Hey kids! While we get down, let's watch previews for the next episode of the LEGEND OF ZELDA!


(Legend of Zelda Logo Appears)




(Shot of Tingle and some other guys running for their lives as the moon is being held by the Four Giants)


Tingle: AGH! THE PAIN! THE HORROR! The moon is sure to come down and destroy Termina and likely even MORE! Goodness knows! We're doomed! Majora's Mask and the Skull Kid shall prevail! Terrible! Is there no justice?! WHERE IS LINK.


(Shot of nice looking bedroom with disaster out the window. Link has a Gameboy advance)


Link: I don't know which is better, Metroid Fusion or Yoshi's Island Advance! Either way it's way better than...


(Clock town person is beating on window)


Link: What!?! Look, I've got important business here, okay?! No I am not going outside! GO AWAY!


Mario: We have GOT to stop making that show. It is getting pretty lame...


FLUDD: Mario, we have bigger problems!


(The Wiggler is running wild destroying things...)


FLUDD: All we have to do is stay calm, and a solution will be...




(Long shot of Mario standing, nothing happening. Tumbleweed goes by. Wiggler runs over him. He comes out of the dust, not doing so well...)


Mario: On second thought we could do something calm... Like gardening... And... HEY! THAT'S IT! The dune buds! FLUDD! Spray the dune bud right there!


(FLUDD sprays the dune bud causing the bulb to swell.... Nothing....)


Mario: Well?


(Long earthquake rumble... suddenly a huge rock comes straight up out of the ground!!! The wiggler smashes straight into it and everything disappears in a cloud of dust! The dust clears, Mario is on the Wiggler's belly. With a quick ground-pound he destroys it...)


Mario: Hey cool. There's my shine sprite, and there's the Wiggler's! Cool! 2 Shines! Awesome!


(The shines circle Mario and go to Delfino Plaza. A sudden burst of extra sunlight comes in. Mario witnesses the light to suddenly increase in the Sand Bird's chamber. The crack becomes bigger... and with a huge crash the entire tower blows letting out the Sand Bird. It flies off quickly)


Mario: err... Hey! Come back! I need to talk to you!


FLUDD: Mario, there is no reason to talk with it...


Mario: But it should save the island!


FLUDD: Mario... You will save the island as you have saved other places before. I believe in your strength, I have records of it. The Sand Bird has other business.


Mario: Great... I was hoping it would save the island and I'D have a DECENT VACATION... But... I guess this is my job. I know something is wrong with that villain... Shadow Mario...


(Mario has FLUDD on the beach and he is collecting blue coins)


FLUDD: Mario, You have done well today. Now you must continue your journey.


Mario: Great... But can we relax for once first?


FLUDD: Maybe you should order a concession.


Mario: What?


FLUDD: Get a snack...


Mario: Oh! How about Peanuts?


FLUDD: Peanuts... Peanuts... Out of Cans?


Mario: Maybe we should just get back to work....


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