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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


Robo-Peach: Episode 4

By: Bob Jindra


(Fade in)

(We zoom in to Isle Delfino, where Mario is cleaning up another signature from fake Mario, earning another blue coin)

Mario: Well, I guess I'm gonna need one more signature to clean up so I can purchase another Shine Sprite.

Peach: You're doing good Mario!

(Mario squirts more water out, while we zoom out to see bushes and the fake Mario watching angrily)

Fake: GRRRRR! That stupid Pasta-eating plumber is ruining my plans! (Looks at paintbrush he's holding) At least we made him guilty! However, maybe I can KEEP him from cleaning up, if I can get someone else to. (Holds up 3 dartboards with pictures of the mayor, Peach, and another resident, then puts them on a tree) Eenie, Meenie, Miney Moe, I choose... (Throws

dart, which hits Peach's picture) PEACH! I have a plan!

(Peach is sweeping the ground when she is grabbed by a robot hand)

Peach: What's...?

Fake: I'm sorry Princess, but I have something for you. (Shows a robot) Say hello to Robo-Peach! My ultimate ticket to destruction of this town! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Robo-Peach: He-llo. I am Princess Toadstool. Nice to meet you.


Fake: Now, this thing will destroy Mario's chances of getting the island cleaned up!

Peach: But..but..Mario'll tell the difference!

Fake: Nuh-uh! Mario's just a dimwit to help you!

Peach: BUT....!


(Mario uses his FLUDD as a jetpack to defeat Wiggler)

Mario: Now I'll wash ya!

(He is about to butt-bounce Wiggler, when he looks in different directions. The island looks clean)

Mario: Wha...?

Robo-Peach: (In her normal Peach voice) Mario, I cleaned the island for you!

Mario: But..but..You said you couldn't use the FLUDD by yourself!

Robo-Peach: I got help.

Mario: Well, I..

Robo-Peach: You know, maybe you should go home. I'll take care of this island.

Mario: Okay.

(Peach is still tied up, now in an airplane that's never been used for 30 years)

Peach: (Muffled) Mario save me! Please! (Mario gets into a different airplane) Crud! He didn't hear me! NO!

(Meanwhile, at the Mushroom Kingdom)

Luigi: Mario, I just don't understand. How did Peach clean the island all by herself? She couldn't handle the FLUDD,


Mario: Lessons, maybe.

Toad: Well, let's all forget it, okay? Let's watch some TV!

(Back at Isle Delfino)

Robo-Peach: Now that Mario is gone, I'll make destruction EVEN BIGGER!

Fake: Yes! My plan worked! Now we'll start my plan for domination! Today, Isle Delfino, tomorrow, THE MUSHROOM



(Robo-Peach whips out an umbrella, which spews gooey slime everywhere)

Peach: (Thinking) Oh no! Everyone's in danger! I've got to find a way to get Mario to see this! (She frees her arms, finds a flare gun, shoots out of the plane, hitting a helicopter for channel Mushroom-7, causing it to look down at the mess Robo-Peach is making)

(Mushroom Kingdom)

(Mario and his friends watch Action Kid, when it is interrupted by a news flash)

Announcer #1: We interrupt this program for a special announcement! (Picture of the island earlier) The island is getting more messy!

Mario: If I can make out the person right..GASP! IT'S PEACH! I have to stop her!

(Isle Delfino)

Mario: (With FLUDD on) STOP! Peach, I think your umbrella's stuck. Lemme help..

(Mario sprays water on the umbrella, but Robo-Peach is still holding it, so she gets electrocuted and explodes)



(Mario is getting attacked, when in the corner of his eye, he sees Peach tied up in a 30-year-old airplane)

Mario: Hey, that's Peach! I'm coming! (Opens the door, unties the princess, then runs out)

Fake: What are you doing?! GET BACK HERE!

Mario: Sorry, but I'm outta here!

(Disappears in the distance)

(Camera zooms out, showing the whole episode in a ball, with a mysterious figure watching it)

Bowser Jr.: GRRRRRRRR! I'll get that plumber someday! Not today, but MAYBE SOMEDAY! (Laughs evilly)

(Scene changes to a sunset)

Peach: Mario, thank you for saving me!

Mario (Blushes) Aw, it was nothing.

Peach: Well, I knew you could do it!

Mario: Yeah, this whole plot of trusting-someone-and-leave-the-place-while-the-pesron-trusted-destroys-it was kinda terrible.

(Both laugh)


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