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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


Down with Petey Piranha: Episode 10

By: LatinTeen4U2C


Mario: Lets get to work Fludd!


Fludd: Ok.


{Mario and Fludd go to Bianco Hill}


Blue Pianta: Ahhhhhhhh


Mario: Hmm.. I wonder why they're running around like that.


{Mayor running to Mario}

Mayor: Mario, thank goodness your here, there's this plant throwing up sludge all around here!


Mario: Ok, step back and leave this to me.


Mayor: Ok!


{Mario heads all the way to the top of the windmill}


Green Pianta: Mario, good luck!


{Mario runs to the Pianta.. then he stops}




{The windmill breaks}

Mario and Petey Piranha: AAAHHHHHH!


{Mario and Petey Piranha are inside the windmill}

Mario: Fludd, got any ideas on how to beat this plant?


Fludd: What do you think? Think about those Piranha plants you've beaten, I bet he's the same!


{Petey Piranha starts throwing up sludge }


{Mario squirts water but it was to late}

Fludd: Mario, aim for the mouth


{Petey Piranha throws up sludge}


Mario: Mamamia! this plant is fast and barfing up sludge!


{Petey Piranha starts to throw up sludge}

Mario: Aha.


{Mario squirts quickly at Petey Piranha's mouth then Petey Piranha gets fat}

Fludd: Mario, here's your chance to do the ground pound!


Mario: I know but this goop is slippery


{Mario starts doing flips, and he ground pounds Petey Piranha}

Petey Piranha: Roar!!


{Petey Piranha turns into graffiti then the graffiti melts}


{the Shine Sprite Appears}

Mario: Ok, a Shine, this is awesome now to get it!


{Bowser on the Koopa Clown Kart}

Bowser: Why Mario, you shouldn't have!


{Bowser takes the Shine Sprite}

Mario: Oh no...


{Bowser flies away with the Koopa Clown Kart}

Mario: Man, I hate Bowser!


{Mario starts jumping on the edges of the windmill and gets out of the windmill}


Mario: Get back here!


{Mario switches to the hover nozzle}

{Mario starts flying}

Mario: Get back here you creep!


{The flying stops}

Mario: Nooooooooooo!


{Toad quickly comes with a magic Carpet}


Mario: Oh, thank you Toad.

Toad: Don't thank me thank Peach, she sewed this and there's a shine sprite in this carpet, that's why its flying!


Mario: Let's get Bowser!


Toad: Yeah, lets get him.


{Toad speeds up the carpet and takes out a Bomb-Omb and throws it at the Koopa Clown Kart}


Bowser: Huh nooooooooo..


{Bomb-Omb explodes and the Shine Sprite gets off Bowser's hand}

Toad: That shine sprite is as good as ours


{Mario takes the Shine Sprite}



{Mario and Toad head back to Delfino Plaza}

Mario, Toad, Peach, and Toadsworth: OOOOOOOOOO


Luigi: The Shine Sprite!


Mario: Getting this Shine Sprite was hard!


Luigi: Mario..


Mario: Yes, Luigi..


Luigi: I'm sorry I believed Bowser and almost lost the Shine Sprite!


Mario: Its ok Luigi, as long as were ok


{Camera goes to Shadow Mario}

Shadow Mario: I'm so upset! Why can't my dad think big enough! He needs to use that walnut he calls a brain of his, to work!


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