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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


Muk Yoshi Appears: Episode 3

By: GameChamp


(The scene is at Corona Mountain, where Shadow Mario is)

Shadow Mario: Why? Why is it everything I throw at that dumb plumber Mario never works? Hmm... he appears to ride some of Isle Delfino's Yoshis... I've got it! Time to get painting!

(Later, at Pinna Park, Mario has just entered)

Mario: That Pianta told me there was an empty Yoshi space on the Yoshi go round, maybe I should get a real Yoshi! There's the egg, it looks like it wants a pineapple!

(Mario goes looking for a pineapple)

Shadow Mario: Now, to switch eggs!

(Shadow Mario switches the egg with a different one, while Mario comes back with a pineapple)

Mario: Here you go!

(Mario gives the fruit to the egg, which starts to crack, and a Yoshi made from muk comes out and eats the pineapple)

Mario: What? A muk Yoshi?

Shadow Mario: Yes! And it's a beauty, isn't it? If you thought that with this paint brush, I can only make things like piranna plants, you are very wrong! Now Yoshi, destroy!

(The muk Yoshi runs after Mario, who runs away)

Fludd: Perhaps some water would be of some assistance?

Mario: What do you think I've been pumping out of you, but the Yoshi keeps getting bigger!

(Indeed, the muk Yoshi had gotten big from the water Mario squirted)

Shadow Mario: Now, use some muk juice!

(The muk Yoshi squirts out a bunch of muk, which Mario dodges and it knocks down a pineapple, then it shoots Mario with it)

Mario: Ouch! I can only take one more hit, and that Yoshi is going to spit!

Muk Yoshi: You

Mario: This is the end!

(Then, the muk Yoshi spits out a blob of muk, which is taken in mid air by a tongue)

Mario: Yoshi? That pineapple that muk Yoshi knocked down must have gotten to that egg! Get that Yoshi, um, Yoshi! I mean the regular get the muk, okay, muk, don't beat regular Yoshi, okay?

(The regular Yoshi sticks out its tongue, then brings it to its mouth, and the water from Fludd stays in the air then falls to the ground, then the regular Yoshi spits out the muk that is the muk Yoshi, only it is liquid, which Shadow Mario puts in a jar)

Shadow Mario: You may have beaten my Yoshi, but after rest, he'll be back to his old self! And you won't have that Yoshi to help you then!

(Shadow Mario leaves with the jar)

(Later, Mario is walking with Peach and the Toads in Pinna Park after he had gotten the shine in the Yoshi go round secret area)

Mario: ...and that's how it happened!

Peach: Wow! I hope that muk Yoshi doesn't come while we're here!

Mario: You won't have to worry about that, some of the muk Yoshi muk dissolved before that fake me scooped it up!

(Meanwhile, at Corona Mountain)

Shadow Mario: Get back here you stupid Yoshi! I need to repaint your eyes! Stop moving! There's nothing to be afraid of! Ouch!

(Shadow Mario had fallen into the lava)

Shadow Mario: I'll get you Mario! If it's the last thing I do! Now get back here you Yoshi!


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