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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


The Watermelon War: Episode 8

By: BJ Proctor


(It's a sunny day and Mario is eating watermelons while FLUDD is drinking the juice from one).

Mario: How much...MUNCH!...watermelons...MUNCH!...can I eat! Burp!

FLUDD: I must say, Mario. You have an astounding appetite.

(Cheatsy and Kooky are hiding behind the bushes).

Kooky: What is Mario doing?

Cheatsy: He's eating watermelon.

Kooky: Hmm...I got it! Come with me to the store over there, Cheatsy.

(Kooky and Cheatsy runs to a small outdoor store with watermelons. They hide behind the side and watch the manager walk out).

Cheatsy: You know... These water melons are shaped like your head, Kooky.

(Kooky splats a water melon in his face).

Kooky: Shut up! Grab the watermelons.

(Mario finished eating, but FLUDD is still drinking).

Kooky: Hey Mario! Want more? Here!

(Kooky throws a melon at him. Mario is covered in juice and seeds. Mario puts FLUDD on his back and squirts juice at both of them. He laughs).

Mario: Take that, koopas!

(Cheatsy throws a melon. Mario kicks it right back at Cheatsy and it hits him. Kooky throws one at Mario. Mario jumps in the air and dodges it. Then, the melon bounces off the tree and Mario back flips over it without looking and knocks Kooky).

Mario: Oh, Yeah!

(Kookys takes out a switch and presses the red button. A huge cannon appears from the sky. Kooky presses the button rapidly and watermelons shoot out fast. Mario dodges all of them with cool moves. Mario sticks his tongue out. Kooky and Cheatsy get steamed up and Kooky continues to rapidly press on the button. Mario continues to dodge them. Kooky continues to press while yelling with shark teeth. Mario gets tired. While he dodges, he thinks).

Mario: (thinking) Hmmm...I can't take much more of this. It's time for my second secret weapon next to FLUDD.

(Mario whistles. Yoshi appears with wings. Yoshi swoops down and grabs four melons with his tongue. Yoshi squirts out a huge juice beam out his mouth which blows up the watermelons and lands in the cannon's hole. The cannon gets full with oozing juice.)

Kooky and Cheatsy: Huh?! Uh oh!

(The cannon explodes and Kooky and Cheatsy are flying away with covered in smoke and juice).

Kooky: Things got pretty sticky, this time!  We'll have better luck next time!

Cheatsy: Now, we're blasting off agaaaiiiiinn!

Mario: I hate it when those koopaling clowns ruin my lunch times...

(Yoshi burps).

Yoshi: Ooo, Yoshi never eat a watermelon as long Yoshi live...

(Mario and Yoshi laugh).

(Kooky and Cheatsy land in Corona Mountain. The other five kids and Bowser Jr. are eating melons).

Kootie Pie: Hey you guys! Want some melons?

(Kooky and Cheatsy hold their mouths and muffles, "no thanks!").


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