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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


Mecha Bowser: Episode 6

By: BJ Proctor


(Luigi and the prof. from Luigi's Mansion are in a laboratory at night)

Prof.: Hmm... This is odd! Very odd!

(Luigi is sucking ghosts with a vacuum cleaner)

Luigi: What's up, Professor?!

Prof.: Luigi, take a look at this!

(The screen turns to a spy TV of Koopa, Kooky, and Bowser Jr.)

Luigi: Holey Moley, it's Koopa! Look! That must be his new son Mario was talking to about through email! Bowser Jr.!

Prof.: Ooo! I don't like this, Luigi! Let's check what they are building, shall we!

(Professor clicked on a button on a small detector).

Luigi and Prof: GASP!

Luigi: Why those creepy koopas! I ought a'...

Prof.: Oh my God!

(Koopa, Kooky and Bowser Jr. are building a giant robot)

Kooky: Whew! This is a very highly difficult task!

(Bowser Jr. gave bottles of coke to Koopa and Kooky)

Kooky: Thanks, Bowser Jr.!

Koopa: Soon, my latest creation will destroy Mario and Isle Delfino!

(Koopa and his sons are laughing).

(A black screen shows up and types in "Plumbers Log number 2901. Day 10 at Isle Delfino.")

(Mario comes out from Ricco Harbor with another shine sprite.)

Mario: Yah! Go Mario! Go Mario! It's your birthday! It's your birthday!

Event voice: Attention, all units! Suspect has captured the Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom. Find the world's greatest hero, Mario!

FLUDD: Mario! Sounds like the work of Shadow Mario. A. K. A. Bowser Jr.

(Mario Reaches to the Pianna Park while the Shadow Mario theme plays. Shadow Mario sticks a long tongue out at him and takes Peach with him in the cannon. The cannon shoots them far away. Mario jumps in and gets shot' out to Pianna Park.)

Mario: Weeeeee heee hee heee! Oof! Hey, It's Pianna Park! And There's that fake plumber with the princess!

(Mario reaches to the fountain where Shadow is standing on. An earthquake starts and out of the fountain raises a giant king size Robo King Koopa. Shadow Mario jumps in the machine. There were fairy wheels around it and all seven koopalings were in there own.)

Mario: The koopalings!

Kooky: Glad you could make it! Battlestations!

His siblings: Ready! Die Mario! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(Mario jumps up high putting his foot up).

Mario: Kyyyyyahh!

(Mario kicks the head of the robot and it's starts spinning. Mario lands on a fairy wheel cart. The Mecha Bowser battle theme from the video game in Mission 1 plays.  Mario begins squirting the flame out of Mecha Bowser. Cheatsy throws a bomb out.)

FLUDD: Mario! Cheatsy threw a bomb from behind! Danger!

(FLUDD caught the bomb as Mario squirted it at Mecha Bowser.)

Mario: Cheap shot, Cheatsy!!

Cheatsy: Nuts! I was close!

(Kootie Pie wanted to throw one right in front of Cheatsy.)

Kootie Pie: Mmmyyy tuuuurrnn!

Big Mouth: No way!

FLUDD: Mario! While Kootie Pie and Big Mouth are bickering, the others are squirting theirs'.)

Mario: Oh Yah?! (Mario squirts at Bully, Cheatsy, Hip, Hop, and Kooky and they land in Mecha Bowser's mouth and on Shadow Mario who transforms into Bowser Jr.)

Mario: Five down and two to go!

(Mario squirts water at Kootie Pie and Big Mouth and they land in where their siblings landed. They are all in a room where all the bombs are. Peach jumps out and Mario catches her. Mecha Bowser explodes and the 8 koopalings fly away covered in dust.)

Hip: You have to admit...

Hop: The ride was fun.

Kootie Pie: Weeeee!

Bully: It was cool!

Cheatsy: Now we're blasting off, again! Good experiment, Kooky!

Kooky: Thanks!

Big Mouth: Yah! I want to go again! And again and again and again and....

His siblings: SHUT UP!

Bowser Jr.: Maaamaaaaaaa!

All koopalings: Aaaaaaaaaaahh!

(Mario and Peach are wondering why Bowser Jr. thinks Peach is his mom.)

Peach: Mama. I have a feeling Bowser is behind this!

Mario: Let's just enjoy ourselves!

(A special agent appeared. It was Oogtar from Super Mario World.)

Mario: Hey, Oogtar!

Oogtar: Luigi and Professor sent me here to have fun.

Mario All Right! The fun is just beginning!

(fade out)



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