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Super Mario World:


Series premiere: Saturday, September 14, 1991 with Fire Sale.

Series finale: Saturday, December 7, 1991 with Mama Luigi.

Interesting facts:

Theme lyrics: (Super Mario, Super Mario, Super Mario World!) Super Mario World, it's a blast from the past! (Super Mario, Super Mario, Super Mario) In Super Mario World, you've got to move fast! (Super Mario, Super Mario, Super Mario) Mario and Luigi are doing what they can, Yoshi and the Princess are giving them a hand! (Super Mario World!) Super Mario World, it's a blast from the past! (Super Mario, Super Mario, Super Mario) In Super Mario World, it's a blast! (Super Mario, Super Mario, Super Mario World!)

General Information: Super Mario World was one-half of a one-season show on NBC's Saturday morning cartoons lineup just before they cancelled their cartoon time in 1992 in favor of news (of course, Saved By the Bell stayed on... ah well). It was based on the Super Mario World game, very new at the time (less than a month at the premiere time). It also introduced some new characters, among other things. A lot of things in the show were original, such as the cave people populating Dinosaur Land and all the Yoshis being known only as dinosaurs (only Yoshi was referred to by Yoshi). Some things were changed, such as Yoshi's Island being known as Dome City, the Forest of Illusion as the Enchanted Forest, and Vanilla Dome as Ice Land, as well as mant foes going by different names. (I'm estimating that all these changes were because the game was early in on American production when it was animated, and DIC didn't have a imported copy, or much access to one.) Still other things remained the same, such as Koopa's Neon Castle, the power-ups, the Koopa Kids, and the four returning Mario characters themselves. Below are both new and old characters and their descriptions.

Character: Description:
Mario Same old hero with no Italian accent this time around, and with red overalls instead of blue. Voiced by Walker Boone.
Luigi Mario's taller, younger brother, with more of an Italian accent than his brother, with green overalls instead of blue. Voiced by Tony Rosato.
Princess Toadstool Her hair is more red than in the games, and she's missing her arm-length gloves. There are also no red and blue jewels on her crown in the show. Voiced by Tracey Moore.
King Koopa To keep in continuity with the other shows, he's never called Bowser. He's bald and has a crown and is all green with no tan scales like in the games. Voiced by Harvey Atkin.
Koopa Kids They all have different names in the show as before. Also, Cheatsy's hair is a different color, and Kooky's colors are different sometimes.
Yoshi He's new to the show. He looks different in different episodes and talks like a baby. He has a phobia of many things, and likes to eat a lot.
Oogtar This is the name of a caveboy. He's also new and talks a bit like Yoshi. His hair is blond and he is donned in a green Flintstones-type outfit. Voiced by John Stocker.

There are the traditional Koopa Troopas and Goombas as in the games, as well as Koopa Wizards, Koopa Football Players, Caterpillars, Gophers, Magnum Bills, Fire Plants, dolphins, and other cave people, too. The power-ups that Mario and Luigi use are the feather, which grants Cape Power. The orange fire flowers make a Fire Mario or Luigi. The new P-Balloons inflate the Bros. and let them float. The glowing stars make them invincible, and they can jump on new green and silver springboards to jump higher. But again, they never use the mushrooms, although it appears once. We also see in an episode King Koopa's mode of transportation, a "flying clown head" known better as the Clown Copter.

Super Mario World Credits:

Job: Accomplished by:
Executive Producer Andy Heyward
Coordinating Producer Robby London
Produced and Directed by John Grusd
Story Editor Phil Harnage
Executive in Charge of Production Brian A. Miller
Production Supervisor Stacey Gallishaw
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Production Assistants Patrick Amschler
Amanda Ruhland
Rene Toporzysek
Script Supervisor Lori Crawford
Assisted by William A. Ruiz
Eben F. Eldridge
Voice Director Greg Morton
Talent Coordinator J. W. N. Hicks
Recording Assistants Mary Noble
Joanna Noble
Cast Harvey Atkin
Walker Boone
Tara Charendoff
Catherine Gallant
Paulina Gillis
Dan Hennessey
Judy Marshak
Gordon Masten
Tracey Moore
James Rankin
Tony Rosato
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Storyboards Canvas, Inc.
Storyboard Cleanup Romeo Lopez
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Character Design Sandy Kopitopoulos
Steven Burpo
Donn Greer
Charlie Steve Zembillas
Background Design Warren Manser
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Executive in Charge of Post Production Thierry Laurin
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Assisted by Judy Sampson-Brown
Melissa Gentry
Overseas Consultant Winnie Chaffee
Overseas Supervisor Larry Cariou
Opening Titles Canvas, Inc.
Animation by Pacific Rim Productions, Inc.
Copyright (c) 1991 Nintendo of America, Inc. This program utilizes characters created by Nintendo. The trademark and all rights therein are the property of Nintendo. All rights reserved.
Creative Supervisor Andy Heyward
Co-produced by Reteitalia, s.p.a. in association with Telecinco

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