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The Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3:


Series premiere: September 1990 with Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas/Reptiles In The Rose Garden.

Series finale: Decemeber 1990 with The Venice Menace/Super Koopa (although, reruns ran until September 1991).

Interesting facts:

Show introduction: It is a legend no one will forget... Everyone thought King Koopa had left the Mushroom Kingdom. And then, his Doom Ship attacked! King Koopa was back, with the greatest danger ever known... his Koopa Kids! Using their new super powers, the Super Mario Brothers rescued Princess Toadstool, and beat back the evil Koopa Family... King Koopa: I'll get those plumbers!


The Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3 Credits:



Accomplished by:

Executive Producer

Andy Heyward

Produced and Directed by

John Grusd

Coordinating Producer

Robby London

Executive in Charge of Production

Winnie Chaffee

Production Supervisor

Brian A. Miller

Story Editors

Reed and Bruce Shelly

Developed for Television by

Reed and Bruce Shelly

Associate Producer

Jack Spillum

Production Coordinators

Jennifer Rea
Jonathan Dern

Production Assistant

Kristofor S. Brown

Voice Director

Greg Morton


Paul Quinn

Recording Assistants

Daniela Spiwak
Bob Schlighting

Voice Talents of

Walker Boone
Tony Rosato
Tracey Moore
John Stocker
Harvey Atkin
Dan Hennessey
Gordon Masten
Michael Stark
James Rankin
Paulina Gillis
Stuart Stone
Tara Charendoff

Additional Voices

Bonnie Brooks
Rod Coneybeare
Diane Fabian
Catherine Gallant
Greg Morton
Jonathan Potts
Susan Roman
Linda Sorensen
Marlow Vella

Art Director

Frank Ridgeway

Art Coordinator


Animation Supervisor

Julian Fries

Characters Designed by

Paul Wee
Fred Carrillo
Sandy Kopito Poulos
Phil Weinstein

Props Designed by

Ric Quiroz
John Berman
Phil Weinstein

Backgrounds Designed by

Ellen Drucker
Romeo Francisco
Fred Carrillo
Hugh Pettibone
Ernie Guanlao
Phil Ortiz

Color Key by

Allison Geffre

Color Backgrounds by

Joan Igawa
Dan Wong
Tim Maloney
Norly Paat

Storyboard Supervisor

Brian Chin

Assisted by

Paul Weinstein
Phil Stapleton

Storyboards by

K. Fukushima
Jack White
Cullen Blane
Jim Duffy
Mike Swannigan
David Thrasher
Greg Garcia
Brian Chin

Storyboard Slugging

Myrna Bushman

Sheet Timing

Mike Stribling

Lip Assignment

Bill Ewing

Animation Co-produced by

Reteitalia S.P.A.

Script Supervisor

Lori Crawford

Assisted by

William A. Ruiz
Eben F. Eldridge
Quentin Kniola


Minoru Terau
Noriko Norvell
Kazuko Yamamoto

Production Staff

Trace Ellis
Chris Hammond
Brian McGowan
Vickie Yeo

Executive in Charge of Post Production

Thierry P. Laurin

Assisted by

Kimberly R. Cronin

Supervising Editor

Richard S. Gannon

Film Editors

Gregory K. Bowron
Richard Bruce Elliott
Allan Gelbart

Dialogue Editors

Heather C. Elliott
Theresa M. Gilroy
Donald P. Zappala
Ron Fedele
Robert O'Brien
Peter Tomaszewicz

Supervising Music Editor

Stuart Goetz

Music Editor

John Mortarotti

Sound Effects

Johann Langlie

Re-recording Engineer

Ray Leonard

Supervising Sound Engineer

Michael J. Cowan

Format Editors

Mark A. McNally
Susan Odjakjian
Warren Taylor

Assistant Editors

Trudy Alexander
Kris Gilpin

Videotape Supervisors

Mario Di Mambro
Dennis Graham

Post Production Coordinator

Fifun A. Amini

Music by

Michael Tavera

Music Supervisor

Joanne Miller

Assisted by

Judy Sampson-Brown
Melissa Gentry

Overseas Animation by

Sei Young Animation


1990 Nintendo of America, Inc. This program utilizes characters created by Nintendo. The trademark and all rights therein are the property of Nintendo. All rights reserved.

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