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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


The Manta Storm: Episode 9

By: AJ


(Camera zooms into a home on Delphino Plaza. Peach, Toadsworth, Toad, Yoshi, Oogtar, and the other Toads are preparing a party.)

Peach: I can't wait until Mario sees this surprise party!

Toad: Yeah! Can you believe it's his birthday already?

Toadsworth: Calm down, boy. Oh, Princess. I wanted to inform you than Luigi and Professor Gadd will be attending.

Yoshi: Luigi owe Yoshi money! Yoshi get money! Yay!

(Camera zooms into Delphino Plaza. Shadow Mario is running with Mario and FLUDD chasing him.)

Shadow Mario: You'll never catch me, plumber!

Mario: Yeah, right, Bowser Jr.! If I could beat Toad and Toadette in last year's Mushroom Grand Prix,  I think I can beat you!

(Shadow Mario jumps onto a table and then the roof of a building. Mario follows him. When he jumps onto the building, he finds a Warp Pipe. Mario sees Shadow Mario jump off the building onto the ground.)

FLUDD: Mario, I sense two life forms very near. Be cautious.

Mario: Calm down, FLUDD. What could possibly happen?

(Hip and Hop grab Mario from back and toss him into the Warp Pipe.)

Hip: Take that, plumber!

Hop: What he said!

(On Sirena Beach, Mario falls out of a Warp Pipe.)

Mario: Ugh... I hate those Koopalings. Come on, FLUDD! We got to stop Bowser Jr.!

(Mario begins to jump into the Warp Pipe when he hears two Nokis running toward him.)

Noki #1: You! Mr. Mario! The hotel was attacked!

(The Noki points to an empty space covered in electrifying sludge. Piantas are roaming around the goop looking worried.)

Noki #2: A paper-thin manta ray thing slid on the beach- covering everything in it's way under this electrifying muck!

(Mario is staring at the muck and pokes it to get electrified.)

Noki #1: It- it ran over the hotel and the hotel disappeared!

Noki #2: Look! It's back!

(Mario looks to the ocean to see Manta Storm. Like the Nokis said, it leaves behind sludge.)

Mario: Let's get him, FLUDD!

(Mario steps onto the sludge and gets electrocuted. The shock made Mario squeeze one of FLUDD's handles. The water lands on Manta Storm and it splits into two.)

FLUDD: Mario! Water harms the Manta Storm! Spray it!

Mario: Wouldn't more be worse!

FLUDD: Just do it! Switch to Hover Nozzle!

(Mario switches FLUDD to Hover Nozzle. They fly over the two Manta Storms splitting them into four. The camera shows Mario going back and forth on the FLUDD, with the rays's screaming in the background. The scene changes to the others at Delphino Plaza. Luigi and the Professor have arrived.)

Peach: Glad you could make it, Luigi.

Luigi: Glad I could too, Princess. (Luigi bows.)

Professor: Fascinating. A prehistoric animal. (gets out a magnifying glass and starts to look at Yoshi.)

Yoshi: Yeah, sure. Where's Yoshi's money from Luigi.

(Scene changes to Serina Beach. Hundreds of angry, red Manta Storms are sliding around the ground viciously. Mario is hiding on top of a palm tree. Mantab Storms ram the tree.)

Mario: Mamma-mia! FLUDD, what do I do?!

FLUDD: Mario, over there is a new nozzle: the Turbo Nozzle. (Camera shows a grey box with the Professor's head on it.) Can you reach it?

Mario: I'll try.

(Mario jumps out of palm tree into the box. The box opens and inside is the Turbo Nozzle. Mario quickly puts the Turbo Nozzle on before the Manta Storms can reach him. Mario begins to fly about two inches above the ground leaving water everywhere. By the time he lands, all the Manta Rays and all the muck is gone. The ground starts to shake and the hotel appears from the ground. The hotel manager and the two Nokis ran up to Mario. The manager grabs Mario's arm.)

Hotel manager: Mario, I cannot think you enough. You saved my hotel! How can I repay you?

Mario: By letting me go of my arm? (The manager lets go.) Now, if you excuse me, I got to go.

(Mario jumps into Warp Pipe. The two Nokis behind the hotel manager are grabbed and dragged away.)

Hotel manager: I wonder when we'll be seeing him again.

(He turns around to find red Boos that grab him and drag him away. Mario jumps out of the Warp Pipe in Delphino Plaza and lands on the ground.)

Mario: Well, I lost Bowser Jr. Oh well, better go check on Peach. (Mario goes into the home where the others are. They all jump out.)

All but Mario: Surprise! Happy birthday, Mario!

Mario: Wow! This is great! This is cool! (looks at spaghetti cake and takes a big bite of it.) This is tasty. But guys...

Luigi: Yeah?

Mario: -my birthday is next week.

Peach: What?! You told me it was today!

Mario: I did? (laughs nervously as others angrily crowd him.)

Toad: Yoshi?

(Yoshi spits purple juice onto Mario.)


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