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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


The Koopas are Coming: Episode 5

By: BJ Proctor


(The Koopas are in their doom ship flying to the island)

Koopa: Any sign of that island, Kooky?

Kooky: Not yet, King Dad? This island is huge!

(Kooky looks out the window and spots the island)

Kooky: King Dad! There it is, King Dad!

Koopa: Excellent! Wake up you brothers and sister, will ya?

(Bowser Jr. appears)

Bowser Jr.: King Dad! That Mario guy is tough! No wonder you lost to him all the time!

(Kooky goes to the Koopalings' room)

Kooky: Wake up! We found the island!

Cheatsy: That's great, Kooky!

Bully: All Right! It's time for some Mario pounding'!

(Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth are picking seashells. They all look up in the sky)

Mario: Oh no! Please tell me this isn't happening!

Peach: It's the Koopas!

(The doom ship crashes. Koopa and his seven kids come out)

Koopa: You really need to learn to watch your landing, Kooky!

(Kootie Pie is wearing a swimming suit with sunglasses on)

Kootie Pie: Now this is paradise!


Mario: What the heck are you losers doing here?!

(The Koopa kids take there paint brushes out. Hip and Hop squirt paint at Mario)

Mario: Why you little twerps?!

Koopa: Koopalings! Have fun! Ha ha ha ha!

(Mario jumps on Koopa's head and knocks him out. Then, he starts chasing after his kids. Cheatsy, Hip and Hop squirts an islander)

Islander: Why you little brats! Who taught you manners?! Yay! Go get em', Mario!

(The Koopalings stop. Shadow Mario jumps in front of them)

Mario: Back off, you faker!

(Shadow Mario reveals his true form. Bowser Jr.)

Mario: (gasping) WHAT THE..... another Koopa kid?!

Bowser Jr.: Introducing! Bowser Jr.! Named after my father!

Mario: Soooo, you're that Mario clone that framed me!

(Mario squirts water at Bowser Jr.)

Kooky: Attack!

(Bully charges at Mario. Mario trips him and squirts him right on top of Bowser Jr. Yoshi and Toad appears and jumps on Bully and Bowser Jr.)

Toad: Hey, Mario!

(Hip, Hop, and Kootie Pie charges at Toad. Toad jumps and the three crashes into each other. Cheatsy finds a shine sprite)

Cheatsy: Hey, this must be a shine sprite!

Toad: Yoshi! Get him!

(Yoshi slaps Cheatsy with his tongue seven times and head butts him into Kooky and Big Mouth. Mario squirts all the Koopalings back at the doom ship)

Mario: Good job, guys!

(Later, Mario and them are enjoying themselves)

Yoshi: Hungry!

(Yoshi eats a  large seashell)

Yoshi: Burp! Ooo, Yoshi has a bad sense of gas!

(Everyone laughs)


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