The Super Mario Sunshine Show


Game Night

Episode 13

Nick Casteen


(The camera goes to Mario sitting on top of a tree)

Mario: Well, no muck, no koopas. I have the day off.

FLUDD: I agree, why don't we go to Casino Delfino?

Mario: Okay!-um where's that?

FLUDD: At Hotel Delfino.

Mario: I knew that-in a way.

(Mario jumps off the tree and runs to a boat to Sirena beach)

Mario: Ahh...sweet Hotel Delfino.(sniffs) Ahh.

(Mario runs to the entrance and the manager bows)

Manager: I owe you something rewarding for saving me my hotel. (thinks and gets a idea) How about a free pass into Casino Delfino?

Mario: Naw, we do things fair.

Manager: (rubbing his fingers together) Okay, that will be $100,000.

(Mario gulps)

Mario: I'll take the pass.

(Mario enters and buys some coconuts and goes inside the casino.)

Mario: Dang! All out of coins.

FlUDD: Why don't we try that giant water-activated slot machine?

Mario: Okay, but where do I find so much water.

(FLUDD stares at Mario)

FLUDD: Ahem.....Ahemme.

Mario: Oh, right.

(Mario straps on FLUDD and fires at the target and The barrels start spinning)

Mario and FLUDD: Come-on...

(The barrels strike 7,7,7.)

Mario: Yes!

(Mario runs to the other big slot machine and fires FLUDD at the target and the Pianta Village theme from the game plays.)

Mario: FLUDD, it's going to be-

(The barrels strike 7,7,7.)

FLUDD: Were you about to say 7,7,7?

Mario: No-but that's a lot better.

(The curtains from the stage rise to reveal question- mark panels.)

Mario: Technologic.

(Mario runs to the stage and Sprays the panels)

Mario: Sorry, my hand slipped.

Blue Pianta: No, Spray the panels to reveal a hidden painting and get a prize.

(Mario starts spraying and the Ricco Harbor theme from the game plays)

Mario: Only one last panel. . .!

(Mario sprays but misses and hits another panel which makes it turn. Drops fall on all the other panels making all of them turn on their question-mark side.)

Mario: I think I'll test my luck and spray all of them with my eyes closed.

(Shuts his eyes) The odds are against me.

(Mario sprays all the panels and they all turn on the painting side!)

FLUDD: Mario, look!

(Mario opens his eyes)

Mario: Wow, I'm lucky.

(The panels fold upward and release a Shine sprite.)

Mario: Hurray!

(Mario rushes to the Shine sprite and grabs it)

Blue Pianta: Huh? I thought the prize was $10,000,000?

(Mario returns to Delfino Plaza and gets on top of a tree.)

Mario: FLUDD, we are in time for a perfect sunset!

(Fade out)


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