Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga:

Episode 1: Trouble Already
Episode 2: The Citizens Reveal


The Super Mario Sunshine Show:

Episode 1: Tropical Trouble
Episode 2: The Secret of Bianco Lake
Episode 3: Muk Yoshi Appears
Episode 4: Robo-Peach
Episode 5: The Koopas are Coming
Episode 6: Mecha Bowser
Episode 7: The Legendary Sand Bird
Episode 8: The Watermelon War
Episode 9: The Manta Storm
Episode 10: Down with Petey Piranha
Episode 11: Oh, Brother!
Episode 12: Isle Delfino Race
Episode 13: Game Night


The Super Mario 64 Show:

Episode 1: Meet Mama Koopa
Episode 2: The Adventure of the Castle Begins
Episode 3: Whomp's Revenge
Episode 4: Bomb Omb's Demise

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