The Super Mario Sunshine Show: Isle Delfino Race

The Super Mario Sunshine Show


 Isle Delfino Race

Episode 12



(The camera goes to Mario writing in his diary)


Mario's Voice: Dear Diary, Hello it's a me, Mario! Ever since I defeated Petey Piranha, I haven't been hearing from Bowser or his Koopa Kids. Well I can't keep my guard down I got to keep cleaning the entire Island.


(Mario goes outside with Fludd getting ready to clean)

Mario: Hey it looks like this Island is clean. What happened?


(Enter Luigi)

Luigi: Hey Mario.


Mario: Luigi what are you doing here?!


Luigi: Hey can't a man behind the green enter a contest?


Mario: A contest?


Luigi: Yeah you heard? There's a contest here in Delfino Plaza. The winner gets to name the beach.


Mario: That's a stupid prize. Why couldn't it be a life time supply of pasta or 100 shine sprites?!


Luigi: Hey I just want to race.


Mario: It's a go kart race?

Luigi: You bet, ya!


Mario: Well than that changes everything let me call Prof E Gadd to send my go kart.


Luigi: Wait Mario! It's a double dash race.


Mario: A double dash race?


Luigi: Yeah it means that...


Mario: I know what a double dash race is. That race hasn't happened in 20 years. Lets go Luigi!


(Mario and Luigi go to the starting line with the red fire)


Donkey Kong: Don't get your hopes up Mario because I'm going to win the race.


Peach: Mario give up this race for me. You know you can't resist me. (Starts blowing kisses at Mario)


Mario: (Acting all hypnotized) Yes I will!


Luigi: (Smacks Mario in the back of his head) Snap out of it!


Waluigi: Luigi!


Luigi: Waluigi!


Waluigi: I've been hearing that you are one of the greatest go kart racers of all time. No offense but you don't look all impressive.


Luigi: Look who's talking I think your past your prime. But I don't think you ever had one.


Waluigi: Errrr!


Luigi: Errrrrrr!


Lakitu: Hey Mr. Green and Mr. Purple I like both of your attitudes but save that energy for the race.


The following racers get ready for the race:

1.Mario & Luigi

2.Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong

3.Wario & Waluigi

4.Koopa Troopa & Koopa Para Troopa

5.Bowser & Bowser Jr

6.Yoshi & Birdo

7.Peach & Daisy

8.Pianta & Noki

9.Wart & Mouser

10.Roy & Wendy


Lakitu: Alright racers on your mark get set go!


(Wario & Waluigi are in 1st place with Bowser and Bowser Jr are in 2nd and Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong are in 3rd)


Bowser: Well it looks like these racers are tough! Jr release the nails!


(20 pieces of nails come out of Bowser's go kart and Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong's go kart and they're out of the race)


(Wart & Mouser are in 6th and Mario & Luigi are in 7th)


Mario: Wart & Mouser?!


Wart: Hey Mario long time long see! Ah ha ha!


Mario: You guys are real?!


Wart: Now we are! We we're in your dream for 20 years and now we're out!


Mouser: As soon as we win this race we'll turn the real world into the fake world!


Luigi: Hey Mario I don't know if this is true but Prof E Gadd told me in your dream you could do anything you want.


Mario: Alright I'll give that a try.


(Mario uses his hand to do the biggest fireball he ever made!)

Mario: Now if I could do this right!

Luigi: Aim...FIRE!


(Mario throws the large fireball at Wart & Mouser)


Wart & Mouser: Ahhhh!


(Wart and Mouser's go kart explodes and they're out of the race)


Wart: Lets get out of here Mouser!

(Wart sets up a warp zone)

Wart: Mario we'll see you in the dream world!


(Enter Mallow & Geno)


Geno: Not if we have anything to do with it!


(Mallow does the clothesline on Wart and Mouser and Geno uses his magic to keep Wart and Mouser in a box)


Luigi: Come on Mario lets go we're gonna lose!


(Mario & Luigi are in 5th place)

(Meanwhile Roy & Wendy are in Last place while they try to catch up with Noki and Pianta)

Wendy: Why aren't you going faster?!


Roy: I'm going as fast as I can!


Wendy: Even King Dad's Goomba Guards are faster than you!


Roy: Look if you don't like the way I'm driving why don't you drive?!?!?!


Wendy: No I'm not doing that I'll break a nail!


Roy: Grrrrr (Thinking it) Why didn't King Dad put in Ludwig instead?


(Enter Ludwig)

Ludwig: Wendy, Roy! King Dad is going to win this race lets get out of here!


(While Pianta and Noki were driving the gas ran out)


(Everyone is out of the race except for Wario & Waluigi, Bowser & Bowser Jr, and Mario & Luigi)


So far:
1st:Wario & Waluigi

2nd:Bowser & Bowser Jr

3rd:Mario & Luigi


Mario: So far so good Luigi we just have to pass those Wicked Bros and The Koopas!


Bowser: (Talking on a walkie talkie) Iggy throw the secret weapon at Wario.


Iggy: You got it!


Bowser: It's something Wario can't resist.


(Iggy throws a coin in front of Wario & Waluigi's Go Kart)


Wario: (Stops the go kart) Well hello beautiful?


(The coin turns into a bomb-omb and explodes and destroys Wario & Waluigi's go kart and of course they're out of the race)


Mario: Those Koopas are cheating!


Luigi: I maybe hate the Wicked Bros but that was just wrong!


Bowser: Well those are all the racers Jr. We got this race won!


Bowser Jr: Not exactly.


Bowser: What did you say?!


Bowser Jr: The Mario Bros.


Bowser: Well lets show them a lesson or two!


(Bowser releases two chain chomps and they start pushing Mario & Luigi back)


Lakitu: Well Bowser now that you have this race won have you got anything to say?

Bowser: I'll talk about that in my acceptance speech for my 1st prize trophy!


(All of a sudden Mario & Luigi catch up with a boost with the two chain chomps)


Bowser: Hey I thought those two chain chomps were red.


Mario: They were red but with water they turn to their original color!


(Bowser does the fire breath attack on the two chain chomps and they turn red)


Luigi: They're turning red!


(Mario quickly releases the two chain chomps)

Mario & Luigi: Phew!


(Mario & Luigi's go kart, and Bowser & Bowser Jr's go kart are getting closer to the finish line but Bowser & Bowser Jr's go kart get closer to Mario & Luigi's go kart and flattens one tire)


Bowser: Ha ha ha it's about time I beat you in something Mario!


(Out of no where Wario throws a banana for Bowser & Bowser Jr's go kart to slip sideways)


Mario: This race is ours!


(And Mario & Luigi wins)


Mario: We won!


Luigi: Yay!


(Wario & Waluigi start walking away)

Mario: Wario!


(Wario & Waluigi turn back)

Mario: Thanks couldn't have done it without you.


Wario: Mario you won fair and square I didn't do it for you. I did it for revenge because Bowser cheated me & Waluigi out of the race. The next time we race I'm going to win.


Mario: Alright I'll look forward to it.


Mayor: Well Mario you win this trophy and you and your partner get to name the beach of Delfino Plaza.


Luigi: Alright Mario lets name it Mushroom Beach.


Mario: No I got a better one. This beach is beautiful like a woman I love. Her name is Peach. So I'll name it Peach Beach.


Peach: Oh Mario! (Hugs Mario and Kisses him all over)


Mario: That's all folks!


(Fade out)


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