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Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga


The Citizens Reveal

Episode 2

Speed of Sound USA


{Camera goes to Mario and Luigi on the Koopa Cruiser}

VoiceBox: Um, Mario and Mr. Green please report to Bowser immediately!


Mario: Aye! Does that Voice Box have to be so loud! I think I’m going to have a headache!


Luigi: Mario, is it still possible for me to get off this thing?


Mario: Luigi quit being a dirty pipe! The Princess's Voice is at stake.


Luigi: So what! I don't want to be here and I don't want to be at that creepy Bean Bean Kingdom! What if I lose my voice?

{Mario slaps Luigi upside the head}

Luigi: Thank you Mario.


Mario: Let’s go Luigi, lets see what Bowser wants.


Luigi: O, fine {throwing an attitude}

{Mario and Luigi start walking around the Koopa Cruiser until…}

Koopa Troopa: {Chasing Goomba} C'mere you!


{Goomba runs fast}


Koopa Troopa: C'mere you!


Luigi: What is this, the idiot show?


{Koopa Troopa follows Goomba's every move, but Goomba cracks Koopa Troopa}

Koopa Troopa: Pant pant pant pant pant… Hey Mario and Mr. Lime Green! So glad to see you! Man, you got to help me catch Goomba! Please!

Mario: Sure


Luigi: No


{Mario smacks Luigi upside the head}

Luigi: I mean, yeah, I’d love to!


{Mario and Luigi start chasing Goomba, but Goomba is running too fast}

Mario: Whoa, this Goomba's running is no joke! Unless....


{Mario looking at Luigi}

Luigi: What?

{Mario picks up Luigi}

Luigi: Whoa Whoa, what are you doing?!


{Mario throws Luigi}


{Luigi lands in front of Goomba}

Goomba: Whaaa?

{Mario catches Goomba with a net}

Koopa Troopa: Man! Mario and Mr. Green, you rock!


{Koopa Troopa takes Goomba}

Goomba: Let me go you shell brains! Let me go! Goomba's have to be independent. Err… I’ll get you plumbers next time…


{Koopa Troopa puts Goomba inside a barrel}

Koopa Troopa: Thanks for everything.


{Mario and Luigi start walking past an army of Koopa Troopa and Koopa Para Troopa, but there’s a problem}

Koopa Troopa: Hey dude! Where do you think you’re going?

Mario: Luigi and I are going to see Bowser.


Koopa Troopa: First, let this Koopa Para Troopa check your suitcase. In addition, we need to see your passports.


{Koopa Para Troopa opens the suitcase}

Koopa Para Troopa: Hmmm… yes, you have passports, but I don’t see your pictures. Sorry, you can't pass.


Mario and Luigi: Oh no!


Koopa Para Troopa: But you guys are talking to the right Koopas! We can take your pictures, so it shouldn't be a problem.


{Koopa Troopa sets up the camera}

Koopa Troopa: Ok, Mario, step in. Mister... ummm… Green Guy, step back please.


{Mario stands and smiles}

Koopa Troopa: Say, “cheap, cheap.”

{Koopa Troopa snaps the picture}

Koopa Troopa: Ok, Mario, you’re done! Mr. Lime Green, please step in.


{Luigi steps in and smiles}

Koopa Troopa: Say, “cheap, cheap.”

{Koopa Troopa snaps the picture}

Koopa Para Troopa: Congratulations, you can now pass through.


{Mario and Luigi start to walk towards the exit until Luigi notices a strange button}

Luigi: Mario, check this out!


Mario: It’s just a button!

Luigi: Heh!


{Luigi pushes the button}

{A machine-hand appears}

Mario: Hmmm…


Luigi: Good for nothing button, it doesn’t do anything!

{The machine-hand picks up Luigi}

Luigi: {struggling to get out the machine-hand} Whaaaaaaaaaat!


Mario: Man, Luigi’s curiosity got the best of him, again!


Koopa Troopa: It looks like the machine-hand thought Luigi was a barrel!


Mario: Well, it doesn’t matter; I’m going to see Bowser.


{Mario steps outside of the Koopa Cruiser}

Bowser: ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR! What took you so long?


Mario: It can take along time to understand this machinery!


{The machine-hand drops Luigi}



{Luigi lands on his face}

Luigi: Well, that was an unpleasant landing!


Bowser: Mario, stop acting like a fool!


Mario: It’s Luigi who is acting like a fool!


{Citizen 1 and 2 appear}

Citizen 1: Well, if it isn't dumb and dumber!


Citizen 2: Ha ha ha ha ha!


Citizen 1: I think we should reveal our true identities!


Citizen 2: Yes, we shall!


{The reveal}

Cackletta: I’m the great Queen of the Bean Bean Kingdom, Cackletta.


Fawful: I am the great servant, Fawful.


Mario: Do you think I care?

Cackletta: You should care, because we will defeat you, unlike King Bowser!


Bowser: {Tempered} Hey, watch it there!


{Fawful fires a laser at Bowser}

Bowser: OOOWWW!

Mario: Hey, Bowser, are you alright?


Luigi: Yeah, that was a large laser!


Mario: How many fingers am I holding up?


Bowser: I’m ok!


Cackletta: Fawful, take care of these fools for me!


Fawful: It will be my pleasure!


Mario: Luigi, I think we can take him!


Luigi: Let’s get to it, then!

Fawful: Finkrat!


{Fawful shoots a laser beam at Mario and Luigi}

Luigi: Mario, do what you did when you captured Goomba.


Mario: Alright, but hopefully you won't get…


Luigi: Just do it already!

{Mario throws Luigi at Fawful}


{Luigi destroys Fawful's headgear}

Fawful: Whoa!

{Fawful lands on the Koopa Cruiser}

Bowser: It’s time to burn you like a marshmallow over a camp fire!


{Bowser does the “fire breath” attack on Fawful}

Fawful: Noooooooooooooo! I can’t believe I lost to a bunch of finkrats! HEADGEAR!


{Fawful flies away}

Bowser: Wow!


Mario and Luigi: Waaaaaa!


Koopa Troopa: Bowser, we have a problem!


Bowser: What is it?

Koopa Para Troopa: Unfortunately, the cruiser has been damaged.


Luigi: Yeah, so?


Koopa Troopa: Well, I don't think we’ll make it to Bean Bean Kingdom!

Mario and Luigi: WHAT?!?


Bowser: WHAT?!?

Mario: Wait, I have an idea!


Bowser: What is it?

Mario: Koopa Para Troopa’s assistance is needed, as we are about to land on water!


Bowser: Mario, this does not sound like a good plan, but I guess there are no other options.


{Koopa Para Troopa starts flying in order to lift the Koopa Cruiser}

Koopa Para Troopa: Wow, this is not an easy task!

Mario: What?

{Mario takes out a flying cap}


{Mario activates the flying cap}

Mario: Do you need a hand?

Koopa Para Troopa: Mario!

{Mario assists the Koopa Para Troopa}


{The group is able to make it to Bean Bean Kingdom}

Mario: YES! We made it!


{The Koopa Cruiser crashes}

Bowser: Nooooo!

Mario: Bowser, you can rebuild it later! It’s just a machine.


Luigi: We’ll build another Koopa Cruiser that will be better than the first.


Bowser: Ok, let’s get to work, I don’t have all day!


Mario: Alright, let’s do it!


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