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The Super Mario 64 Show


The Adventure of the Castle Begins

Episode 2

Danny Laguerre


{The camera goes to a letter and Princess Peach on the left side}

Peach's Voice: Dear Mario, please come to the castle, I baked a cake for you! Yours truly, Princess Toadstool Peach.


{Then the camera goes to Lakitu flying around and going under the entrance of the castle}


{A warp pipe appears}

Mario: {Coming out the warp pipe} Yahoo ha ha. Oh boy I can't wait for the cake the Princess baked. Oh! what am I waiting for? The cake awaits!


{Mario starts running to Princess Peach's castle until he sees Lakitu in front of the castle}

Lakitu: Please Mario, stay back. Stay away from this castle!


Mario: Why?


Lakitu: Because Bowser and his evil minions have kidnapped the Princess and turned the paintings into mysterious worlds!

Mario: What?


Lakitu: Don't you see Mario; Bowser is up to no good again!

Mario: You know what? I think I could use a little exercise; its Koopa clabbering time!


Lakitu: Mario, if you fail to get a power star (in any of the worlds you go in), you will stay there forever!


Mario: {Pushes Lakitu to the side} Let me handle this! I assure you that I will destroy Bowser and rescue the Princess!


{Mario enters the castle}

Bowser's Voice: Bwa ha ha nobodyís home so I suggest that you turn back and leave, bwa ha ha!


Toad: {Running to Mario} Oh Mario, Iím so happy your here. I thought you would never make it!


Toad: {Pointing at a door} Mario, can you enter that room over there. I was too scared to enter it. I'm sure the Princess will be there.


{Mario enters the room}

Mario: Thereís nothing in here but a painting!


{Mario runs to the painting - until he thinks about what Lakitu said to him}

Lakitu's Voice: Mario, if you fail to get a power star in any of the worlds you will stay there forever!

Mario: Ahh, thatís just a plate of rotten ravioli!

{Mario enters the painting}

Mario: Wow, what a world...Huh! A bomb-omb! Wait 'till I get the old equalizer on them {taking out the hammer (Donkey Kong, 1981)}

Pink Bomb-Omb: No! Don't hurt us, were innocent! The black bomb-ombs are the ones who are evil!


Mario: Ok, so do you have any problems here?

Pink Bomb-Omb: Well, the evil bomb-ombs are trying to destroy this mountain to get us in trouble by our King Bomb-Omb. Anything those Bomb-Ombs tell him he believes. Then, he punishes us!

Mario: Why can't you guys stand up to them?

Pink Bomb-Omb: Because we were made to be nonviolent! All we want is peace.




Pink Bomb-Omb: Oh no they destroyed a piece of the mountain!

{The piece of the mountain is floating in the air}

Mario: Hmmm... {Mushroom coming out of the box} I got it! Do you guys have a cannon?


Pink Bomb-Omb: {activating the cannon} Yeah, why do you need it?

Mario: There might be a power star up in that piece of the mountain. Do you think it could reach that high?

Pink Bomb-Omb: No, but it could reach the mountain.


Mario: Ok! Shoot me up to the mountain! There might be another cannon there.


{Mario shoots up to the mountain}

Mario: Waaaaaoooooooo..... Phew, I thought I wouldn't make it!


{Mario sees a gigantic hole}

Mario: Wow, that must be the hole that those bomb-ombs caused.


{Mario enters the hole and starts touching the wall and disappears in another hole}

{Mario shoots up to the piece of the mountain}

Mario: Wow, this was a better landing then the other one! Ha ha.


{Mario sees a shining golden box}

Mario: {Opening the box and takes the power star} HERE WE GO!


{All of a sudden the small piece of the mountain rejoins with the rest of the mountain}


Pink Bomb-Omb: {Running to Mario} Thank you Mario. Thank you very much!


Mario: Hey, don't worry, I like to help out! So if you have any problems you can call me. In the mean time, I got to go rescue the Princess.


{Mario teleports back to the castle}

Toad: Oh! Mario! I was so worried that you wouldn't make it through that world.


Mario: Well, I didn't find the Princess but I sure found this {Showing the power star to Toad}

Toad: Wow, a power star! Mario, hereís something you should know! Keep finding those power stars. Once you get eight of them you can enter the star room {pointing at the star room door} So keep up the good work! Since you have one power star, you can enter that room over there.

Mario: Ok, Toad....{Running to the room} Thanks for the information!

Toad: {Softly} Youíre welcome Mario.


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