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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


Oh, Brother!

Episode 11



(The camera zooms to Luigi and Prof. Gadd in Gadd's lab at night. Luigi is speaking voice-over.)

Luigi, voice-over: Dear Mario, today was sort of intrusting. Well, not interesting, it's scary. I was more afraid than pasta around you!

Professor Gadd: Luigi, one of the gallery ghost is missing.

Luigi: Which one? Not King Boo, I hope!

Professor Gadd: No, thankfully not. Although I hope he isn't behind this, he is not released, the ghost baby Chancey is.

Luigi: (screams) No! That's one horrible baby we're talking about!

Professor Gadd: Here's the Poltergust 2000. Chancey is out in the Forever Forest. Go get 'em, boy.

Luigi: (barks like a dog) Got it!

(Scene changes to Luigi with the Poltergust 2000 looking for Chancey in the forest. He picks up a ghostly rattle.)

Luigi: Hmmm... He's been here. There's only one thing to do! (starts to cry)

Chancey: (appears from air and is also crying. He stops when he sees Luigi) Ah, you! Mr. Meanie! You will pay!

Luigi: (screams) Oh- oh, yeah?! (tries to suck up Chancey, but instead pulls a tree form its roots that lands of Chancey and knocks him unconscious) Um, that was easy. (sucks up Chancey)

(Scene changes to Luigi writing in his mansion at daytime)

Luigi (as he writes) : So, I beat Chancey. More or less. The Prof says to be cautious, King Boo's picture has been rattling lately. I think I should be scared. Mamma-Mia yours, Luigi.

(Scene changes to Mario walking through Pinna Park with FLUDD. Mario is talking voice-over)

Mario, voice-over: Dear Luigi, that's cool with the ghost. You shouldn't be scared about King Boo, but knowing you, you will. I went to Pinna Park to look for Shine Sprites, guess what I found.

Mario: So, FLUDD, where's that Shine Sprite you were telling me about? On the roller coaster?

FLUDD: It appears to be near where the Bullet Bills are approaching from. (points to Bullet Bills coming over fence to the park)

Mario: (pause) That was my second choice.

(Scene changes to a Monty Mole in a Bullet Bill station at the beach shooting the Bills at the park)

Mario: Okay, you're going down you filthy mammal!

FLUDD: Um, Mario? You're a mammal.

Mario: Yeah, but I'm not filthy. (camera zooms to various sludge spots on Mario's clothes and skin)

FLUDD: (pauses) Okay. Mario, I see no weakness about this enemy.

Monty Mole: No weakness! (laughs maniacally) Yes, yes! Now take this! (starts to release Bob-Ombs)

FLUDD: Mario, deactivate the Bob-Ombs!

Mario: Got it! (squirts most of the Bob-Ombs and starts to throw them at Monty Mole)

Monty Mole: Ha! Thought you might try that, but I have something you wouldn't expect. (shoots Bullet Bills at the Bob-Ombs and they all collide, causing explosions before harming Monty Mole)

Mario: What? That's unfair! Wait... (tosses blades of grass at the Bullet Bill control lever. The lever is destroyed) Ha! (squirts the final Bob-Omb at tosses it at Monty Mole. The Bullet Bill station explodes and Monty Mole goes flying into the air)

Monty Mole: I'll get you! (disappears from site) (Shine Sprite appears from where the Bullet Bill Station was)

Mario: Yes! (grabs the Shine) Another peace closer to complete light in Delphino Plaza!

(Scene changes to Mario writing letter by the Delphino Plaza fountain)

Mario: (as he writes) Guess we won't see Monty Mole in a while. FLUDD expects he has more Shines, so I'll guess I'll battle him again. Cheer for me, only 72 more Shines until I get to leave this place! ~Mario.

(Luigi is walking through his beautiful mansion at night. He is again talking voice-over.)

Luigi, voice-over: Dear Mario, Only 72 more? Looks like I won't be seeing you for a while, bro. Ah well, I'm getting sort of freaked out back here in the Mushroom Kingdom. Another gallery ghost escaped today, guess which scary form. That's right, Boolussus.

Luigi: Ah, what a beautiful night! Nothing could go wrong! (lightning strikes and the power goes out) Aah! (gets out the Game Boy Horror and talks to the Professor) Gadd, the power wnet out. Could you transfer me a flashlight or something?

Professor Gadd: Luigi, Boolussus has escaped! (Luigi screams) I'm afraid he's behind this. I'll send you the Poltergust 2000 through the closest ScreamCube.

(Luigi goes to a nearby closet and opens it up to find a platinum Gamecube called a "ScreamCube." The ScreamCube opens and the Poltergust 2000 comes out of it. Luigi straps it on and goes to the back porch. There is about thirty Boos that laugh and form into one giant Boo)


Luigi: (screams) Um, okay... Let's get this on?

(Luigi sucks in fire from a nearby torch and begins to blow the fire at Boolussus. Fireballs capture small parts of Boolussus and carry them back to the Poltergust. With every fireball, Boolussus gets smaller. By the time Luigi runs out of fire, Boolussus is about half-way divided)

Boolussus: NO! CURSE YOU, LUIGI! BUT YOU WILL NEVER DEFEAT ME! (bounces off the ground and lands on Luigi. Luigi is captured inside Boolussus)

Luigi: (screams) Ah! Help me! Wait, I got an idea! (pulls the Game Boy Horror out of his pocket and lightning is drawn to it. Boolussus is split into smaller Boos and Luigi escapes. He begins to suck in all the Boos, until only one is left)

Boolussus: Um, can we talk about our feelings?

Luigi: Not a chance. (sucks in Boolussus)

(Scene changes to Gadd's underground gallery. Gadd hangs up Boolussus painting next to Chancey's. As Gadd nods in success, Luigi is writing his letter against a wall)

Luigi: (as he writes) Can you believe it, brother? I got captured inside a giant Boo! Thank the Star Spirits I actually played attention in electrician class at Plumber's college. The King Boo portrait is shaking more than ever. We've locked it in a safe, but if King Boo does return, he will probably go right through it. Oh well. Your twin brother, Luigi.

(Scene changes to Mario, FLUDD, and Yoshi walking near Bianco Lake. Mario is fighting a Pokey. Mario is talking voice-over.)

Mario, voice-over: Dear Luigi, something happened today that I didn't expect. (Mario defeats Pokey) Remember that huge Piranha Plant at Delphino Plaza FLUDD and I beat on my first day? It turns out his name is Petey Piranha, and he kidnapped Peach this morning! I strapped on FLUDD, called on Yoshi and we followed Petey Piranha to Bianco Lake.

FLUDD: Mario, I sense a giant plantlike life form in the windmill near the lake.

Mario: That must be Petey! Yoshi, put on the Para-Wings and take us to the windmill.

Yoshi: Okay, Mario! Yoshi take out wings! (Yoshi reaches inside his saddle and pulls nothing out) Um, Yoshi have no wings.

Mario: Great, we'll have to walk.

Yoshi: We? (lets Mario jumps on and they begin to climb up the hill a giant windmill is on. When they get near the top, they find Petey stupidly standing on the roof with a Shine over him. Mario gets off Yoshi.)

Mario: Yoshi, I'll handle Petey up there. You wait here.

Yoshi: Fine.

Mario: (uses FLUDD to get to roof where he and Petey Piranha stare at each other. After two seconds, the roof caves in and they begin to fall with the Shine still floating there)

Mario, FLUDD, and Petey: Aaaahhhh!!!! (they all land in a big, empty room. Peach is tied high against a wall screaming for help)

Peach: Mario!

Mario: Peach!

FLUDD: Mario, Petey.

Mario: Petey!

Petey Piranha: Mario.

FLUDD: May I request we stop now?

Mario: Fine with me. (Petey begins to puke muck onto the ground and Mario slips in it. He begins to squirt water into Petey's mouth. Petey gets full and falls over, and Mario ground pounds his stomach. Petey gets back up after suffering for a bit.)

Peach: Mario, look out!

Mario: Huh? (Petey smacks him down.) Ouch! (Petey evilly laughs) Oh, yeah, Petey? Take this! (tries to squirt water but none comes out)

FLUDD: Mario, I am out of water!

Petey: (pukes on Mario who is slammed against a wall and glued to it like Peach) Any last words, plumber?

Mario: Yeah! (whistles) Yoshi!

Yoshi: (comes down with Para-Wings) Mario! Yoshi found wings in shoe!

(Yoshi sticks out tongue that goes out of windmill and wraps around lemon. Yoshi swallows it and begins to squirt juice into Petey's mouth. Petey collapses Yoshi squirts his juice on Mario and he becomes free. Mario ground pounds Petey who is slammed into the ground and is buried. Yoshi squirts Peach free and she falls into Mario's arm)

Peach: Thanks, you guys! (kisses Mario's cheek without realizing it's covered in sludge. When she smiles, sludge is on her lips liek lipstick)

Mario: Hold on, Peach. (lets down Peach and Sprite comes down. Mario grabs Shine)

(Scene changes to Mario, FLUDD, Peach, and Yoshi floating on one of the lily pads of Bianco Lake. Mario is writing his letter to Luigi.)

Mario: (as he writes) Pretty scary huh, Luigi? (laughs) Guess you would know. (sighs) 71 more Shines to go. Hope to see you in the near future. ~Mario.

(Scene changes to Luigi walking through the Forever Forest at night with the Poltergust 2000 and flashlight. Luigi is talking voice-over.)

Luigi, voice-over: Dear Mario, Oh no! King Boo escaped! It happened right in front of my eyes, he escaped! He went into the Forever Forest. The Prof sent me to go find him. Before I knew it I found him.

Luigi: (is walking and sees a turtle that looks like Bowser Jr. It runs away and Luigi worriedly chases it. They arrive at a pond with twenty Bowser Jr.'s running around. King Boo appears over the pond, with no reflection)

King Boo: Hello, Luigi. Goodbye, Luigi. Attack my Koopa Kids! (Koopa Kid dolls lift up Luigi and throw him into the lake. Several jump after him and begin to punch him.)

Koopa Kid Doll #1: Take that, plumba!

Koopa Kid Doll #2: Die! Die! Die! (Luigi notices a school of giant Cheep-Cheeps swimming by. One by one, he begins to throw them at the Cheep-Cheeps that eat them

Koopa Kid Dolls: No! My leg! Aah!

King Boo (is above water): (Boo laugh) That fool Luigi will never survive!

Luigi: Oh yeah? (crawls out of pond) You'd lose that bet. (begins to suck into King Boo)

King Boo: No! No! (breaks free of pull and flies away) I'll get you, I'm sure of that!

(Scene chanes to Luigi writing letter next to his mailbox at night.)

Luigi: (as he writes) Can you believe it? King Boo escaped! Be cautious, he might try to get ya. Scared to death, Luigi. (puts letter in mailbox anf begins to walk into his mansion)

King Boo: (appears from nowhere) Scared to detah are we? I could make that happen!

Luigi: No! (portal opens up in ground where he's standing and he fall through. King Boo follows him into them portal laughing. The portal closes)

(Scene changes to Mario and FLUDD running across a deserted Sirena Beach. He is writing as he makes his way to the hotel.)

Mario: (as he writes) Talk about ironic, the crew and gets of the Sirena Hotel have been taking hostage in the building by Boos! As soon as I heard, I strapped on FLUDD and ran over. (puts away letter in pocket and opens door to hotel to find many Boos but no Piantas or Nokis)

FLUDD: Mario, I sense a big, dark form in the basement. It is either a giant Boo, or many Boos.

Mario: (laughs) Maybe it's King Boo himself! Or... maybe it is... (enters casino and Ground Pounds the ground randomly. The floor opens and Mario falls into King Boo's lair. King Boo laughs)

King Boo: Ah-ha! About time you showed. Now I present to you, your worst enemy: your twin! (disappears from sight and instead or him stand Luigi with Poltergust 200 and swirls in his eyes)

Mario: Luigi! What's going on?

Luigi (in hypnotic trance) Kill Mario! Kill Mario! (sucks in Mario's hat which gets stick in the nozzle)

Mario: My hat! What the-?! (tries to avoid Luigi's punches at him. He jumps off a wall onto the ground with Luigi following him)

King Boo: (is watching from floor above) Yes, Luigi. Kill him. This is working perfectly. Soon they will kill each other and I'll be able to take over the Mushroom Kingdom! (Boo laugh)

Mario: Luigi, I'm sorry to do this, but stop it! (punches Luigi in face and Luigi is knocked unconscious. FLUDD squirts Luigi with water. Luigi wakes up with his normal eyes)

Luigi: Whoa, were am I? Why are you here? What's going on?

Mario: The way I see it, King Boo kidnapped you and hypnotized you to try to kill me. You're on Isle Delphino.

Luigi: Oh, I see.

Mario: Hey, King Boo! We stopped trying to kill each other! You can come out now!

King Boo: (appears) So what if you beat me this time?! I'll be back!

Mario: No, you won't. (squirts King Boo with water)

Luigi: Um, I guess it's my turn. (sucks in King Boo and two Shines appear in front of them) Um two?

Mario: One for me and one for you, I guess.

Luigi: Okay, then. (grabs Shines and gives them to Mario) You can have mine.

Mario: (laughs)

(Scene changes to Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Taodsworth, and FLUDD who isn't strapped on sitting around the Delphino Plaza fountain talking)

Toad: So you got two Shines for beating him?

Toadsworth: Well, I suppose one is better than none and two is better than one, right?

Yoshi: And three is better than two! Yoshi right! (all laugh)

Luigi: Hey, Mario, what's this? A letter? (pulls unfinished letter out of Mario's pocket and reads it) Hey, finish it, Mario.

Mario: No, that would be pointless.

Peach: Come on, Mario. Just for fun.

Mario: Well, okay. (as he writes) Well, we beat King Boo real good, didn't we bro? Only 69 Shines to go and I can go home! (laughs) ~Mario.


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