The Super Mario 64 Show: Bomb Omb's Demise: Episode 4

The Super Mario 64 Show


Bomb Omb's Demise: Episode 4

By: LatinTeen4U2C


(Mario gets out of the painting)

Mario: What am I supposed to do? Iím in a tight spot here. Either save the Pink Bomb Ombs from King Bomb Omb or Go to the Dark World to fight Bowser and save Princess Peach.

(Enter Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario)

Luigi: Hey Mario.

Mario: Oh the guys I needed to talk to. I need your help right now!

Luigi: Actually we needed your help too.

Wario: Since you know every pizza place in the Mushroom Kingdom. Do you know where Koopa's Pizza is?

Mario: (Sadly) Two miles down the road.

Luigi: Ha ha we were playing with you Mario.

Yoshi: Yeah who knew you would fall for that.


Luigi: Mario go fight Bowser in the dark world. Me, Yoshi, and Wario got King Bomb Omb!

Mario: Really? Thanks a lot. I owe you one.

Wario: Yeah and you better give me those 1,000 coins you owe me!

(Mario goes to the dark world to fight Bowser)

Bowser: Well well if it isn't the Italian Plumber hero himself.

Mario: Bowser hand over the Princess and I won't make this hurt!

Bowser: You dare to threaten me (Fire Breath)

(Mario dodges the fire breath. Grabs Bowser's tail and throws him to the bomb)

Mario: Is that enough for you?!

Bowser: (On the floor) Bwa ha ha. Hey Mario you won't get Princess Peach back. But you can have this! (Throws the key at Mario and disappears)

Mario: Errrrr BOWSER!

(Scene changes to Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi celebrating their victory with King Bomb Omb)

Luigi: Yeah I knew we can do it!

Wario: I'm surprised you two made it!

(Yoshi smacks the back of Wario's head with his tongue)

Wario: Ow!

(Enter Mario)

Luigi: Hey Mario. Did you save the Princess?

Mario: No Bowser didn't give me the Princess. (Takes out the key) ALL HE DID WAS GIVE ME THIS LOUSY KEY!

Luigi: Whoa Mario take it easy. Doesnít worry we'll give Bowser what he deserves!

Wario: Where are my 1,000 coins?!

Mario: No Luigi I'm not going to risk you, Yoshi's, or Wario's life. Itís something I have to do.

Wario: Where are my 1,000 coins?!

Mario: After I save her she could give me that cake she promised me.

Wario: Where are my 1,000 coins?!

(Fade out)


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