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The Super Mario Sunshine Show


The Secret of Bianco Lake: Episode 2

By: KoolKong06


(Zoom to Mario and the gang walking through Bianco Hills)

Mario: It is such a great day! Isn't it Peach?


Peach: Yes, it sure is.


Toadsworth: Princess, what's wrong?


Toad: Yeah, you've been acting weird....


Peach: I just I feel something is going to happen....


Mario: Hey, a little swimming would make you feel better!


(Meanwhile at the Bianco Lake...)


Shadow Mario: Hmm, I think I should muck this place up!


(SM suddenly uses his brush and 100 tons of muck falls around a cave.)


Shadow Mario: Yeah! And just in case Stupid Mario comes around. This

Shine Sprite will lure him in.....


(SM runs into the cave with the Shine)


(Mario and Peach walk up to the entrance to the lake.


While Toadsworth and Toad relax under a tree.)


Peach: Oh my gosh! Mario look!


(They see the goop all over the lake. Many Piantas are

covered in it, the fun to surf leaves are dead.)


Mario: I think this is Shadow Mario's work!


(Suddenly the Mayor comes up behind Mario)


Mayor: I think that YOU should clean this up. Trouble maker.

Mario: Okay.... See ya Peach....


(Mario presses a  button and FLUDD appears)

FLUDD: Mario, sensors detect a Shine Sprite, in that cave...


Mario: Great! It should clean this lake!


(Mario walks into the cave)

Mario: Weeee!


FLUDD: Mario, sensors detect a life force nearby...


Shadow Mario: This would look great on me! Heehee


Mario: Hey! That's mine!


SM: Not any more!

FLUDD: Mario! Help!

Mario: WOAH!


(Mario falls out of a warp pipe)


Mario: This is easy.


(Mario jumps around onto blocks. Until he reaches rotating blocks)

Mario: Guess I'll have to run faster......


(Mario's theme begins until he reaches a palm tree)


Mario: I don't believe it!


(He see's Shadow Mario sitting, sleeping)


Mario: I'll just take FLUDD, get the Shine Sprite and outta here!


(Mario gets the Shine and returns in Delfino Plaza)

Peach: Good work Mario!

Mario: Thanks, uh... where is Toadsworth and Toad?

Peach: I thought they were with you...


(Pan out to Bianco Hills)

Toadsworth: We are sorry! Don't sting us!


(Tons of bees are chasing them.)


(Delfino Plaza)

Peach: Oh, well.....


Toadsworth and Toad: HELP US!


Mario: Hey, do you hear that?


Peach: No, what?


(Toadsworth and Toad appear to the camera stung and bruised)

Toad: Ow....



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