BOTVGH Season 7
SEASON SEVEN (2000-2001)

Season 7 featured the most episodes ever seen in a BOTVGH season, and it was the first FULL season to exist alongside the message board and chat room. There's a grand total of over 50 episodes... 35 regular-season episodes, 4 pre-season episodes (three of which celebrated Cow King's return from prison), two post-season episodes, two Halloween episodes (BOTVGH's first), and -- count 'em -- 11 Christmas/New Year's specials from both 2000 and 2001. This season featured the writing debuts of a number of MB/chat-goers, such as ErekChee, J26, Squirtlesaur2000, and Luigi_Link.

Pre-Season Episode 1: A Party to Remember (by Sean Kelly) - Cow King returns to the archive, and there is much... uh... rejoicing?
Pre-Season Episode 2: The Origin of The Authors (by David Smith) - How did H Cuz, TD Mak, Martin Smith, UDX, Wario the III, Klawkat, and Sean Kelly, who are from the "real world", wind up on BOTVGH Island?
Pre-Season Episode 3: The Cows Will Rise (Or Should I Say Fall) Again! (by Matt Denton) - Matt is determined to get Cow King out of prison... but Sean Kelly and his attorney, Cut Man, want him to stay at ROTVGV longer.
Pre-Season Episode 4: Insanitaryism, Jerks, and People Being Run Over (by UDX) - While the villains release Cow King from the ROTVGV Detention Center, Mario and Waluigi do battle with Luigi and Wario, and the rest of BOTVGH... well, see for yourself. This episode has the largest cast in BOTVGH history (93 characters), and it marks the first appearance of H Cuz's "editor's notes".
Season Premiere: The Ultimate Battle, Part 1 (by Dreyfus X) - Dreyfus X squares off with an old enemy of his.
Episode 2: The Ultimate Battle, Part 2 (by Dreyfus X) - Throughout BOTVGH history, Mario and Sonic have never gotten along. Dr. Wily decides to take advantage of this.
Episode 3: The 3rd Annual BOTVGH Awards! (by H Cuz) - While the Season 6 winners are announced, guest stars abound, and Sonic, Sephiroth, and Sigma run into some unexpected competition when they try to crash the awards. (Pre-show by Sean Kelly)
Episode 4: Erek Springer (by ErekChee) - If BOTVGH were a trashy talk show...
Episode 5: BOTVGH Freaky Stories (by Sean Kelly) - A spinoff of the TV show "Freaky Stories". The stories themselves were submitted by a number of different authors.
Episode 6: WHAT?! Not Another One!! (by David123) - Another new author shows up, and this one is yet another long-lost Mario Brother.
Episode 7: No Authors And Pokémaniacs Again!! (by Chris Johnson) - Like the episode in Season 5, this ep features zero author characters and zero Pokémon references. It's a great ep if you're nostalgic for Season 1.
Episode 8: In The Future (by David Smith) - Let's have a look into the future of BOTVGH. What's the site like, and how are guys like Mario holding up?
Episode 9: Trust No One! (by Wario the III) - Dr. Wily uploads a virus to the author's system, and takes control of the episode... has he finally won, or is there more going on here than it seems?
Episode 10: BOTVGH: The Musical (by Dr. Yoshi) - A fairly standard BOTVGH episode... with songs!
Episode 11: Mr. Fun's Kiddie Show (by Mr. Fun) - A number of BOTVGH characters are being subjected to an episode by the worst author EVER. Can the people not in the episode lend some help?
Episode 12/Super Bowl Special: Are You Ready For Some Football?! (by Braden) - The video game characters square off with the Authors in a winner-take-all football game. Do the VG characters stand a chance... especially with Hall-of-Famer Dan Marino coaching the Authors?
Episode 13: Samus Dates Link?! (by Luigi_Link) - Just what the title says. Is BOTVGH continuity falling to shambles?! Only one way to find out.
Episode 14: Big Trouble, Plastic Men (by Sean Kelly) - The Tan Army, from the movie "Army Men", conspires with Dr. Wily to trap the heroes and take over BOTVGH.
Episode 15: The Terror Of Evil Brothers (by Troshi) - Wario and Waluigi team up in an episode that also features a new author and a giant duck.
Episode 16: Wa X Pelas (The X Games) (by UDX) - In a spinoff of the BOTVGH Olympics and the Smash Attack Games, Mega Man, Tai, Goku, and Wario compete for a... uh... you know, I'm not sure WHAT they're competing for. Also, the return of the Editor's Notes!
Episode 17: Nintendo Problems (by Mario_Mario) - Wily's latest device transports Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach into various N64 games. How will they defeat Wily and escape?
Episode 18: BOTVGH: Behind The Scenes (by H Cuz, Ian Pugh, and Matt Broussard) - What do the characters and the authors do when they're not making episodes? And what about all the OTHER staffers whose work is never recognized? Take a look behind the scenes.
Episode 19: Win's First +1/2 Episode (by Win) - Two of BOTVGH's villains fight for the right to take over BOTVGH. Dr. Wily's got eight new Robot Masters, while Sir Goodn (formerly Wario the III) has Link, Samus, and the Mega Man 1 robots on his side.
Episode 20: BOTVGH Education (by TD Mak) - Ah, the old "Skool Daze" bit. The BOTVGH characters are all idiots, so they go back to school. The episode also features hidden text.
Episode 21: Do Whatever (by Klawkat and ErekChee) - BOTVGH Award Winner It's been a long day, and Klawkat's too tired to write the episode, so he tells Mario, Luigi, and Peach to go do whatever. This episode won a BOTVGH Award for Most Original Episode. (Pre-show by Klawkat)
Episode 22: The Little MerWario II: Return To The Sea, Darn It! (by J26) - The sequel to the blockbuster BOTVGH movie that doesn't exist about the ugliest mermaid you ever laid eyes on.
Episode 23: The Bob-Omb Express (by Funky Duck) - Yes, it's another new author. Commence the hazing!
Episode 24: Is Mario Gullible and Stupid? (by Mika) - I dunno, is he? Click and find out. (It's 1:00 AM as I write these taglines. It's hard to come up with clever stuff. :P)
Episode 25: Mario's Annoyance (by PikaPower) - A "new author" episode with a twist. The ep's primary victim is... the author himself?
Episode 26: Dr. Wily's Evil Scheme (by Luigi_Link) - Peach gets kidnapped by... Dr. Wily?
Episode 27: Mission Impractical (by Sean Kelly) - H Cuz is kidnapped by Giovanni. The BOTVGH characters -- and the author -- enlist the aid of the Mission Impossible crew, but what happens when their rescue plan goes awry?
Episode 28: Cranky Kong vs. BOTVGH's Nursing Home (by David Smith) - Donkey Kong has had enough of Mario and Cranky fighting, so he and Mario decide to send Cranky to a retirement home. But is it really what's best for BOTVGH?
Episode 29: UDX's Angels: Missing Pokémon and Digimon (by UDX) - UDX's angels return, to look for mi--.... look, you can read the title.
Episode 30: Mario RPG 3 1/2 (by Braden) - Wario and Waluigi have taken the eighth star. Geno is not happy, so he teams up with some allies -- some familiar, some not -- to get it back.
Episode 31: Luigi Invasion! (by Dr. Yoshi) - Threepio plans to use Luigi's DNA to create superpowered clones of him and protect the island from Dr. Wily. However, the clones are lacking... "upstairs". Now who will protect the island from THEM?
Episode 32: BOTSGHAV Returns! (by the Yoshi Bros.) - The Space Ghost characters return to try to take over BOTVGH again (like they did in Season 2).
Episode 33: Rhymes in Shadow (by GoldShadow) - Peach has been kidnapped, and the only clues to her whereabouts are a series of rhymes left behind... a BOTVGH mystery, of sorts.
Episode 34: The Evil Author (by Ultima 64) - What happens when the author prefers to have the villains win?
Episode 35: The Triforce is Missing! (by H Cuz and Klawkat) - BOTVGH Award Winner Sigma, Sephiroth, and Sonic -- who are now calling themselves The Terrible Trio -- steal the Triforce, planning to use its power to spread chaos and destruction across BOTVGH. Can Mario, Cranky, Mega Man, Link, Samus, Zero, Toad, and Bob defeat them? This episode won an award for Best Season 7 Episode.
Post-Season Episode 1: Cranky and Zelda Get Married: Part 2 (by Matt Broussard) - Mario is depressed that Peach is going to marry Wario, and not him... and when the big day comes for Cranky and Zelda, all does not go planned! Also, there's lots of gratuitous violence and faces being slapped off.
Post-Season Episode 2: Everything Wrong Is Right (by Dreyfus X) - Dreyfus has had enough of Sonic's squabbles with BOTVGH... so he decides to take matters into his own hands. What will happen to Sonic? Not to mention BOTVGH continuity?
Halloween 2000 Special #1: The BOTVGH Witch Project (by Sean Kelly) - BOTVGH Award Winner A deranged killer is "offing" the BOTVGH characters, one by one. Can they survive to the end of Halloween night? This episode won a tie of the Best Holiday Special award. NOTE: Due to violent content, this episode is not recommended for those under 13.
Halloween 2000 Special #2: Scary Stories Not Approved By The Government (by UDX) - Ash, Misty, Tai, Mimi, Davis, and UDX take turns telling scary stories around a campfire.
Christmas 2000 Special #1: How Link Messed Up Christmas! (by Dr. Yoshi) - A short BOTVGH Christmas rhyme.
Christmas 2000 Special #2: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (BOTVGH version) (by J26) - Uh... I got nothin'. But it's good, so read it.
Christmas 2000 Special #3: Matt Broussard's Christmas Special (by Matt Broussard) - Instead of a multi-part episode, this year Matt brought us a poem. King K. Rool tries to kidnap Santa, but all does not go as planned.
Christmas 2000 Special #4: 'Twas the Night of Insanity (by Michael) - Another Christmas special patterned after "The Night Before Christmas". You seeing a pattern here?
Christmas 2000 Special #5: 'Tis Better To Receive Than To Give! (by Sean Kelly) - Dr. Evil's back, with an eeeeevil plan. So who better to help save the day than Austin Powers?
Christmas 2000 Special #6: THEPENGUIN Returns For A Christmas Ep! (by THEPENGUIN) - The power goes out, and Mario, Luigi, Cranky and Toad decide to bring out a Ouija board.
Christmas 2000 Special #7: The Chance to Save Christmas (by UDX) - Santa is framed for murder, and imprisoned... so UDX and his ragtag band of misfits... or something... go to get to the bottom of it.
Christmas 2000 Special #8: How Commercialism Stole Christmas (by Wario the III) - BOTVGH Award Winner The BOTVGH villains plot to ruin Christmas and make a ton of money at the same time, by using a "GameCube" to appeal to everyone's greed. Only Cranky Kong is unaffected by the GameCube mania, but will he be enough to save Christmas all alone? This episode won a tie of the Best Holiday Special award.
Christmas 2001 Special #1: Yet Another Christmas Of The Same Proportions (by Klawkat and Sean Kelly) - A new villain has plans to kidnap Santa and destroy the world!
Christmas 2001 Special #2: A Muppet, er, BOTVGH Christmas Carol (by David Smith) - With Cranky Kong as Scrooge (natch).
New Year's 2002 Special: A BOTVGH New Year's Episode (by Luna the Cat) - UDX lost a bet, so Luna writes the episode. There's a New Year's Party, and among the attendees are a bunch of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Gundam characters.

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