BOTVGH Season 6

Season 6 was quite eventful, both in the episodes and on the site itself. The big news of Season 6 was that Cow King spent the year in jail for attacking an author... thus, writers had to get creative as cows were unavailable throughout the season. At the end of the season, Cranky Kong got engaged to Princess Zelda herself. And meanwhile, there were new authors, competitive events, a four-part time travel extravaganza... and even an Easter episode. Season 6 also saw the birth of the BOTVGH "community" (the chat room and message board), and it was during Season 6 that Jes -- who had recently been put in charge of shorts -- began to give us trouble. But that's another story for another time... here's BOTVGH Season 6!

Pre-Season Episode: The End Of An Era???? (by Sean Kelly) - A whole BOTVGH season without falling cows? Cow King is sent to prison for breaking a handbook rule.
Season Premiere: BOTVGH: The Chaos, errr, Saga Continues! (by H Cuz) - The characters gather for the start of a new BOTVGH season. Preparations for the awards are made, and clips of upcoming episodes are shown, and Mario and Cranky are back to their old tricks.
Episode 2: The BOTVGH Awards 2000!!!! (by H Cuz) - Fights have broken out all over the archive... can they be stopped in time to learn the best of Season 5?
Episode 3: Cher and Cher Alike (by Wario the III and Win) - Cher makes a guest appearance at BOTVGH, despite Mario's insistence that she's not a video game character.
Episode 4: UDX's Angels (by UDX) - This "Charlie's Angels" spin-off features Misty, Sailor Moon, and Black Arachnia as they try to find the source of fake Pokémon cards.
Episode 5: SMBhq Invades BOTVGH (by Sean Kelly, Jay Resop, Super Markio, and Steven Reich) - Several SMBhq staff members team up to write an episode with mostly Super Mario Bros. characters. Cranky gets turned into a Goomba, and Pikachu is exposed as an evil robot. (Of course, SMBhq hosts us now, but we were still on Geocities when the ep first went up.) I'd like to take this opportunity to plug Jay Resop's Neglected Characters website, which is also on SMBhq.
Episode 6: The 2nd BOTVGH Telethon! (by N64Dude300) - A continuation of the Telethon episode in Season 3. Instead of BOTVGH clips, this one uses comedy skits.
Episode 7: Ahhh, Sweet Romance! (by Wario the III) - If Mario and Peach are an item, what does that mean for Daisy and Pauline? Why does Link hit on Samus when he's supposed to be with Zelda? And what's the deal with Mega Man and Roll? The answers may frighten you...
Episode 8: Classified Files (by GoldShadow) - Yoshi, Link, Samus, and Wario infiltrate Nintendo HQ to try and uncover top-secret information on Nintendo's upcoming system, the Dolphin (which, of course, is now the GameCube).
Episode 9: The Quest to Save the Past, Part 1 (by Sean Kelly) - BOTVGH Award Winner This four-part series is the latest of Sean Kelly's time-travel epics. By sending device blueprints back in time, Dr. Wily has eradicated the video game characters as we know them. Thus, Blob must go back in time in order to prevent Wily from using the device. There are four towers that must be deactivated; the first one is guarded by Bowser and his minions. This episode won a BOTVGH Award for Most Original Episode.
Episode 10: The Quest to Save the Past, Part 2 (by Sean Kelly) - Mario, Blob, and Donkey Kong Jr. try desperately to recruit some more help. Then it's off to deactivate the second tower, which is defended by Mother Brain.
Episode 11: The Quest to Save the Past, Part 3 (by Sean Kelly) - After joining up with Link, the heroes are off to beat Dracula and disable the third tower... if only it were that easy.
Episode 12: The Quest to Save the Past, Part 4 (by Sean Kelly) - In the series conclusion, the heroes head for Dr. Wily's Skull Castle to disable the final tower. To do it, they'll have to win a bunch of one-on-one showdowns with the Robot Masters of Mega Man 6. Mario and Mega Man should be okay, but what about characters like Scrooge McDuck and Blob?
Episode 13: Trapdoors of Death (by Tsuji Yamada) - It's a standard "new author" episode with a twist. With no cows to drop, how does one go about making his mark in the crowded field of BOTVGH writers? Well... see the title.
Episode 14: The Worms Cometh (by csutton_934785) - Who knew that some tiny Worms could wield such destructive power? The BOTVGH characters do... once they get caught in the middle of target practice.
Episode 15: I Hate It When I'm Walking Along And... (by TD Mak) - Don't you hate it when you're walking along and you can't think of a good blurb to put here?
Episode 16: What The Rocks Are Cookin' (by UDX) - The Rock has formed a team with Brock and Chunky Kong. They have a beef to pick with the Big Show and the Dudley Boys, so they decide to settle it the old-fashioned way... a no-holds-barred wrestling match.
Episode 17: The 3rd Annual BOTVGH Olympics (by H Cuz) - The first two Olympics were terribly lopsided, so this time around, Mario, Luigi, and Wario compete for... um... a title of some sort. Meanwhile, trouble brews outside the arena, as Sonic seems to have teamed up with two other big-league villains...
Episode 18: The Smash Attack Games 2!! (by Klawkat) - BOTVGH Award Winner Donkey Kong, Link, Samus, and Pikachu play in a series of competitive events. Why? Because the author wanted 'em to! Also, Dr. Evil kidnaps Pit (a.k.a Kid Icarus), and Snake Man gets stuck in a toilet (in a scene that won a BOTVGH Award for Weirdest/Funniest Plot Twist). The episode itself won Best Season 6 Episode, so it's worth checking out.
Episode 19: Mario's Revenge, Part 1: All in the Family (by Braden) - It's not your everyday new author... this one's a long-lost Mario Brother. But if you're looking for brotherly love, don't look at Mario.
Episode 20: Mario's Revenge, Part 2: The Mushroom Village Massacre (by Braden) - Mario brings charges against Braden. Even if he is the author, how's he gonna get out of this one?
Post-Season Episode: Cranky and Zelda Get Married: Part 1 (by Matt Broussard) - Cranky Kong and Princess Zelda are engaged to be married. Their chief rivals, Mario and Peach, aren't taking this very well. Mario recalls his history with the old ape... could he really be getting married? (Well, he was married to the late Wrinkly Kong before, but that's beside the point.)
Easter 2000 - A BOTVGH Easter Holiday (by Wario the III) - The first non-Christmas holiday episode. With help from Ash, Ganondorf kidnaps the Easter Bunny, but there's more to this than it seems.
Part 1
Part 2

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