Episode 7!
Fad Attack, Part 2
By Sarah M.
Top Row:
Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Kamek the MagiKoopa, Mallow and Croco (from Mario RPG)

Middle Row:
Cranky, Diddy, Dixie, Dr. Wily, Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu
Bottom Row:
Jesse, James, Meowth, Mega Man, Proto Man, Cow King, General Cowamov and Sarah
Not Pictured:
Officer Jenny (from the Pokémon TV show), and Pokémon Narrator
When we left off,  had used a device to distract everyone with the latest fashions. But had he really hypnotized everybody? 

Ahahahahah! Now I can finally take over BOTVGH, and there's no one who can stop me! Ahahahahahahaha!
(  falls on )
Sarah just said you hadn't distracted everyone.
No I didn't! I just said "But did he hypnotize everybody?"!
Oh, same difference. I guess I'm going to have to save everybody.
( falls on , knocking him out)
BTW, while I'm up here, I was wondering if you could give me a tour of Cow Land.
Ah, what the heck.
( starts to give  a tour)
This is where the cows live.... Here's my Snorlax.... (opens a door) here are my whales.... ACK! My whales!
( and  see a bunch of fishermen eating lots of whales)
Hey! Get out of here!
Voice: Hey you, you're under arrest! It's against the law to eat whales! They're endangered species!
( and  turn around to see Officer Jenny and )
Boy, am I glad to see you guys. Dr. Wily used a device to make everyone obsessed with the latest fashions!
Well then we need to stop him!
Well, Duh!
Nobody asked you!
All right guys, let's break it up.
How 'bout this: Cow King knocks out everyone with cows, and Pikachu zaps 'em awake.
and : OK.

(s fall on everyone who's obsessed, knocking them all out)
Pi.... Ka...... Chuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!
( electrocutes everyone, waking them up)
That was easy.
(Meanwhile, down below....)
Mama mia, where am I? The last thing I remember was jumping at Wily!
Grrrrrrr...... They woke up! Well, I'll just have to repeat things, won't I?
( starts to reach for his device, when suddenly comes by)
Hey, imagine how much money I could sell all those beanies for!
( steals all of 's stuff, including his device)
  (Running off) Yahoooooo! Money! Moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney! My MONEY!
GET BACK HERE! Grrrrrrrrrr........
( wakes up from nap)
( comes over to , and starts whacking him with his )
Why in my day, we didn't have fancy Robot Masters! We did everything by hand.......
Aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (Presses a button, and a BUNCH of robots appear)
Everyone: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
( and  appear)
and : We'll deal with 'em.
and : So will we!
( and  start to attack the robots)
I think we should stampede Wily.
Everybody who's not busy: OK!
( steps out of a dimensional portal)

  Oh yeah, I forgot about him...... And I was doing so well, too........
  Kamek, what are you doing here???
  The author sent me to increase the affect of the stampede by making you grow.
( uses a spell that makes everybody grow)
(ignoring everything) ...Even laundry was done by hand....
and : Whoooooaaaaaaaaaa! (They dive to the side)
(All big people charge, flattening , and knocking out of the sky)
Looks like I'm blasting off agaaaaiiiiinnnnnnn!!!!!.......
...And we *cough* *gasp* never had those dinky computers, either *cough*.......
(Meanwhile, in the clouds)
That was cool.
I guess I'll be going down now.
OK. Stand right here, please. (Points to a spot)
Uh, OK. (Stands on spot)
And down you go!
( pulls a lever, and a trapdoor opens up)
Get off me, you young whippersnapper! Why in my day....
Cow King, please!
(s fall on  and )
Maybe next time you'll be more specific.
(, and  fall on them, too)

Well, I guess we'll be leaving now.
(They leave, stepping off of  and )
Narrator: As Ash and his friends continue on their Pokémon journey.....
Oh, be quiet.
Narrator: Awwwww.....
Why do they get to leave?
Because you're the main star of BOTVGH.
( blows raspberries)
There seems to be a lot of 'grrrrrrrrrrs' around here, doesn't there?
Arrrrrrrrrrr....... Har har har...... Arrrrrrrrrrrrr.......
On second thought.......

Well, I guess this is the end, isn't it?
(Whales fall on  and )
I got some new ones.
(Meanwhile, somewhere out there)
How dare you try and use our line! We have special copyright on that line!
We're going to sue you, Mr. Willy.
That's  Dr. Wily!

Oh, whatever.
Anyway, it doesn't make sense when you do it! We're Team Rocket! Rockets blast off, not mad scientists! We are the rulers of terrible puns!!!!
Oh, who cares.
(Back on the island)

(from across the island) Hey, how do we get off this island!?
Looks like you're stuck!
, and : NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Narrator: Well, I guess their Pokémon journey doesn't continue, does it....
I can get off this island whenever I want to!
(Blows raspberries)

( tries to teleport off the island, but it doesn't work)

  Hunh? Why isn't it working?
That's the price for becoming a main character.

Uh, not to be rude or anything, but this episode was supposed to end a long time ago.

Well then end it again.