Episode 6!
Fad Attack, Part 1
By Sarah M.
Top Row:
Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Mallow, Diddy, Dixie, Cranky, Dr. Wily, Jumpman, and Sarah.
Not Pictured:
Furball, Tickle-Me-Eskimo
Another day, another episode of BOTVGH, another day stranded on this island, another day stuck with that stupid old monkey....
Hey Jumpman, I resent that!
STOP CALLING ME JUMPMAN!!! Here, I'll prove to you I'm not Jumpman!
( appears)
I-I I can't believe it! It's Jumpman!
( disappears)
Ha! I knew it was a hologram! That's because you're the real Jumpman!
Oh no....
(Just then  walks in, playing with a Geek-a Pet)
Hey Toad, what's up?
( ignores him and continues playing)
Hello? I asked you a question!
( continues playing)  
(To ) Something's up with Toad.....

(Just then, a ship flies down and  pops out)
  Ah, yes. I shoulda known it was him.......  Lemme guess, you're trying to take over tthe archive again...

Ahahahahahaha! With my latest invention, I'll get everyone obsessed with the latest fashions! AND NO BANANA PEEL IS GONNA GET IN MY WAY!!!!!! Anyway, then, with everyone distracted, I'll take over the archives! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!
He's as crazy as Wario, if not more so.
Wario?! What do I say? Eheheheheheh? Hey, I kinda like that! Eheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh........
Smooth moves.
Oh, be quiet. Either way, I guess I have to save the day. (Muttering) Dang it, this is getting boring.....
( yawns and jumps at )
Not this time Mario, not this time.
( whips out a small device with an antenna. Aiming the antenna at an airborne , he presses a button and the device emits a pink beam that hits  lands harmlessly on the ground.)
Here you go Mario. (Hands  a Furball)
(Like a little kid) Oh, thank you Mr. Wily! It's just what I've always wanted!
Uh, you're welcome.

Furball: Me Furball.......  

Hey, where'd you get that?! My friend's kid wanted one for Christmas, but they cost $1,013.64!
I bought it. Whaddaya think I did?
(, and  run in)
, and : Say WHAT?!!!!!!!
Well, the money was stolen, but..........
, and : Oh. Of course. We knew that....
(Thinking) Well, I might as well take advantage of everyone here.....
( shoots , and hands him a ton of Beanie Oldies)
Oh, wow..... (Starts playing)
What happened to Luigi?... HEY! They're both busy!
 ( prepares to kidnap , but  interrupts him)
Luigi is obsessed with the latest fashions, due to my device, and so will you in a few seconds! Ehahahahaheheheha!
( shoots )
Hey Luigi, mind if I join you?....
Oh man...
( shoots  before  has a chance to eat the device. Then he hands  a Tickle-Me-Eskimo)
Tickle-Me-Eskimo: Ha ha ha ha, brrrrrrrr...... Dang, it's cold out....
As for you, Puff Boy.....
Hey, I resent that!
Ah, who cares?
( doesn't respond and shoots . He hands  a "THEN" CD)
Aaaaaaaauuuugggggghhhhhh!!!!! Hansone! Aaaaaaarrrrrggggggggghhhhhh.........
BTW, why are all the names screwed up?
Because when I take over the archive I don't want to get sued. Oh yeah, neither does the author.
( shoots )
Actually, I kinda like it! (Starts dancing)
Uh, Diddy.....
( shoots )
Hey, turn it to Frontstreet Boys!
Must..... cover..... ears..... Urrrrggggghhhhh......
( shoots )
I say we switch to Salt Girls.
and : No way!
and : Yes way!....
Oh geez...
Hunh? There's another one left! Well, I'll just have to blast you too! (Prepares to shoot )
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
And why's that?
Well, think about it. I write the episode. But if I go off doing whatever, I'll be too distracted to write the episode.
Yeah, and while you were doing that, I'd take over the archive! Ahahahahehehehehahahah!
I wouldn't be able to write that. The episode would end as soon as you zapped me.
Oooooohhhhhh...... I never thought about that......
And one more thing: even if you did get past me, to take over the archives you'd have to get past the other writers, then H Cuz, Sunyoshi, and Martin, then GeoCities.....
Mm hmm, I get the idea.
Oh fine, I'll end the episode.
Will take over the BOTVGH archive? Has he really distracted everyone?

Tickle-Me-Eskimo: Help! I'm trapped in an ice cube.......
You poor baby, I'll help you....
Will Tickle-Me-Eskimo ever shut up? Find out on Part 2 of Fad Attack!