Episode 25!
ROTVGV Returns!!
by Sean Kelly
Top Row (left to right):
Mario, Luigi, Toad, Cranky, Mallow, Dr. Wily, Mr. Red Eyed Guy, Sean Kelly

Not Pictured:
BOTVGH Designers Nos. 1 & 2
Boy oh boy.  This episode has a very short cast.
Well I guess that BOTVGH really is going down the drain.
No, everyone is just at the grand opening of the ROTVGV Archive.
Is that the same ROTVGV archive that Dr. Wily renamed BOTVGH in Season 4 Episode 4?
No way! This is the real ROTVGV.
( appears)
Oh, Mr. Red Eyed Guy is here.
So you want to know what Toad means by "the real ROTVGV"?
That would be nice.
Well let's go back to season 4.  As you may remember, Dr. Wily took over the archive and renamed it the ROTVGV archive.
I know. That is when I dressed up as Smithy to save the day.
Yes, but that is about halfway through the story.
Everyone: WHAT!!!
Let me start my story at around the time of the "Trouble in Time" episode (Season 3).
(Start of flashback)
(narrating) It was beginning to get apparent that the villains were getting uncomfy in the hero-dominated BOTVGH archive. However a then-unknown person came up with an idea.
...Okay, so we make a new archive as a sort of resort for villains and only villains.  And we will call this, um.... the Reign of the Video Game Villains archive.  Can you make this?
BOTVGH designer 1: Um.. Are you sure this is a good idea?
BOTVGH designer 2: Yeah, these are villains we are talking about...
Hey I may be new here, but would you rather have a sanctuary for the villains or do you want carnage?
(Pause flashback)
Wait a second there.  I never knew the BOTVGH designers acted like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
That was just a little comic relief. Can I go back to my story now?
(Resume flashback)
Now Dr. Wily was fond of this idea, and he went to check it out.
Ohh, this will be the perfect place to rule the world!
BOTVGH designer 1: Actually, this will be more of a resort.
WHAT!!!!!! This is insane! You will never get this place made!

And so Dr. Wily stole the plans for the ROTVGV and erased the designers' minds so they wouldn't remember a thing.
Is this where I come in?
Not exactly.
Oh this sucks.
Don't worry, this story is over.  You know what happens next in Dr. Wily's Time Attacks when he made the BOTVGH in his own version of the ROTVGV.  Well, Sean Kelly recovered the plans after the Time Attacks incedent and construction has been going on for the last few weeks and today is the Grand Opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are we waiting for? Let's go!!
( goes running to the ROTVGV)
Okay let's go join everyone at ROTVGV!
(Everyone leaves to participate in the grand opening ceremonies)