Episode 23!
Battle for the Earth Badge
by UDX

Top Row (left to right):
Mario, Wario, UDX, Ian, Cranky, Cartman, Kenny, Misty, Giovanni

Bottom Row:
"Charcoal" (a Charmander), Blastoise, Rhyhorn, Dugtrio, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhydon, Vegeta

Not Pictured:
(We find  approaching Viridian City again.  He has won 7 badges.  The Boulderbadge, the Cascadebadge, the Thunderbadge, the Rainbowbadge, the Marshbadge, the Soulbadge and the Volcanobadge.  He is one badge away from earning the right to enter the Pokemon League.)

So you're heading to the Viridian City gym, huh?

Yeah.  That is where I'll get my last badge.

Well, to tell you the truth, I can't tell you who the trainer is, but I know his secret.

What is it?

His Pokemon are said to be ground and rock type.

Ground and rock type?

Yeah.  Water type has more of a chance of defeating ground and rock type.

Thanks for the advice.

Don't mention it.  I'll see you at the Pokemon League.

(Later, outside the gym)

Well buddy.  Get ready for the biggest match of our life.

I'm ready.

Mysterious voice: Yeah right.

Huh? Who goes there?

(Instantly, Gary shows up)

Gary: You think you can beat the gym leader with a fire type?  You're just like that loser, Ash.
A loser?  Why not we have a practice match to see who's the loser.

Gary: Fine then.  I'll start with, BLASTOISE!


Sounds like a even match.  Go Charcoal.

Hi ya.

Gary: This should be quick.  Blastoise, Hydro Pump.

( uses Hydro Pump, but misses because of the speed of .)

Gary: What the?

Trap it with Fire Spin.

( traps  with Fire Spin,  starts taking damage.)

Finish it off with Dragon Rage.


( finishes  off with Dragon Rage,  faints)

Gary: NOOOOO!!!!!

Now do you think I'm a loser?

Gary: Okay, you win. But next time, you won't be so lucky.

I was just warming up.

(Inside the Viridian Gym)

Okay.  Whoever you are, show yourself.

(The mysterious gym leader appears to be )

Giovanni? Of Team Rocket?

Yes.  Even though I am the leader of Team Rocket, I am also the leader of the Viridian City gym.  I put top dollar in developing this gym in order to challenge trainers before they can go to the Pokemon League.

I heard about your power, Ground and Rock type Pokemon.

And you're limiting your Pokemon to a Charmander?

This ain't no ordinary Charmander.

Fine then.  I shall accept all challengers.  Let the match begin.

( summons )

A Rhyhorn.  Those Pokemon are said to be stronger than steel.  I better stick to Fire Spin and Dragon Rage.

( uses Fire Spin on )

Didn't you notice that a Rhyhorn can live in 500 degrees Fahrenheit?

That's okay.  Because this fire pokemon can burn up to 4000 degrees Fahrenheit.

( faints)

Return, Rhyhorn.  Dugtrio, go.


Remember, jump a lot.  Ground type attacks will only work on the ground.

( uses Dig, but to its surprise,  was in the air.  Then  uses Flamethrower, knocking out .)

Dugtrio, return.  Go Nidoqueen.


( charges at )

Roll out of the way.

( rolls out of the way)

Charge again.

( charges again, but gets caught in a Dragon Rage.)

Nidoqueen, return.  Go Nidoking!


You can knock him out with Rage.

( uses Rage, but misses.  uses Fire Spin and it knocks out )

Return, Nidoking.  So you have the edge, but it is no match for, Rhydon.


Rhydon, Fissure Strike.

( uses Fissure Strike, but by the time the dust clears,  is gone.)

The match is over. (Notices  in the air) NOOOO!

This is your chance.  Dragon Rage, full power.

( uses full power Dragon Rage and it knocks out )

I don't believe it.  Beaten by a fire Charmander.


As proof of your victory, the Earthbadge. (hands  the Earthbadge)

Yes.  I'm on my way to the Pokemon league, thanks to Charcoal.

Yeah baby.

It has been a while since I started out with a fire Pokemon.  And it paid off.


Gary: So, how did it go?

Won another badge.

Gary: Hah.  I'll show you (goes inside the gym, you can hear him screaming)



I'll agree

(Even later)

Bah.  Why would you use Pokemon in fights? In my haydays...

We get it Cranky.

Sure, sure.

Hey UDX, you got a badge.

Yep, it's my last badge.

Bah. What is with this Pokemon League?

( from DBZ appears)

Hey, how did he get in here?

For your personal info, Vegeta is a original in BOTVGH:TND.

I heard enough.

He's starting to annoy me.

Did anyone remember the BOTVGH awards?

I did.  One of the awards was suppose to be best guest star. Luckily, I claimed it.

No fair, we were going to keep it.

Shut up, tub-o-lard!

Why you little...

( tries to dash at , but misses and hits )

Oww, my Back.

(All of a sudden,  appears insane)

I'm Mike Wallace, I'm Morty Saffer, I'm Ed Bradley, those stories and Andy Rooney tonight on 60 minutes.

Everyone else: AAAAHHHHHHHH!!

(Everyone runs and  appears)

How may I help you?

Mario has gone insane

No problemo.  I'll  stop him

( falls on , but also on  and )

You idiot, not on me.

Oops, sorry.

Hey guys, Gary was so upset, he can't remember himself.

Whatever.  Hey, what does this do?

( hits the button and it fires a rocket at , and  dies.)

Ouch, Kenny's dead.